Your Royal Highness, You Are a Stand-in!

Status : Completed

Genres : Drama , Mecha , Romance , Sci-fi

Chapters: 115

Last update: 2 years ago

5.0 /5

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His Royal Highness, it has been three days since the substitute lady has been on the battlefield!She regrets it?No, she is about to rush into the Zerg Lair.? !Wen Ze was very satisfied with Yun Youyou, the contract lover.Quiet, well-behaved, and temperamental, never actively interrupted, there are little stars in his eyes when I look at him.Even if the Lord came back, he did not intend to throw her away.Before that day, he couldn't imagine that she, who was gentle and lazy, would burn into a light on the battlefield for a man.That man, not him.*Male lead: "Yun Youyou, don't you think of me as someone's stand-in?"Heroine: "???"Hostess: "His Royal Highness, what we signedisn't it a substitute contract?"Male lead: "!"The appearance of the little white flower is actually a little heroine with a serious psychological problem x a strength ceiling, a cruel and strong fighting hero who has become a tool manReading Guide1. Double doubles, the heroine is not abused, and the male leader is strong and not afraid of abuse. Essence Sand Sculpture Love Wen, and Prince HE.2. Not a big heroine, not a strong female protagonist, the heroine is just a mech genius/Master of Versailles/Lovely natural black/With such a mouth, it must be because of being too beautiful/His Royal Highness Apex pet3. In the early days of the Renaissance, I can write happily, and my writing will not be very long.Content Tag: Love Contract InterstellarSearch keywords: protagonist: Yun Youyou, Wen Ze Supporting role: all varieties are available Others:Brief introduction: Prince, you are her substitute!Purpose: No matter how difficult the situation is, we must be optimistic - Description from MTLNovel

Your Royal Highness, You Are a Stand-in!