ABO Cadets - Chapter 143 Fanwai Mausoleum Brothers -07

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Fanwai Mausoleum Brothers-07

On the weekend, Lingyuan went to school to pick up his younger brother. When he walked to the school gate, he suddenly found a familiar figure standing there chatting with the little fat man. His face was gentle. Lingan saw his brother immediately ran over, "Brother!"

Lingyuan touched his head and looked up at Nishizawa. He wondered: "How come you?"

Nishizawa smiled and said: "I guess you have to pick up Xiaoan. I will wait for you at the school gate in advance."

Then he stepped forward and gently took the hand of Ling Yuan, and the fingers were interlocked.

Ling An curiously glanced at the hands that the two held together, and Ling Yuan hurriedly opened the Nishizawa and took the younger brother.

Ling An took the meaty hand back and said with sensibility: "It doesn't matter, brother, take him."

Lingyuan: "..."

Nishizawa cast a polite appetite for Xiaopeng, smiling and holding back Lingyuan’s hand and pulling him on the bus.

Bai Yu has been tortured by his master and has no temper. He has become a suspended vehicle and waited for them to wait for them. Let Xiao Yuan and Xiao An enter their own cockpit and walk along the navigation without saying a word.

Lingyuan has some doubts: "How is Xiaobaiyu so quiet today?"

Nishizawa said: "It was sad that I was driving as a car all day."

Bai Yu couldn't help but protest: "The master not only used me as a car, but also let me be a mover. I also helped me sweep the floor, mopping the floor, and pouring tea! I am an imperial s-class high-end mech, I am not a nanny. robot……"

Nishizawa whispered comfortably: "Don't be angry, you see the marshal and the generals don't have to go out. Suzaku Black Dragon sleeps in the space button all day, very boring. You are my universal mech, I call you out every day. Isn't it good?"

Bai Yu doubts the authenticity: "... is it?"

Nishizawa smiled and said: "Yes."

"Okay!" Bai Yu was happy, and slammed into the suspended road.

Lingyuan: "..."

Lingyuan looked at Nishizawa and smiled and laughed at the ears of Nishizawa. "You really lie to it, how can Suzaku and Black Dragon sleep? Every day there are tasks. Suzaku followed Dad all day to inspect the Dark Army. It’s awesome..."

Lingyuan leaned into the ears of Nishizawa and spoke. Nishizawa turned his head and just kissed the lips of Xiaoyuan accurately.

Lingyuan: "..."

To the curiosity of the younger brother next to him, Ling Yuan immediately retracted his neck and touched his nose.

Nishizawa smiled and said: "White feathers are lively and can't be idle all day. I will find something to do with it. After we get married, there are foxes accompanying it, it will not be so boring, all day long annoying. I am."


The fox yawned uncomfortably.

Lingan no longer looked at them, kneeling by the bed, silently turned to look at the scenery outside the window. When passing by a playground, Ling An looked at the various flying cars in the playground and his eyes brightened. Nize smiled and touched his head: "Xiao An, do you want to go to the playground to play?"

Lingan nodded: "Think."

Nishizawa said: "I will take you there tomorrow?"

Lingan looked back at his brother, and Nishizawa also looked back at Lingyuan. Lingyuan had no choice but to say: "I can't promise you directly. Go back and ask Dad to talk about it."

Nishizawa laughed and said nothing.

Marshal and General are the ultimate oss, and Nishizawa has no confidence to challenge them. Mrs. Lin, Lin Yao, and Ling An are relatively much better. It is a good way to save the country by curve. Nishizawa is ready to start with Mrs. Lin and pull the people around Lingyuan one by one.


After returning home, Lingyuan ran to the study room. Ling Yu was sitting on the lounge chair and holding the book sent by Nishizawa casually. The mausoleum took his brother to his side and smiled and said: "Dad, take a weekend off tomorrow. Can I take Xiao An to the playground for a day?"

Ling Yu faintly looked at his son: "With Zeze?"

Lingyuan shocked: "How do you know?"

