Villain: Peeking at the Diary, the Heroines Are All Set UpChapter 276
Urban Life

Go through the book and gain a stronger system for keeping a diary. [It is sunny on July 7th, and the leaders are wearing ugly again. Isn’t it good to cool down? 】 [Evening of July 7th: I am about to be divorced, so excited, how should I act? 】 [Evening of July 7th: Lin Qingyue, the heroine, is going to get drunk. 】 I thought I would write about daily life, record life, and get rewards. By the way, play the role of the villain, lick the rich second generation, and finish the story. As a result, I didn’t expect that the diaries even had copies of the heroines. They didn’t play cards one by one, and the story became more and more crooked. [On July 10, the female leader is stupid*, no one wants it. 】 Later, he was punished for going to work for entering the door with his left foot. - Description from MTLNovel

Go Through My Demon HostChapter 5 Don't blacken the wealthy daughters (2)

He contracted a blackened host who was open to the sky and covered in bugs. White Moonlight System, Sadomasochistic System, Goddess System, Green Tea System. The exquisite and beautiful girl smiled like a flower, “One hundred and eight ways of hatred, please understand?” A most enchanting girl, a legend of the most heaven-defying, the nightmare of all outsiders. The handsome national goddess who bombed the sky, the genius with the intelligence quotient and the demon, the prestigious girl national teacher, the domineering and arrogant supreme female emperor. She travels through three thousand planes, and she is full of beauty in the world as a teenager. But he always met her who belonged to him. He carefully curbed his sharp edge, concealed his sharp claws, and gently squeezed her back into the nest. System headline: Did the official No. 1 match chase his wife today? - Description from MTLNovel

The Guy Who is Going To Wear This Girl is PoisonousChapter 784 finally

Indifferent, ruthless, cruel! ! ! President, killer, dark guard! ! ! Cute, arrogant, and innocent! ! ! Doctors, generals, students… This is a must-have book for sultry guys~ Liu Huanjiao’s goal is to bring the high-cold system to each male matchmaker and reach the pinnacle of life. But, the male partner is poisonous! I like the heroine not to let go~ Liu Huanjiao screamed, “System, help me~” System, “Take care.” Liu Huanjiao cried bitterly, “Mom, I encountered a fake system!!” Labels of works: Relaxed, nerdy, pretending to be a pig and eating tiger, wearing a book - Description from MTLNovel

The Miserable Life SystemChapter 94 Extra

After Lu Changsheng died, he was forced to buy and sell, and he was bound to the Laughing and Misery Life system. Probably there is no host worse than her. When she travels to every world, she wants to give the system a big bow. You are amazing, and it is not easy to find such a tragic life! Every world’s character is the same, that is, a lonely little pitiful, Lu Changsheng always [head big.jpg] every day A certain big man: [Proactively stretch out a slender thigh] Give you a hug Lu Changsheng: No, no, I can solve it by myself! Some big guy:… You come out of the system, this is different from what we said before! (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ Tips: 1.1v1, not fragmentation attack 2. Half sweet and half cool - Description from MTLNovel

From Chopper To CthulhuChapter 143 A knife is a knife
FantasyMartial ArtsPsychologicalWuxia

Well, I know you want to watch a strange adventure story; So… from crossing into a kitchen knife? - Description from MTLNovel

Sign In To Become a GodChapter 704 Incredible

Wang Yi was reborn into a world that swallowed the starry sky. After eighteen years of ordinary and extraordinary, he finally met the conditions on the eve of graduation from high school, activated his own golden finger, and signed in for the first time. [Ding, congratulations to the host for successfully signing in, signing in for the first time, and signing in to the earth, special rewards will be given to reward the first karma of the Nine Tribulations Secret Code! 】 [Your genetic level has increased three times! 】 “…” - Description from MTLNovel

Two-dimensional: The Uncle is the ProtagonistChapter 328

Traveling to the world of the second dimension, what exactly do you see in Ruyueyulu’s eyes? Supporting role, protagonist? The opening status is not important! The important thing is that this uncle is here, we are the absolute protagonist! There is an endless journey ahead of my uncle… Well, do you want to give it a try and take the heroine away? … The introduction is weak, please see the text~ - Description from MTLNovel

The Heroine Took the Villain ScriptChapter 396 Interstellar Escape Live (20)

Go into the book and be the villain? ! He Tiantian said– To be the villain is to be the biggest. Take the path of the villain, leaving the villain nowhere to go! —————— [Starting as a liar] He Tiantian: How can you say it’s a lie? This is our emotional escort! [The whole family is the best] He Tiantian pouted: Who is the best? We are obviously true temperaments! —————— Others use their whole lives to heal their childhood, but He Tiantian said: I have reached the pinnacle of life by being a villain! (Quickly wear, there is no fixed CP, there may be a small world!) - Description from MTLNovel

Phantom Kid in the World of American ComicsChapter 253 Sol VS Plus-Minus LeagueHOT
ActionAdventureComedyMartial Arts

He is a bastard who tries to trample all American police under his feet-GCPD. He is like the 21st century Robin Hood, who can easily disguise himself as the person you are most familiar with. We are not even sure whether he is a “he” or “her”-CIA We may have to spend a lifetime to hunt him down, but in the end, it is mostly useless-FBI  The magician under the moonlight of. His risk assessment… is very complicated, but we can at least be sure that he is much more skilled than most members of the Avengers-SHIELD, He is our dream lover-Female fans. “In this world, treasures, and beauties are the most indispensable”- Mathison - Description from Novelupdates

