God of Fishing - Chapter 2721 - 2721 Follow Me to Slaughter Everyone in the City (2)

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2721 Follow Me to Slaughter Everyone in the City (2)

Seeing this scene, the guy who shouted that Yang Ke was full of lies and the village leader were dumbfounded.

“So strong.”

“How can a Sea Establisher have such terrifying combat power?”

“He said that this is a divine-quality technique?”

“Hiss, he’s the only one attacking. One against thirty?”

Stepping on a knife light, Yang Ke instantly appeared beside the person who had just said that he was lying and said indifferently, “This is the Heavenly Void Divine Movement Technique.”

“Puff ~”

A Sea Establisher was killed with a single slash without even having a chance to resist.

The other four people who came with Yang Ke didn’t take action. They just looked at everything and sighed. “Old Yang is too impulsive. After all, they are fellow humans. I’m afraid it’s not appropriate to kill them all! Should we stop him?”

The other person said, “Don’t. Old Yang is a human, but you and I are not, so you and I can’t sense his feelings. Since he is determined to attack, let him! But we can’t let him bear the blame alone. If Master Human Emperor blames him, we’ll take the blame together with him.”

Yang Ke went on a killing spree. No one here was his match. Faced with this one-sided massacre, the village leader simply shouted, “Stop! Yang Ke, stop! We are willing to go!”

The other guy who retorted Yang Ke was also scared out of his wits. If he had known that Yang Ke was so powerful, he wouldn’t have dared to confront him so arrogantly!

He said, “I’m willing to leave too.”

However, Yang Ke shook his head. “The village leader can, but you can’t.”

Yang Ke didn’t kill the village leader because the village leader had great influence in the village and was a representative of the entire village. If the village leader died, it might cause great dissatisfaction among the humans in the village. If they didn’t leave with him, it would be counterproductive.

The man was anxious and immediately shouted, “Why can’t I? You are so powerful. Why didn’t you show your strength at the beginning? If you had shown your strength earlier, I would have been willing to go with you!”

Yang Ke said indifferently, “I didn’t want to attack my own kind, nor did I want to use my strength to subdue you. However, you can’t tell right from wrong, so I think it was a mistake for Master Human Emperor to decide to save all human beings. Some people are not worth saving.”

“Puff ~”

When Yang Ke killed this person, everyone in the Earth Dragon Village was shocked.

It was true that Yang Ke killed a Sea Establisher from his village, but what Yang Ke showed was a different human race, a powerful and unyielding human race.

“I’m leaving. Whether it’s true or not, I don’t want to live forever under the enslavement of the Ten Thousand Scale Race.”

“Although I don’t know if this decision is right or not, I at least know that some people are fighting hard. That’s enough.”

“Brothers, I’m going. If the Ten Thousand Scale Race is destroyed, it will be the blessing of our human race. Even if we fail and die, it’s better than living under someone else’s roof for the rest of our lives.”

As for the village leader, after realizing Yang Ke’s strength and knowing Yang Ke’s determination, he also tried to prevent himself from being killed by Yang Ke, so he said, “Everyone, as you can see, there is still hope for our human race. There are still people fighting. Let’s go. Let’s go and see the counterattack of the human race…”

It wasn’t until everyone entered Yang Ke’s Origin Sea that he let out a long sigh of relief.

At this moment, someone asked, “Brother Yang, you’ve already started a fight. Why do they approve of you instead?”

Yang Ke said indifferently, “It’s not that they approve of me. Some of them left with me. The rest of them were worried that they would be punished if we failed, so they simply left with us. In the end, they haven’t completely trusted us. Many people don’t believe that we will win. But that’s not important. What’s important is that they left with me. I may not be able to convince them, but Master Human Emperor definitely can.”

The dozens of people from the City of Wanderers were also shocked. They had seen strong masters, but rarely had they seen such strong-willed and domineering human powerhouses.

Yang Ke came to them. “Let’s go! Time to meet up with others.”

The teleportation array was activated, and Yang Ke and the others crossed multiple directional teleportation arrays that had been drawn and came to the agreed meeting place.

Each city had a rendezvous point. Each city had hundreds of small villages under its jurisdiction. When Yang Ke and the others arrived at the rendezvous point, nearly a thousand people had successfully gathered here, which meant that nearly 200 villages had been rescued.

Because saving people was about efficiency, the Seven Kill Army that was sent out back then gathered very quickly with the help of the City of Scavengers.

And the more remote, the laggard, and the lower-ranked the cities were, the faster the Seven Kill Army gathered. This was because the people in these places hated the Ten Thousand Scale Race even more.

Every time there was a tidal wave, their entire village might be destroyed, and they lived in danger everyday and had to face the oppression of the Ten Thousand Scale Race. With their lives in such a state, when the human race launched a counterattack, even if this matter was fake, they would rather believe it was true, because many people didn’t want to live such a life anymore.

The assembled Seven Kill Army was waiting for the Sky Opening Realm powerhouses who came to pick them up.

However, the Seven Kill Army didn’t know if anyone would come to receive them. Their mission was to take away the humans in the village and gather them together.

Under such circumstances, ordinary people would guess that someone must be coming to receive them. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be realistic for them, mere Sea Establishers, to cross the huge Chaotic Wasteland. In addition to the ominous creatures they encountered midway, they might not even be able to figure out the right direction, let alone escape.

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