Ling Yu put down the book in his hand and sat up: "Is it happy to bring my brother to play? Is it because of Xize?"

Lingyuan lowered his head and scratched his hair. Some embarrassed: "Cough, it is right for Nishizawa, but Xiaoan also wants to go. He has not been to the playground yet, so I want to take him to see... ...right, Xiao An?"

Lingan nodded hard. "Dad, I want to go."

Looking at the eyes of the first and second sons, the heart of the rain is very helpless. "Okay, pay attention to safety."

Lingyuan immediately stood up in excitement and took his brother and turned to go out. "Great, let's get ready!"

Looking at the back of his son flying, Ling Yu could not help but screaming at the forehead. The heart of the little monster was on Nishi, and his father’s death could not stop.


Early the next morning, Nishizawa drove to the Marshal’s villa to pick up two brothers, and brought a lot of precious fruits and a beautifully framed book.

It is totally different from the noble posture when wearing a royal dress at the banquet on weekdays. Wearing a casual suit of Nishizawa, it feels very gentle and affectionate, and smiles like a gentleman.

Nishizawa walked into the living room and politely said: "Uncle, I am coming to pick up Xiaoyuan, is he up?"

Ling Yu faintly said: "Change clothes upstairs."

Nize nodded and took out the thick colored hardcover book of the dictionary and handed it to Ling Yu: "This is what I found in the Lyra a few days ago. I have published a limited edition of the chess game published more than 700 years ago. I don't think so. Understand, I heard that the general is very interested in this aspect, just take it to you."

Ling Yu seems to be cold and faint, and there is nothing missing in the house. Nishizawa wants to send him a gift to please him but he does not know what to send.

Fortunately, God's assists under His Majesty Trande revealed a lot of secrets to his son. It is said that the school was a schoolmaster during his school days. He was in the library every day. He liked to study the constellation of the universe and various chess games. The level of Go is very high. People can be enemies.

When Nishizawa went to the Lyra to get the book, he thought about coming back to the rain.

The face of Ling Yu was still a plain expression. He took the book and said, "I will play Go, is your father telling you?"

Nishi Zeitan said: "Yes. I want to bring you a gift. I don't know what to bring, just ask the father... After all, you used to be alumni."

The little prince did not dare to lie in front of the generals of the rainy rain. He did not dare to lie. He looked up and looked at him with three-pointed and seven-point respect. It was like a large animal standing. Shake your tail in front of you.

Ling Yu could not help but smile.

If he does not agree with him, he is not going to send something to please? When the always-stricken little prince chooses a gift, it must be very tangled? It’s quite interesting to look at each time you give a gift.

Ling Yu suddenly felt that his mood had improved.

Picking up the game in his hand, Ling Yu looked at Nishizawa and said: "I have accepted the game, but unfortunately there is no Go..."

Nishizawa said: "I will bring you a set next time!"

Ling Yu raised his lips. "Thank you, Xize."

"..." Nishizawa squeezed the cold sweat of his hand and smiled and said, "Uncle is not polite, you like it."

Ling Yu nodded and went back to the study room to study Go.

Nishizawa looked at the back of the general rainy general and wanted to cry.

This set of books is what he wants to do before he buys it. Now he wants to send Go, what kind of can you sell in the general store? If you want to send a commemorative edition, a precious edition, you must take some thoughts.

Every time he gave a gift to the general of the rain, Nishizawa felt that his brain cells were going to die.

No way, this big monster does not nod, how can he pick up the little monster from the Longtan Tiger Cave?


Lingyuan and Lingan wore the same white casual clothes and went downstairs. One big and one small, one fat and one thin, the visual effect of the two brothers walking together looked very funny. Seeing Ling Yuan walked in front of himself, Nishizawa couldn't help but reach out and touch his soft hair. He smiled and asked, "How do you wear the same clothes as your brother?"

Ling Yuan A: "My father bought it!"

Probably the evil taste of General Tomb Rain, I bought the same brand and style for my son.

My brother is in good shape and looks good in everything. The little fat man is wearing a white casual suit, like a polar bear.