The Geeky Girl Alpha’s Daily Life After MarriageChapter 45 end

Question: How do you feel about being an alpha? Answer: Probably, I can conquer all omegas, but I don’t want to do so. Before Song Yi traveled through the ABO world, she was a straight woman with a cold personality, and she was single to the age of 30 without a partner. She became an alpha at the age of eighteen, with a glandular strength of 3S. She was a cold heartthrob, female alpha. By accident, she had an Omega that belonged to her. - Description from Novelupdates

Faking StraightChapter 93

Astra is a gay man. A solid top, a seme, the real deal. Unfortunately for him, he transmigrated into a bg harem novel. The Journey is a popular web novel based on an intergalactic setting. The whole book is filled with the straight romance between one male lead and his harem of beauties. The male lead of the novel is actually over 30 years old, but after consuming a secret medicine his body regressed back to that of a teenager. This male lead is the perfect mix of shy and mature, passionate and innocent – all at the same time. No other person can unify all those conflicting traits as well as the male lead can. Needless to say the male lead is exactly Astra’s type. If only Astra could, then he would. But the author told Astra: there’s no way for you to un-transmigrate yourself, this is a harem novel, the world setting doesn’t even have gay in its vocabulary, and on top of that you have to remain in character at all times. And what kind of character is this Astra from the book? Nicknamed Sunny, known for being sweet but kind of dumb, the male lead’s best buddie, a loyal little underling for the mighty male lead. And worst of all – straight as they come. And so, every time he witnessed the male lead’s domineering aura while wiping out all the bad guys, Astra would pay his due respects and act along with the rest of the crowd: “You’re so awesome!” But in his head Astra is definitely thinking: damn this slutty little thing, everytime he cooks he’s gotta wear that apron and tie it so tight around that tiny waist. A waist that’s small enough for Astra to wrap his hands around. For a gay guy, Astra’s always had pretty good luck with the ladies. In a bar: Wen watched as the woman with heavy makeup flirted with his best buddy. Wen’s face darkened as the violent storm of emotions in his heart threatened to burst forth. For a moment, Wen wondered if his controlling and possessive instincts are getting a little out of control. It took a while for Wen to realize that he was actually jealous of that woman. But Astra, the one who turned him so weird in the first place, is actually an idiot that doesn’t understand anything – how could the idiot Astra know the effect that he has on Wen? - Description from Novelupdates

Infinite Survival: I Have A Ton Of Passive SkillsChapter 126 The second

The Infinite Survival System came to Blue Star, and the survivors selected by the system were forced to enter the dungeon world one by one to fight for survival. The survivors’ gains in the dungeon world can bring back the blue star, and they will die if they die in the dungeon world. Every survivor will get a talent, some are agility plus 0.5, some are lucky, Zhou Chen’s talent is “passive predator”, the effect is to obtain the passive skills of the monsters killed. Relying on this talent, Zhou Chen gradually filled up with powerful passive skills and embarked on the pinnacle of life. - Description from MTLNovel

Earthy Superstar~ End of this testimonial
Urban Life

He, a mudslide in the music world! A decent person in the variety show world! The film and television industry cuts a knife and mad! The root of all evil in the entertainment industry! He ruined thousands of idols in one hand. He cultivated Xiao Yueyue into the top tough guy in the entertainment industry. - Description from MTLNovel

Wishful Things~ It's over, let's chat

When Xu Mingyi opened his eyes again, he returned to the year when he was 16 years old and suffered from a strange illness. At this time, her old and strong grandfather was in the midst of a triumphant victory—”The young man saved on the road looks quite good, and it would be more appropriate to take home to his granddaughter Chongxi.” So, Dingnan Wang Shisun, who was clearly arranged in a coma, was abducted back to the capital… —————— Genuine reader group: 734187674 (any book with a fan value of more than 2000) - Description from MTLNovel

Counterattack the End of the World To Collect Beautiful MenChapter 335 Struggle

Shake your fist, Miffy chick wants to forge ahead! The end of the world? Beautiful boy? Catch up with a bad year, but have a good harvest. There are many types of beautiful men, which one is my true love? Or are all the beautiful men of all colors in the bag? Oh, cover your face! All kinds of ambiguous, repeated flesh and blood, really not what I want! It’s wrong to be beautiful and to show mercy everywhere! It’s hardest to accept a beautiful boy! This article is NP, please do not enter. Author custom tags: strong women, past and present, portable space, one woman and many men, rebirth Reader’s impression: NP (40), refreshment (8), nourishment (5) - Description from MTLNovel

Avenue Gold List, Me! The Supreme Valkyrie Was ExposedChapter 275 Baishou Taixuan Sutra

