Alchemy & Martial Supreme - Chapter 6080 Participation

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The moonlight at night is particularly beautiful, but the people of the Jinxuan Macaque Clan are not in the mood to appreciate it. In the discussion hall of the Jinxuan Macaque Clan, the Great Elder and some of the elders have already sat here early.

Jin Zhizhi followed his father and brother, and also walked in through the side door.

Seeing Jin Zhizhi, who was serving as a princess and dressed in purple, everyone turned their attention.

Today's Jin Zhizhi is extraordinarily beautiful. Under the illumination of the white moonlight, there is elegance in the nobility, with a confident light on his face, and his outstanding temperament is impossible to ignore.

Everyone is not quiet in Jin Zhizhi's beauty, but Jin Zhizhi rarely wears formal princess clothes unless it is in public.

Now there are not too many clansmen here, and there are no outsiders. You can wear ordinary clothes or formal clothes on this occasion.

For example, Jin Junyuan, who was wearing a black dress, was very ordinary.

However, Jin Zhian was wearing the official patriarch's clothing. Jin Zhian was the patriarch. Because of his age and lack of prestige, he should pay more attention to his clothes. It was normal for him to wear formal clothes.

Whether it is a formal occasion or a general occasion, he wears the patriarch's costume to increase his prestige.

When he takes the position of the patriarch, the martial arts realm reaches the peak of the god-beast realm, and he becomes a peerless powerhouse. After he has enough prestige, he can stop caring about what he wears, because at that time, no one can ignore him. .

Jin Zhian is the patriarch, he must do this, and Jin Zhizhi is a princess. Dressing so formally on this occasion seems to be telling everyone not to ignore her identity.

In the past, everyone would not care what Jin Zhizhi thought, but now it is different. Jin Zhizhi wears it like this, which means that she takes the initiative to assume the responsibility of the princess.

Seeing Jin Zhizhi's resolute eyes, everyone present at this moment knew that the princess had to take the initiative to take her own responsibility.

When the family was in danger, Jin Zhizhi could have chosen to escape, but she did not, but stood here bravely, which made everyone admire her.

Everyone's eyes turned to Jin Junyuan again, and let Jin Zhizhi not participate in the family's affairs and only live for himself. This was the decision made by Jin Junyuan.

Therefore, Jin Junyuan needs to take the responsibility of Jin Zhizhi. Now Jin Zhizhi has chosen to take it by himself, which means that she will kill in the future.

Jin Zhizhi's heart is very pure, and everyone can't bear to have such a pure heart polluted.

Jin Junyuan didn't change his face, he said to everyone: "The little girl also wants to attend the meeting today. I didn't notify you in advance. I apologize to you here."

"Starting today, the little girl will be in charge of some of the family's affairs."

Today's public meeting is very important. It directly determines the future of the family. All those who participated in this meeting have already decided.

And Jin Zhizhi has been in retreat, and she has never been involved in family affairs, so she is not counted.

"Jin Zhizhi has met the famous Great Elder." Jin Zhizhi saluted everyone, her status is not lower than that of the Great Elder, but because she is not young and is their junior, the salutation is appropriate.

"Princess, get up quickly." An old man with white hair quickly helped Jin Zhizhi up and said loudly, "Our Jinxuan macaque clan is united, and the Pape clan wants to destroy our Jinxuan macaque clan. A fool's dream."

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