When the three people came to the entrance of the playground, they unexpectedly saw that Brian also brought his younger brother to play. The mausoleum went forward and said hello: "Brian, it’s so good! Why didn’t Snow come?”

Brian answered: "Unfortunately, Nishizawa called me to come, it is the ticket he bought. Snow is on duty today."

Lingyuan looked back at Nishizawa, and Nishizawa said: "Small person is not interested in playing alone, and he is looking for a companion."

Blyde, who was found to be a playmate, ran consciously to hold Lingan’s hand and smiled and said, “Xiao’an, let’s play together.”

Ling An was awkwardly taken by him to take a roller coaster. Lingyuan three people also

The modified super roller coaster turned several consecutive 360-degree turns. The first time I took this thing, Ling'an was scared and turned white. Blyde had a calm expression and held Lingan's hand and said: Don't be afraid, don't worry, it's okay to turn a few more turns."

Ling An: "..."

Lingyuan was also the first time to come to the playground. A group of people played for a whole day and was very happy.

On the way back, Yan Xize took two children to buy ice cream. Brian suddenly came over and asked: "What is the situation between you and two? When is it married?"

Lingyuan said: "I don't know... Xize met my dad and they met. My dad didn't say anything. I don't know his attitude."

Brian smiled. "Snow is not on duty today. He is resting at home. He is pregnant and is not suitable for a playground."

Ling Yuan looked at Brian with surprise.

Brian is proud to say: "We will have a second baby next year, you will not envy?"

Lingyuan: "..."

Brian sighed a little: "Xize is actually very hard. You know how much influence the generals and marshals have in the imperial people. He wants to marry you. He can only lower his posture and ask your father to promise. Your father is reluctant to let. If you get married so early, you will definitely be troubled by Nishizawa... In this way, all the pressure is on a person in Nishizawa.” Brian looked back at Lin Yuan and said seriously, “Marriage is a matter of two people, you can’t Hand over everything to Nishizawa. After he has been waiting for you for so many years, if you have been so passive, the pressure on Nishizawa will be great."

Ling Yuan dropped his head and did not speak.

Brian smiled and said: "I was tossed by General Udil for half a year. In the end, Snow still got his father... How do you say that the love of two people needs two people to guard together. The elders will eventually With your wishes as the standard, your thoughts are the most important, understand?"

Lingyuan nodded seriously: "...I understand."

In fact, during this time, Nishizawa’s ruthless Lingyuan was all in his eyes. He also felt that Xize was so hard, but he didn’t know how to help him. Now Brian knows that Lingyuan’s eyes suddenly open up. After all, Brian is "coming over", he is more experienced than himself, and he also makes sense. Marriage is a matter of two people. He can't stay behind Dad as the protected character.

Lingyuan gently clenched his fist and made up his mind in the dark.

After sending the Lingyuan brothers home, Nishizawa connected Brian’s communication device and asked, “How?”

Brian smiled and said: "Let me be a lobbyist, there is no problem. The heart of your little monster has been loosened, just waiting for your fatal blow."

Nishizawa smiled: "Thank you."

Brian nodded: "You're welcome, remember to owe me a favor."

Nishizawa Fusuke: "Is it so good to be a brother?"

Brian smiled and said: "The brothers are clear, but I am not a brother to you."

Nishizawa is helpless: "...well."


Brian’s words made the mausoleum open, and he couldn’t sleep in bed at night.

Yes, love is a matter for two people and needs two people to guard together. At the beginning, Nishizawa first fell in love with him. Later, Nishizawa was always paying. In the past few years, he has only passively accepted the care and love of Nishizawa. Even if he got married, Nishizawa has been busy.

Compared with Nishizawa, I seem to have done nothing...

What should I do? Lingyuan started to squat against the ceiling.

The next morning, Ling Yuan received the news of Nishizawa and asked him to go to a place and said he would surprise him.

Lingyuan’s heart was full of doubts, but Nishizawa refused to say that he had taken him to the food street in the capital’s star center square and stopped at a superb intersection.