Zhao Wu traveled through the world of Qin Dynasty. He wanted to be a dandy, marry a few beautiful wives and concubines, and be happy and happy. Unexpectedly, the Dadao Jinbang turned out. Everyone who ranks in the gold list will be rewarded with great roads. For the first time, on the Excalibur List, the first place is the Shenlong Sword; the second place is the Peerless Sword… Ying Zheng: “What? My Tianwen didn’t make the top ten? The top ten holders are all the gods?” The second time, the legion list, the first place, the undead soldier, the second place, the invisible ghost soldier… Meng Tian: “How is it possible? My Golden Fire Cavalry is not in the top ten? There is no army in the top ten in the empire?” The third time, the stunning list, the first place, Yan Ling Ji, the second place, the Snow Girl, the third place… For the fourth time, the killer list, the first place, Yan Fei, the second place, the scared salamander, the third place… “My God, the top ten on the stunning list turned out to be the top ten on the killer list, do you kill with beauty?” With the announcement of the lists one by one, Zhao Wu’s identity as the god of war can no longer go on! And everyone was horrified to discover… - Description from MTLNovel

I Became a Follower of the Female VillainChapter 153 Forcibly grabbing, snooping into the old tree of luck

Travel through a world of fusion novels. Xu Beiwang couldn’t help but complain: “Why do other people wear the protagonist, and no matter how bad they are, I’m just a dazed king, but I’m just a little loyal to the female villain?” However, he soon discovered that it felt really good to bully others, anyway, the black pot was carried by the female villain. Ever since, Xu Beiwang went farther and farther on the road of overpowering others… Besides, he also activated the Looting System. “Son of Destiny? Well, your treasure is mine!” - Description from MTLNovel

Online Game AlchemistChapter 487 end

This is a legendary story of a reborn female kicking a scumbag, PK Bailianhua’s love rival, working hard, and reaping her love. Yufeng: You have to be responsible to others, I can wash and cook, grow the ground and water the vegetables! Simple and simple: with you, forever, the sea is dry and the stone is rotten! Seeing death and not saving: You owe me the favor, when do you plan to pay it back? Left ear:. . . After rebirth, Luo Shuang is extremely lucky. Which one is better? When Luo Shuang stood at the peak of the game, he realized that the game was just the beginning… - Description from MTLNovel

Invincible Big ShotChapter 1513 Tarsus Maggot

Had Ye was taken to another world by a system called a big man. During his two years here, he couldn’t open the system until his adoptive father was killed. The big figure system is activated. In order to get revenge, under the blessing of the system, he, this little figure, faces the big figures in this world alone and firmly. Congratulations to the host for obtaining the bronze treasure chest, silver treasure chest, golden treasure chest… In the missions and treasure chests, Had Ye has gradually changed from a small person to an invincible big person… - Description from MTLNovel

Neither the Landlord Nor I Are HumanChapter 107

Copywriting one: A red-tailed cat came out of the window that night when Jane moved into the new rental house. She was ignorant, and the landlord refused to allow pets. The red-tail cat comes every night, standing outside the window looking at her noble and coldly. After getting acquainted, Jian Yi will chat with the cat daily, even if the other party does not respond. One day, the landlord lady who hated pets asked her: “Why don’t you have a cat?” Jane: “Isn’t it not allowed to keep pets?” Miss landlord: “The cat is different, you try.” In the evening, the red-tailed cat came on time, and his face was written to raise her soon. There is a story about a woman and a red-tailed cat circulating in the mysterious world. I heard that evil spirits shuddered and ran after seeing them. Copywriter 2: Jian Yi is a false celestial master, but more powerful than true celestial master. She doesn’t need any tools to catch Yinling, only with a mouth, not flicker. She has a cat, which she picked up. She thought that in the days to come, she would work to earn rations, raise herself, raise cats, and shovel shit every day. Unexpectedly, I was working to earn rations and was fed by the cat’s wife every day. 【Fantasy, imaginary world, don’t feudal superstition, don’t substitute reality, refuse textual research, set up a bunch of things privately to serve the plot. 】 Content tags: supernatural and strange urban love sweet text live broadcast Search keywords: Protagonist: Jian Yi, Qin Xin Supporting roles: Xiong Youcai, Niu An’an, Qi Ye, Huang Zhan Others: “The Little Ginseng Was Poached Again”, “The Big Guy Has an Object [Quick Wear]” One sentence introduction: I heard that the landlord hates cats? Purpose: Hard work, bread love will have - Description from MTLNovel

Good Samaritan Mr Yu (The Warmhearted Mr. Yu)Chapter 91 Fanwai. Wedding Ceremony

This novel is also known as The Warmhearted Mr. YuThis is a warm story that happened in the entertainment circle. A two-faced and sharp-tongued director top X Earnest and tranquil actor bottom The story began on a rainy night. When the “Good Samaritan” Mr Yu lent a hand to a drunk “middle-aged uncle”. He was captured and interviewed by a small local television station, commending his willingness to help a person in need and saying how he was a good model to the citizens. The next day, Shen Yu’s name, an actor who had been in the industry for many years and yet still remained unpopular, became a hot search online in a way that he had never imagined possible. His awkward yet polite smile was screenshotted and accompanied by various trendy emojis and memes, made into sticker packs. …On the top floor of a luxurious hotel, a certain someone, who had just awoken with a hangover, was browsing through Weibo with widened eyes, “Who the hell wrote this article?! Is that reporter blind?!” His assistant asked, “Boss, shall we thank this Mr Yu?” “Impossible. Hmph, there’s no one who can make me acknowledge myself as a ‘middle-aged uncle’.” ———— Reading guide: Both the top and bottom are treasures, they finally found each other in their long and endless life. 1v1 sweetness. All the characters depicted are fictitious. Any resemblance to a person living or dead is purely coincidental. Story summary: After a lesser-known but tranquil veteran actor, Shen Yu, picked up a weird person from the same industry on a rainy night, he happened to be captured and interviewed by a small local television station as a Good Samaritan. He appeared on the hot search in a way that he had never thought of being possible. From then on, it was as if his life was on fast-forward, different types of opportunities were rushed to his feet. And, the luckiest thing, yet the most shocking, was that the weird drunk he had picked up the other day was actually the sharp-tongued, two-faced, and internationally famous director who he had been idolising for years — Wait, and this famous director seemed to be planning to woo him? - Description from Novelupdates

