Under The Veil of Night - Chapter 756 - Epilogue 3: Legend Within History in City of Crime

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Chapter 756 - Epilogue 3: Legend Within History in City of Crime

Under the veil of night, my ability allows me to survive longer.


If it's under the veil of night, not even 'his' shadow can be seen.


After all, under the veil of night, she is one of the greatest fighters existed.


Only under the veil of night did she have the place and freedom.


In the world under the veil of night, she was unrestrained and dominated that world from the shadow.


She's shining so brightly under the veil of night.


Under the veil of night is your story, Kanae and I'll treasure it forever.


Kevin looked at the seven sentences that Charlie showed him. It was the result of his research regarding Kanae and his view of her journey. However, the way he wrote it made it seem like she could only do everything at night.

"Do you have to emphasize the night so obviously?" Kevin asked Charlie with his eyebrows raised.

Charlie shrugged. "Most of the stories that I heard regarding Rei are about her actions at night. I think that it's the most suitable phrase to describe her. Besides, you had once told me about her story too."

Kevin scoffed. He knew that he said that to Charlie before when this man insisted on taking notes about everything that he knew regarding Kanae. Even though the two of them acted for their own goal, it was apparent that they were historical figures for future people in this city. As a result, Charlie wished to gain more knowledge regarding the two of them personally.

Beside Kevin, Jason shook his head lightly. "Even if that's really true, I don't think people want to read the history about a girl that becomes famous because of her activities at night."

"History is not about making them want to read, but about telling the truth," Charlie snorted. "I just want to make sure that I get the correct information. Besides, those seven phrases are more than enough to make a great poem, right?"


The other guys looked at Charlie with a sneer. This man's sense of art could clearly match with that of a young brat at the age of 5. Even they wouldn't want to read a poem consisting of seven different sentences with similar phrases written.

"I'm sure that no one will ever read it, Charlie," Jason shook his head lightly.

Charlie shrugged. "It's just an idea that I have because it's the best phrase to describe her experience. She was one of the little princesses in Nali Family but after her parents' deaths,she lost everything. As a result, she had to stay undercover, so the word 'night' is very suitable for her."

Kevin glanced at the seven sentences once more. He had to admit that he too thought that it was very suitable because of her activities. However, he didn't like the fact that this man gathered them all from their thoughts and sentences over the three years starting from when he met her. They were all suitable and really described that woman very well.

"I can't really refute that," Jason pointed to the paper. "Do you plan on revealing the real history of this city?"


The real history that Jason meant was the big battle and the fact that there were special people in the city. Even though their number was already reduced, it was the fact that there were still some of them left in the city.

"That's good. I am surprised that you can show consideration too," Jason smiled.

Charlie shrugged. "I don't want to die yet. Besides, it's already hard enough for us to keep the peace in this city. I don't want to be the one to break the peace that you obtain with hard work."

"I see."

"I'll be going now," Charlie stood up. "Today is the anniversary for my brother's death, so I won't stay too long."

"How about Taro?"

"He's taking a break from his film shooting too. I'll meet with him in the cemetery."

"Take care, Charlie."

Jason moved to sit in front of Kevin. He leaned on the chair. "It's too cramped to stay near you."

"You don't have to come here if you don't want to," Kevin remarked coldly.

"You're acting too cold to your brother-in-law. It's not like I come for you, but because of this news," Jason pointed to the stack of papers in front of them. Charlie called them to come here because he had finished sorting all the stories that he could find about them all. One of them was Kanae, in which the man added the additional seven sentences at the very beginning.

"I know that, younger brother-in-law."

Kevin emphasized the word 'younger' to raise the ire on this man. After all, Jason was older than him by around one year, but because of Kanae and Laura, Jason became the younger one.

Jason rolled his eyes. "Don't try to pick a fight, Kevin. You're not young anymore."

"Even if I'm not young, I believe that I have more than enough strength to defeat you," Kevin replied leisurely.

He couldn't refute that. Even though Kevin was no longer young, this man still could defeat people with builts far bigger than him. If one should say, he could be considered as one of the strongest people that existed in this city. Even if he had to compare Kevin with those people from outside this city, he doubted that Kevin would lose.