Lingyuan looked up and saw a large cake shop... or it should be described as a cake workshop.

The three-storey building is beautifully decorated. There are a variety of pastries in the huge glass window, chocolate, strawberry, matcha, pineapple... a variety of bright colors can not help but swallow, also Some cakes are modeled after small animals and look cute.

Today is exactly the day when the cake shop is opened. The door is full of various color bands. A familiar girl stands there with a smile, next to a row of brand new white robots.

Lingyuan’s eyes burst into heat, and she quickly walked over to her, “...sister?”

Lin Yao saw his younger brother, and his mood was obviously very good. He smiled heartily: "I haven't seen you for a long time! Xiaoyuan! No, now it should be Lieutenant Colonel Lingyuan?"

Lingyuan came to her in surprise. "How are you here? Mom?"

Lin Yao pointed to the inside of the house.

Mrs. Lin was sitting on the sofa in the lounge on the first floor of the hall and tasted the cake. Lingyuan turned and rushed toward her, "Mom!"

Mrs. Lin rushed to stand up and hug her son.

When Lingyuan was excited, his eyes were red, and he didn’t know what to say when he was holding his mother.

Nishizawa walked in with Lin Yao and looked around carefully. He smiled and said: "Sister, it is really nicely arranged here."

Lin Yao smiled and said: "During the past few days, thanks to Xiaobai Yu, the speed of sweeping the floor can be faster."

Bai Yu excitedly said: "Yes! I am a s-class mech!"

Nishizawa: "..."

Lingyuan heard the conversation between the two people and looked back at Nishizawa with red eyes: "Nishizawa, what the **** is going on?"

Lin Yao explained: "A few days ago, Nishizawa went to Ryan Planet and took me to my mother. The store in this cake workshop was also bought by him. I planned to settle in the capital star with my mother. This can also be frequent. I saw you... Yes, I will give you half of the shares of Nishizawa in this store? You can’t let Nishizawa pay for it!”

Nishizawa smiled and said: "Sister, you are the master."

Lin Yao said quickly: "That's it!"

Lingyuan: "..."

Looking at the smile of Shang Xize, Ling Yuan was so moved that he could not speak, and his throat whimpered.

These details, all of them prove how much Nishizawa loves him. I don't know how Nishizawa is serving Mrs. Lin. In short, it is the greatest wish of Lingyuan to take her mother to live a good life.

The three people spent a warm day at the cake shop. The cakes developed by Lin Yaoxin tasted very good. The tombs of the mouth have eaten a lot of pieces. I am confident that my sister’s cake shop will be full of guests. Extra cash!

When I went back in the evening, the two men walked hand in hand on a quiet road. Lingyuan suddenly stopped and whispered, "Xize, thank you..."

Nishizawa looked back at him and smiled softly. "Do we still need to thank us?"

Ling Yuan rushed into his arms and hugged him tightly. "...I actually want to marry you this year. I know that you have been busy with this matter recently. Dad needs me to do it. What, you said it directly to me."

Nishizawa gently stroked the soft black hair of the person in his arms and said softly: "You only need to do one thing."

Ling Yuan immediately raised his head. "What is it?"

Nishizawa smiled and kissed his forehead, "Tell your father, you really love me, nothing to do with the mark."

Lingyuan: "..."

Nishizawa whispered, "Isn't it?"

Lingyuan’s ears were slightly red, and he tipped his toes and kissed Nishizawa’s lips. “Yes! I love you! Are you satisfied?”

Nishizawa smiled and took him into his arms: "Very satisfied... kiss again?"

Lingyuan is embarrassed to say: "You don't have to take a step... oh... oh..."

All the words were sealed by the gentle kiss on the lips, and the mausoleum gradually stopped struggling, responding eagerly, and both hands took the initiative to hug the shoulders of Nishizawa.

The street lights on the street were like two people, like a soft orange glow around them.

At that moment, Lingyuan suddenly felt that both sides were happy and worked hard together for happiness... It turned out to be such a wonderful thing.

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