Rebirth of the Celebrity Business WomanChapter 867 Tangtang Fanwai 2 (Fanwai All End)

In the past, Tang Jingyun always felt that she was an out-and-out winner in life! She struggled all the way from the illegitimate daughter of the Tang family to become the head of the Tang family. Not only did she destroy her vicious brother and her vicious sister in Bai Lian’s appearance, she also sent her biological father who had betrayed her mother to a mental hospital, entered the house, and took charge of the Tang family. Lifted the Tang family upside down. In the end of this kind of life, there is only loneliness, and there is no trustworthy person around. Never thought that life can be repeated! Now that she lives her life again, she decided to stay away from these disputes. She is tired of those powers and fame and fortune, and she has played badly with those conspiracies! In order to avoid the chaos of the past life, I found a man to marry, but didn’t want to meet a terrible character. From then on, the king and the king, set foot on the road of tame the mastiff to the loyal dog! Once awakening the power, watch her unfold a rich, splendid and splendid life! From the political and business celebrities, down to the three educators and nine liu, there is a myth that belongs to her! The heroine pretends to be a pig and eats a tiger, and grows up step by step, involving business, campus, investment, antiques, etc., not abuse, warm, passionate, and cool. - Description from MTLNovel

Demon King~ Concluding remarks

This is a colorful world, with warriors, knights, wizards, shamans, blood races, werewolves… Oh, the gods who created the world cannot be missing. However, the race called the Simulator is a race abandoned by the gods. Ivo was reborn as a mimic, with a demon lord living in his head. Demacia: “Under my guidance, you will become the great demon sweeping the world.” Ivo: “I just want to be a good person.” “You first let go of the Odin in your hand, let’s talk about it…” This is a story that started from scratch and is famous in the mainland. This book is easy to talk about, involving physics, chemistry, astronomy, geography, polymer materials, low-molecular materials, many molecular materials, as well as philosophy of life, the truth of life, existentialism, and the least important secrets of death. Ps1: Except for the first seven words and the last four words, the rest are all nonsense by me. Ps2: I don’t know how to write a profile, I already have orz=3 - Description from MTLNovel

The Supporting Male Character Just Wants to Be a Tool Manv3 Chapter 214 Extra oneHOT

Shen QingShu, 22, died in an accident. His biggest regret before his death was that he’d been single all his life. He obviously wasn’t a monk, but he’d never eaten meat. Then, when he opened his eyes, he saw a handsome, self-assured man standing before him. The handsome man parted his thin lips slightly and asked, “Wanna have a one-night stand?” Shen QingShu didn’t hesitate at all. “Let’s do it! Twice!” The next morning, Shen QingShu woke up aching all over. Only then did he discover he’d transmigrated into a book. The handsome guy beside him who’d gone two rounds with him was the protagonist gong, Han Cheng, the second son of the Han Group. And the original owner of this body was just a disliked, death-seeking cannon fodder. Shen QingShu: …Well, this is f*cking awkward. But Shen QingShu didn’t panic. Anyway, he was just a cannon fodder. He figured they’d part in a few days He knew he was a tool man, a character who only existed to develop the plot. -Half a year later- Shen QingShu looked at the man next to him and wondered: It’s been more than six months. Why hasn’t he left already? Until the day he saw the protagonist shou and Han Cheng meet by accident. Tool man Shen QingShu immediately felt the call of duty. Eyes shining, he prepared to push the plot forward. “Don’t come looking for me in the future.” Shen QingShu was extremely self-aware. Han Cheng was shocked. “Why? Do you have feelings for someone else? Who is it?” Shen QingShu: … Darling, this reaction isn’t quite right. “I don’t accept this,” Han Cheng said, furious. “One day as husband and wife means a hundred days of grace. Can you even calculate how much grace we have?” Shen QingShu: … No, wait, what are you talking about? It’s not like I’m your wife. I’m just a tool man, and it’s time for me to go offline! However, Shen QingShu found that not only did the protagonist gong refuse to let him go offline, he was going to make him his bride! Shen QingShu: I’m crying. - Description from Novelupdates

I Am a Professional HunterChapter 298 abyss
HorrorUrban Life

Qin Wen is a salted fish, accidentally crossing into this world, alone, bubbling poorly, his parents are strangely missing, and the original Qin Wen suddenly died at home. He has almost nothing, only an exorcism firm on the verge of bankruptcy. As an ordinary person, how could he hunt demons? After frantically testing on the edge of danger and death for a month, Qin Wen finally ushered in his golden finger. He wants to form his own exorcism team to solve all kinds of bizarre incidents, and overtake or control all kinds of strange evil spirits. . As the firm became more and more famous, Qin Wen also discovered his secrets. There is such a rumored office that people who have been to say it is super professional! But somehow, they never repeat customers. - Description from MTLNovel

Sleepless Doctor~ The new book "Back to 2002 to be a doctor" has been uploaded
Slice of LifeUrban Life