"Why are you so moody? Don't tell me that you're annoyed because Kanae has kicked you out as a result of her pregnancy?" Jason smirked. He heard from Laura that Kanae had gotten pregnant with their fourth child. Even though their children were already quite big, it seemed that they still could have more.

Kevin glanced at Jason with a cold glare. "Is there anything else that you want to talk about?"

"It's about the country's government. You have heard the recent news, right?"

The country was undergoing some changes because of some dispute in Capital city. Even though it didn't really involve them directly, they had another task that they had to do. It was to give out in detail the history of this place and also the events.

The one that did the job was Charlie, but there was one matter that they couldn't come into conclusion. They were not certain whether they had to tell the truth regarding the matter of the talented and special people. Charlie had gathered the report about them, but he didn't show it to anyone else other than the two of them.

"Rather than reports about the talented people, this is more similar to a journal of Kanae's life," Kevin commented as he pointed to the reports in front of him.

"Well, there are many more parts about Kanae. I think it's partially our fault because we often mention about her," Jason scratched his head. It was not his intention, but there were just too many things that they could mention about her. Besides, their stories could even be said to intertwine with one another, all because of the existence of this young girl.

In the end, Charlie even created seven sentences to describe Kanae from his interview with them all. And those seven sentences were given out by people who were the closest to her, including herself to begin with:

Her step father

Her former subordinates, the Fiore Group

Her little sister

And obviously, her husband

Kevin tapped the paper. "I don't think we should spread the content of this book. It wouldn't make things any better."

"With the way our city develops, I think I agree," Jason leaned back. After the power was returned back to the government's officials, they started doing massive changes. At first, everything was working well, starting to make things even better for the city. However, having power for a long time always made people turn greedy.

Many officials started to do things on their own. Even though Jason still restrained most of them, such practice still existed. In the capital, it was even worse. Matt had told them most of the things that people had experienced. This country couldn't leave such practice easily, especially with numerous rotten officials.

Kevin nodded his head. "I'll just keep this away from the public for the time being. Maybe there will come the day when the story will come to light, but I doubt it's going to be in our generation."

"I think so too," Jason sighed.

"Matt is not going to be happy if we add more work to him," Kevin added.

Jason smiled slightly as he recalled the work that they imposed to Matt. Because they wanted to make sure the city didn't face any trouble, they asked Matt to help out. In return, they secretly helped that man to stabilize his position in the country's government.

"Do you still think that there's any hope for this country? Not just this city since we have done pretty well so far."

"It'll depend on the people," Kevin replied. "Anyway, I'm taking these with me."

"Is it because the contents are mostly about your wife?" Jason smirked, teasing the man lightly.

Kevin didn't reply. It was only part of the reason while the other was the fact that his residence had been the safest place so far. There was no other place that had so many experts lurking around.

"I'll be leaving now."

"Alright, take care of yourself," Jason waved his hand. He glanced at the clock and sighed. Because Laura was busy, he was tasked to pick up their daughter from school. Looking at the time, it would still take some time.

His mind drifted back to the report that Charlie had made. The content of the report mainly talked about Kanae. He didn't really feel surprised as he remembered how most of them looked up at the girl. If one had to say, she was one of the friends that they remembered the most.

'I guess, she's the one who actually brought us together one way or another.'

So many things that happened in the city before had relations with the girl. Not that it was a problem, but he only realized it after reading Charlie's report. It seemed the influence Kanae had to other people was pretty large.

Jason's lips curled up. Whatever it was, the adventure he had with Kanae had been pretty fun on his side. It was a journey that he would never forget in his entire life.

'It was a nice story.'

Ring! Ring!


"Jason, don't forget to buy some ingredients. Sis is visiting our place again today."

"Did she blow up her kitchen again?"

"Well, not really. They haven't fixed it yet, so she wants to eat with us along with her family. I'll be the one to cook, but you have to buy the ingredients. I'll send you the list of what you should buy."


Jason hung up the phone and glanced at the clock. He'd better started moving if he didn't want to be late.



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