The Formidable Son-In-Law: The Charismatic Lucas Gray - Chapter 1222 - 1222 How to Deal With It

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1222 How to Deal With It

As the host, Bruce immediately stepped forward to stop them. “Everyone, please calm down. Don’t fight!

“I know everyone is gathered here today in respect for my family and for the sake of handling the matter with the Hamiltons. In that case, let’s not scatter our forces and unite to resolve the threat of the Hamiltons!

“The Hamiltons are a royal family branch, and they are far more powerful than us. If we don’t stand as one, we might really end up having to give our businesses away to the Hamiltons. I believe none of us wants that, right?

“So, I suggest we sit down and talk things over calmly. Let’s not fight, okay?”

Ethan chimed in, “You’re right, Mr. Hale. Since everyone is here because of the Hamiltons’ threat, we should each take a step back and unite to solve the problem first! Come, Mr. Gillen, Mr. Cross, please take a seat. Mr. Cole, please have a seat and a cup of tea!”

Under the meditation of Bruce and Ethan, the few of them calmed down.

After snorting coldly, Edmund no longer bothered to argue with Joel and Anthony. Since Edmund had exposed their purpose, the two of them no longer tried to justify themselves. They snorted coldly and sat down, stopping arguing over what just happened.

They were well aware that the biggest issue to deal with now was the threat the Hamiltons had given them.

As the helmsmen of the top families in their states, no one wanted to give away their businesses and succumb to others.

Besides, the Hamiltons were just a family from elsewhere. What right did they have to take over the businesses they had managed for years?

Thus, the most important thing now was for them to join forces and deal with the Hamiltons before deciding anything else.

Seeing everyone quiet, Bruce finally coughed twice and said, “Everyone should have already reached some common ground. In that case, let me say a few words!”

“Okay, Mr. Hale, please go ahead.”

“Right, this is the Hale residence. Mr. Hale, please offer your advice!”

Joel and Anthony had changed their attitudes and spoke more politely.

They had been family helmsmen for years. Since Edmund had already exposed their purpose, there was no need for them to continue putting on airs and pretending.

Bruce glanced at Lucas and found that he didn’t have any intention of speaking. So he knew that Lucas didn’t want to get involved and had given him full authority to lead the discuhssion.

Thus, Bruce immediately took charge of the meeting and said, “I’ll tell everyone what I think. Three days ago, the Hamiltons came to us and demanded that we pledge allegiance to them. We will never agree to that!

“Of course, the Hamiltons are royals and far stronger than the eight top families of DC. We are no match for them at all. In fact, I think all our families are unable to rival them. Does everyone agree with this?”

Hearing Bruce’s question, the helmsmen present all nodded quietly.

He was stating the obvious. They were facing a royal family branch that was far stronger than the eight top familes. There were only nine such pinnacle families in the US. How could they compare to them?

“But the Hales can’t just sit and wait. It would be shooting ourselves in the foot,” Bruce said. “They all say that you can’t beat a local tyrant. No matter how impressive the Hamiltons are, they are a family from elsewhere, and they don’t have a strong foundation in California. If we join forces, it will be impossible for the Hamiltons to wipe out all of us.

“I think the Hamiltons want us to pledge allegiance because they want us to control and manage California for them, so they won’t aggressively try to eliminate us. In that case, we have a chance to negotiate with them.”

Joel frowned and asked in puzzlement. “Negotiate? You mean we’re going to go negotiate with the Hamiltons?”

Bruce nodded. “Yes, it’s impossible for us to fight head-on against a royal family branch like the Hamiltons. In that case, we have to think of another way to negotiate with them.

“If it’s just one of our families, the Hamiltons won’t be bothered at all. At worst, they’ll get rid of one of us and find another family to replace us.

“But if we join forces and negotiate terms together, they will be more mindful. This is the confidence we have to negotiate with them.

“As long as we insist on the same terms, the Hamiltons won’t be able to do anything to us.”

After Bruce spoke, the others immediately showed thoughtful expressions.

What Bruce said really made sense. It was exactly what they wanted.


After thinking about it, Joel said, “That’s indeed a great solution, but what if the Hamiltons aren’t willing to negotiate with us and insist on making us succumb by threatening to eradicate us?”

Everyone immediately fell silent.

This was the worst-case scenario, but none of them could guarantee that it wouldn’t happen.

In fact, although they had gathered plenty of manpower and planned to suppress the Hamiltons’ ambitions by outnumbering them, they were all well aware that it was just a means to deter the Hamiltons. They didn’t really dare to get physical with them or kill Brett.

If they really went hard against the Hamiltons, they wouldn’t beat them as local tyrants, but rather, they would be pitting themselves hard against a powerful opponent.

If they really hurt Brett or killed the experts of the Hamiltons, the Hamiltons would definitely see them as enemies and use the severest method to deal with them.

After all, the Hamiltons were royals, and even the eight top families of DC didn’t dare to become enemies with them. They were really insignificant in the face of the Hamiltons.

Once the Hamiltons really planned to deal with them, they wouldn’t get any time to consider at all. The Hamiltons would gather their forces and destroy them in less than a day.

Amid the silence, Edmund’s voice was extremely clear. “Isn’t it obvious? If the Hamiltons don’t intend to let us off, then we can only fight them to the death!”

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