Genius has the distress of genius, and Wu Mian, a suspected hypermemorial patient, has no choice but to return to his hometown to become the chief of the medical department. The story began in the summer when he returned to his hometown. - Description from MTLNovel

I Became Popular After Acting Like a Green TeaChapter 102 Sheng Zhiyan loves Xia'an forever

In a melodramatic[1] novel, there is always that type of rich and beautiful female supporting character with a hot body. However, her fiancé is always snatched away by the delicate and pretty white lotus flower.[2] It just so happens that Xia An transmigrated into this type of female supporting character, chasing all over the world for the scum. The system informs her that if she wants to avoid the tragic death ending, she has to resist the influence of the plot setting and reduce the amount of supporting female character’s bad luck value. Her current bad luck value is 999. Xia An and the white lotus flower were attending a live variety show together. While they were talking, the white lotus flower suddenly fell to the ground. Xia An: Hm?? In the white lotus flower’ heart: Xia An, just wait to be cursed to death by the whole internet! The next second, Xia An fell to the ground as an “ah” escaped from her lips. She held her knees with one hand and looked up timidly. With a hauntingly beautiful gaze, she cried out, “Ouch~” White Lotus Flower: Huh? Why is she not following the usual way of things?! #Acting? I’m a natural film empress.# #Sorry. I’ve gone from being infamous to popular on the internet.# The system gave Xia An an assisting NPC, Sheng Zhi Yan. This NPC is a huge boss in the novel. He possesses an outstanding appearance, body and financial resources. The system told her to use him to her heart’s content. Xia An did use him to her heart’s content. She brought the NPC to act as her partner in a dating variety show. In the storyline, Sheng Zhi Yan loves her so much that he can’t help himself in wooing her with love stretching thousands of miles. Xia An never expected that while they were acting, the whole world started to support their pair. And the big boss’ fake acting became real. #What should I do when the boss keeps staying in my room and he isn’t leaving? Notes: [1] 狗血[gǒuxiě]- dog blood/unbelievable/exaggerated/Melodramatic. Firstly, it could be describing trite and highly predictable movie or Tv drama scenes. Secondly, it could be related to ludicrously unrealistic movie or TV drama scenes. Thirdly, it could relate to or characterised by schmaltz, dramatised sentimentalism, as in TV shows and movies. Lastly, it may be relating to life events that are ridiculous or infuriating. [2] 白莲花 (bái lián huā) ‘White lotus flower’ – someone who is pure in appearance, but opposite inside. [3] 绿茶(lǜchá)- Green tea also known as green tea b*tch (绿茶婊(lǜchábiǎo)) is a slang that refers to a girl who seemingly innocent and charming but is, in fact, calculating and manipulative. - Description from Novelupdates

Dressed As the President’s First LoveChapter 164 end

Tang Mi always thought that she was Mary Su Bensu, with countless ministers under her skirt. Until I met the investor’s father at a meal. This dad was the first love she got rid of by her disliked love for the rich. First love, who has become a billionaire, openly stated: “The reason why I have achieved what I have now is all due to my first girlfriend.” Tang Mi suddenly realized that she had traveled through a book of dog-blood sadomasochism she had read in her early years! And her, Tang Mi, is the biggest female villain in the book. When the heroine went online, she was surrounded by bad luck debuffs and was about to be rubbed on the ground! MMP, so exciting. ********* Cheng Hao: I hate that I love you. ********* user’s guidance: 1. Demining: The heroine is so angry that she is not a good man and a believer~! ! ! 2. Entertainment articles, the heroine Su, the heroine is beautiful, the heroine tears the little expert 3. The author’s glass heart does not accept ginseng attacks. 4. Three changes the next day, the update is irregular, please wait for the Buddha department, Jinjiang anti-theft, no manual anti-theft, subscription rate 70%, anti-theft time is 72 hours. - Description from MTLNovel

Huo Ye’s Little Wild Cat is Fierce and CuteChapter 1457 :season finaleHOT

The true daughter of the Jiang family who had been abducted came back, but was tricked by the foster sister, lost her eyes and turned into a laughing stock, until she hooked up with the overlord of the capital… Huo Ye: “My wife is weak and squeamish, you are not allowed to bully her!” Everyone: “Who is the one who drove the two streets and made the leader cry and shout for the ancestor?!” Huo Ye: “My wife comes from the country and doesn’t understand anything, you all have to let her!” Everyone: “Medical professors, scientific research leaders, and international leaders are all kneeling at your door, begging to see her!” * On a rainy night, she crashed into Huo Ye’s arms and encircled his neck. “Marry me, I have Vanguard’s life.” After that, it was rumored in Beijing that the paranoid and ruthless Master Huo raised a milky and fierce little wife, and he wanted to give her his heart. Little did Huo Ye know that he raised the little wild cat he picked up to become a full-level boss. - Description from MTLNovel

Low Key Demonv2 Chapter 134 : Eclipse
FantasyMartial ArtsPsychologicalXianxia

A generation of Devil Emperors was reborn and reborn. Because of the different times and the decline of the magic way, he reappeared as the young master of the Han family, and then he was full of benevolence and morality, but secretly doing evil devil acts for the common people… Murdering the same family, taking blood to practice qigong, and then putting all the charges on the innocent people, these are just commonplace. After understanding the pattern of this era, he stretched his hand on a bigger chess board! A horror that is a disaster in the eyes of the world, but a once-in-a-lifetime evil in his eyes, is slowly brewing… … - Description from MTLNovel

