Two-dimensional Novels

Pirate God-class Naruto SystemChapter 689 Yamcha and Bulma

Lei Yin inadvertently traveled to the world of One Piece, and accidentally obtained Naruto’s system. - Description from MTL

Pirates of the DeadChapter 540 New era! ! !

Death is sometimes not the end! Dead prison! This is a magical prison. It has the ability to draw the souls of the dead people of the world, and it also enables people to gain the ability of the souls of the dead. When Qin Song woke up, he was shocked to find that he had come to the world of One Piece, and even more surprised that he found a prison in his body….. - Description from Uukanshu

DC Knightv7 Chapter 153 Immortal Kamen Rider!

When Ke Wen knew that he was crossing the DC world, his heart collapsed. This is a world more dangerous than Marvel! However, fortunately, his golden finger system is so powerful that Ke Wen feels that he can live in the DC world where the fairy fights. It’s okay for Superman to break the stars with his bare hands. Kamen Rider E always says he can do it. The Flash ran at super fast speed, um, this seemed to be unbeatable. It’s okay, come out ghost eyes soul, flash, lend me the power of your hero. Gain the eyes and soul of the Flash, [The speed runner, the power to reverse time and space]. Ye Yi: I understand the truth, but why do you have sound effects every time you transform? Ke Wen: Don’t care about such details. Batman: I understand the truth, but can you explain why you can beat Krypton freehand without changing your body? Ke Wen: This is a secret~ PS: In the first 20 chapters, some other things are messed up, but there is no more in the back, or the main Kamen Rider - Description from Qidian

Path of The Dragonbornv2 Chapter 1293 departure airship

The immortal dragonborn of Tamriel, after suppressing Alduin and the vampire prince, disappeared strangely and traveled to an ordinary person on the continent of Semuria in another world. Is it to accept the fate of failure calmly, or to forge ahead again in unwillingness? And what kind of earth-shaking changes will happen to the person chosen by the scroll and fate? What kind of changes will happen to those people who have already written the trajectory of their destiny, and what is their gorgeous ending? Stay tuned. - Description from MTL

The Collection of The EndChapter 2121 North American Mythology War (72)
ErciyuanTwo-dimensionalUrban Life

I, the will of the world, save the world ———————— My name is Patient Zero, an NPC in a dark game. This is a story where I took a stupid system and reminded my sister to travel through different worlds, collect the doomsday elements and return home. The holy grail war of full whitewash, the ancient sky of the gods and demons fluttering, the unparalleled warriors of the Three Kingdoms, the impermanence of the gods, the mass effect of reincarnation, and the infinite space that makes people unable to understand the meaning of life … ———————— Hey! I am the supreme existence of all your worlds, don’t just send me a good card! - Description from soxs

Jean Of Bright City 13Chapter 2327 merchant

The sin in the sun, the riddle in the night, this is a strange cyberpunk world… In 2276, the bright city will explode in the future urban population, human life will be prolonged, supplies will be scarce, food will be toxic, class will be solidified, fertility will be difficult, crisis will be lurking in every corner of the city, 13 mysterious subjects, and Jean is in the middle Walking, creating the order of the city… - Description from soxs