Please Call My MasterChapter 745

In an accidental accident, Shen Ye was reborn into the future world of the second dimension. There are many powerful people here, such as supernatural powers, star destroyers, Void Lords, kings of monsters, holy angels and so on. And Shen Ye, who was reborn, also looked away. All sorts of helplessness in the previous life, the next life made him decide to live more freely and easily. With the help of this fateful stone, Shen Ye gained thousands of abilities and smiled at the starry sky from now on. Lonely night in the cold rain, Tsing Yi bamboo umbrella, just to wait for the beautiful woman. The night is black and the wind is high, and the Phantom of the Mask is just to win the admiration of the beauty. … Don’t say that brother is the sea king, brother is just a legend. Brother is not scumbag, not bad, and even more nasty. Don’t think that if you show off a little bit of coquettish, brother will take the bait obediently. My mother, bah, I sneered, but the six relatives didn’t recognize it. If there is a saying, it is to experience life. Little people are happy, and being a savior is exempt, and being a little hero to save the United States is barely okay. - Description from MTLNovel

I Love Destroying Worlds' PlotChapter 402 - 9.21 Second Blue Star - Each Couple's Circumstances.

A Nethergod who was supposed to be a Lord that governed the Netherworld as a ruler. Cruelty and Mercilessness are his nature. But despite that his heart only beats for one person. His love, feelings and obsession are for his alone.One whose memories were sealed for some reason. While the other lost his right as a lord and his soul fragments were scattered all over different worlds.Then they've met in those worlds. Bullying the heaven's beloved children and destroying the plots of the worlds creating endless chaos. With both the MC and ML having some problems in the brain and are psychopaths. Will the world end or not?"I will chase and capture you, over and over again. Imprisoning you in my embrace. Until there will be no gaps for you to escape anymore. You are my obsession and my everything.""Capture me. Find me. As long as you do, I will stay by your side until the end. There is no need for you to know what I did for you."A hellish ride of two shameless and evil people. The true meaning of their relationship was hidden within those sealed memories. An action packed journey with thrilling and full of suspense events which you wouldn't like to miss!NO ONE 17 AND UNDER. You have been warned.Credits for the Char. photo: Natalie Riverson (Pinterest)

Infinite Monster Training CampChapter 242 season finale

What can be done in the last month of life? Ding Meng knew the answer. Complete impossible tasks again and again in this infinite looping world, and extend his life as much as possible. And the failure of any mission can cause him to be severely punished, and even immediately deprive him of the life time he has finally won. Strength, agility, and speed are the three abilities that are indispensable in this world. When Ding Meng, whose index is all zero, becomes a junior adventurer, what does he rely on to accomplish these tasks? There are monsters everywhere, and Ding Meng’s only hope is to tame as many monsters as possible while completing the mission and become his right-hand man. So Ding Meng gradually got more “partners” by his side: a werewolf, a three-headed hell dog, a vampire…and, a pig… There will be more monsters joining his team… Ding Meng swears: “As long as I am alive, one day, I will take my monsters to become the strongest judge!” - Description from MTLNovel

My Years In the WastelandChapter 436 Big brother is here again

If you travel through the dangerous world where cultivators, fierce beasts, weird beings, supernatural beings, bio-humans and mechanical warriors are rampant, how long can you live? It’s a bit surprising that the high game that can absorb the envy value and the jealous value becomes stronger, Was buried in less than ten minutes after crossing over? later…… A cultivator who crawled out of the pit, He broke all the places he walked in this wasteland world. Introduction to the serious version: The strange beasts raged and came strangely, Mankind had to build a large number of closed refuges, which led to an extreme lack of resources, A lot of resources are concentrated in the hands of human elites, and the people are divided into seven heavily-barriered levels. The identity of the Gaosai crossing is the weak and inferior people who are most despised and humiliated. This kind of identity, but the ability needs to absorb envy value and jealousy value to become stronger, Start nightmare difficulty? Gao Sai: Wrong, the nightmare of the opponents has begun….. - Description from MTLNovel

Ask This SpringChapter 92 Extra six

Zhuo Lian, a brewmaster in the People’s Republic of China, crosses over into the storybook. According to the original plot, she will do all the evil things and end up with a miserable death. In order to survive, she takes great pains and cares for the future Duke of Zhen. Oh but, why does he look at her more and more strangely? - Description from Novelupdates

Omega AllergyChapter 105 Wedding (end

Shen Jingheng, the youngest and most outstanding general in the galaxy, the dream lover of countless Omegas, unfortunately has a flaw and is severely allergic to Omega—— Other Alpha smelled the Omega pheromone, but he had to use all kinds of anti-allergic products all the time, otherwise he would have all kinds of strange symptoms. Apart from that, he is also an out-and-out perfectionist, pursuing full marks in everything. But he never expected that there was an accident in his life—— His 100% matching spouse is actually the famous little crying bag Omega in the whole galaxy. Except for a face, this Omega is useless. No way, since it is a destined 100% match, he has to get married if he is not happy. As a result, after marriage, there was a problem that even the most invincible general in the world could not solve. ……How can I complete my daughter-in-law’s hug request without being allergic? He is perfect, so he must ask himself to be a perfect husband! he! Don’t let your daughter-in-law cry! …It’s so difficult, how can it be more difficult than fighting, ancestors, please stop crying? Omega allergy obsessive-compulsive disorder perfectionism A attack x super sweet sticky spirit Omega suffer Keywords: pure love, love after marriage - Description from MTLNovel

Bai Yueguang Breaks Up EverydayChapter 387 Net deception Bai Yueguang (Fanwai 2)

When N ancient dog blood sour and cool routines, the world greeted her beautiful face mercilessly. When N Baiyueguang became a female cannon fodder, a passerby stepping stone background board. Instead of being abused, it’s better to tell the hero in advance—— Happy breaking up, happy to you. I also wish me a variety of styles that have nothing to do with you. * [World One: When I became the current girlfriend of Mr. Nai] Male lead his mother: Give you four hundred million, leave me and smash it! Me: Arrange! Than heart! love you! Dear aunty, do you still lack the intimate little quilted jacket? The same account book guarantees that your son will completely give up! Mr. Milky:? ? ? I cry for you! * [World Two: When I Become the Dog Emperor’s True Love Shield Queen] All the concubines: with a grin on their face, and a lot of criticism in their hearts Me: I fell in love with my sisters at first sight, and goodbye (orange buff in orange) Emperor Dog:? ? ? Do you try to tease girls again? * [World Three: When I became the fiancée of the top tyrannical Alpha] My scientific experiment successfully differentiated from Omega to Alpha, and showed a honey smile to the male protagonist Big Brother:? ? ? ? ? ? Damn, how did my wife become brother? I’m fucking afraid of QAQ * Um? The male protagonist always wants to make a way for me to fall in love? Sorry, I am a very ideal and pursued fairy. I just want to complete the list to accumulate merits, and successfully drew 100 thousand mansions in hell for retirement! Bring a small garden that can raise pigs! *Slap face and abuse scum, quick to wear routine *The heroine plant becomes essence, not human, so she is heartless *Each small world is 1V1, the dog man chasing his wife in the crematorium *Big sweet and small abuse, HE dominates, the stock market is risky, you need to be cautious when buying shares [There are so many private settings, please be careful with your girlfriends~] Content Tag: Ability Female Matching Shuang Wen Revenge and Abuse Search keywords: protagonist: weak One sentence brief introduction: I wish me thousands of styles, which have nothing to do with you. Conception: The world kisses me bitterly and strikes it with a sword. - Description from MTLNovel

The Female Cannon Fodder Is Highly PoisonousChapter 5187 endHOT

System: Big Brother, our aim is to realize the last wish of an innocent female partner who died tragically and cannon fodder! Ruan Tang: I know System: But you are taking the invincible boss route of meeting the gods and killing the gods and the demons! ! ! Ruan Tang: Didn’t the female match stand up? Cannon fodder didn’t rebel into a god? System: …you are the murderer of Shimei Ruan Tang: Is there anything better than being a big boss, big devil and villain? Ps: This article focuses on “Su Shuang Abuse”! The heroine is not the Virgin! There are big gold fingers! Shuang Shuang Shuang! Be pet! - Description from MTLNovel

Belief In The Kingdom of God~ Concluding remarks

A world on the verge of destruction, creatures from the abyss are crying and killing. The soul of another world unexpectedly came to this world with a godhead. After sleeping for thousands of years, he woke up again, only to find that he had become an ancient tree worshipped by primitive people. - Description from MTLNovel

Dressed As Cannon Fodder In Interstellar Text AChapter 223 HOT

Lingfeng woke up to find that he was dressed as a cannon fodder in ABO’s cool text. Thinking of the fate he was about to face, Lingfeng decided to go back and hold the golden finger tightly. The protagonist and the horse let them stay aside. But who was the handsome pot sleeping next to him, when he saw the traces all over his body, Lingfeng once again messed up in the wind. When we first met Lingfeng: Don’t worry, I will be responsible. Mo Yan: Responsible? What does it mean to fight? Edge wind:… Later… Lingfeng: Daughter-in-law, he wants to hit me. Mo Yan: You stand behind. Remark: 1. Main attack, 1V1, HE 2. Abo, give birth, have space, thick and long gold fingers 3. Logic is no longer available for research and upgrade flow 4. Calm abdomen and black attack vs. can do it and never talk 5. Update at 9 o’clock every night (If you ask for leave, it will be said in the copy) Ps: Similar to the sentinel guide, set up a bunch of private, logic is not testable, everything is set to serve the plot, and all plots make way for dating! One sentence introduction: Auxiliary can actually be very handsome! Content label: A combination of heavenly works Interstellar Sweet text Chuanshu Search keywords: Protagonist: Ling (ling) wind, strange words Supporting role: Pre-collection of “Rebirth of Waste Materials and Sons Counterattack” for collection Others: Chuanshu, wealthy - Description from MTLNovel

Immortal Demonv2 Chapter 291 Pleasure (finished this book)
Martial ArtsPsychologicalXianxia

Under this dark starry sky, only cultivators represent the truth! Even if the cultivator is selfish and shameless, he will be revered and praised by mortals! This is the story of a cultivator who slaughtered the world in pursuit of immortality. Comprehension is a murder, and murder is merciless. The immortal karma of thousands of years is all in the killing. Fame is the same as dung, and those who disdain benevolent ridicule. Wearing an iron sword on his body, he kills when he is angry. Cut stocks and drink, talk and laugh ghostly. Between the killing world, the Yin Court was terribly shocked. Killing one is a crime, but Tu Wan is a male. Nine million slaughtered, that is, the male Zhongxiong. See through thousands of years of benevolence and justice, but make this life prosperous. A good name does not love notoriety, killing a million people will not be punished. I would rather teach people to gnash their teeth and hate, than to teach people to curse me. - Description from MTLNovel

Douluo See You For a Long TimeChapter 1504 What is art!

Chengying: “Why chasing me? I gave you all the syrup!” Little Scorpion: “Tianmeng! Don’t run! I must eat you!” Chengying: “Fools don’t run away! What age is this!” This is a story about a long-lived stranger Doubi Teacher Douluo. Chengying: Who should start first? Is it Dugu Bo or Xueye the Great? Wow! When I was a child, the snake woman was so cute! What? Tang San’s mother is about to be killed, fast ice emperor! Bring my Armstrong whirlpool to accelerate the jet Armstrong cannon! I’ll teach Wuhundian to be a man! What is the biggest advantage of being a soul beast? Of course I’ve seen you a long time ago! - Description from MTLNovel

Ace Sniper: Husband is Going To Fall DownChapter 1005 finally

She is crazy, she is arrogant, she is a thorn in trouble. deserter? Useless? She was originally a top killer! “One shot will kill you! There is no second shot in my eyes!” In the face of doubt, she spoke with strength to see who would dare to look down upon her! “Dare to spank me? I will definitely hit me back!” In the face of him, she proved with her actions that she holds a grudge against him! He is powerful, he is mysterious, and he is the only opponent who can overcome her. Ruthless? Black-bellied male god? He turned out to be… She slept with him and announced to him, “From now on, you are mine!” He smiled indulgently, “If you want to occupy me, you have to rely on real skills.” “Husband, lie down! Let you taste my true ability!” - Description from MTLNovel

The Most LordChapter 396 New journey (grand finale)

Alan, who had traveled to the Eastern Continent, originally only wanted to be a young master without any worries in his life, but because of family struggles, he was assigned to a remote territory to be the lord. Fortunately, I have the most lord system! What? The auxiliary element selected for the first time turned out to be League of Legends! So first of all, let the heroes of the League of Legends shine in this land! - Description from MTLNovel

Starting From Fooling the Elderly into Registering for a Cultivation Training ClassChapter 221 - This Is the Power of the Immortal Sect

Qin Chuan arrived in a parallel world and got bound to a system.System: "Host, please guide the entire nation into cultivation."Qin Chuan was shocked.What era are we in? Who still believes in cultivation!However, to complete his mission, he set up a cultivation training class as an attempt to get people to cultivate, and in the process of doing so, got sent to the mental hospital multiple times.He was ready to give up after all the setbacks, until he encountered a group of elderlymen and women....A 93-year-old man of the Weapon Forging specialization was forging gear at home when he was coincidentally discovered by his great-granddaughter who was livestreaming.During his birthday banquet, a 100-year-old man of the Combat specialization flew on a sword while in high spirits.An 80-year-old lady of the Alchemy specialization was mistaken as her college-attending granddaughter's sister while she was visiting her.

Before the Male God BlackenedChapter 153 Finale·Jiang Yi (End)

Traversing non-stop, But just to be in every world, Send some warmth to the male gods who have gone through all kinds of hardships before they become black. The immobile vegetative male god, the scumbag president male god who forcibly robbed him, The high-IQ male god who played the prison escape, the plush male god who could not be transformed… All kinds of male gods, only you can’t think of them, and they won’t be warm without her. The book is also called “Before the Villain’s Darkening” and “What is the Little Black House? Can it be eaten?” “, “Why the male god is so disagreeable and blackened”, “The Healing Journey of the Warm Little Angel”… - Description from MTLNovel

I Have a God-level Company In the Invasion of the HeavensChapter 292
Urban Life

Su Ze traveled through the parallel world and opened a company called [Ark] in accordance with the system requirements. And the more mysterious the company, the more powerful it is? The moment when the counterfeit anchor Wang Da Hammer put on the [Ark] brand Iron Man toy that he bought for 100 million yuan. People are not calm anymore. At that time, the alien beasts invaded and the disaster started. When the 【Ark】brand Wanderer mech smashed the five-star king-level monster Abyss Titan back into the space culvert. People are crazy. When the strange men and strangers who slashed the mountains and seas one by one and shattered the galaxy with one sword claimed to be an employee of [Ark]. People are numb. “Hi! Is this still the normal world we know?” “This company is too abnormal!” To this. Su Ze, the real mastermind behind the scenes, said: “Don’t get excited, my company is still normal, it’s just a bit mysterious!” - Description from MTLNovel

After The Villain and I Died TogetherChapter 758 season finaleHOT

[Vest, two big brothers, pet Wen Shuangwen] The big wealthy Jingjia finally found her long-lost granddaughter. His grandparents and five brothers wanted to spoil her. She thought that she was living in poverty, and it was not until Jing’s family encountered an economic crisis that they discovered that the person who injected huge sums of money into Jing’s family was the sister they thought was having a difficult life! This is not the end. They accidentally discovered that the genius doctor who was hard to get a diagnosis in the legend was also their sister… Seeing that the underestimated young master of Feng’s family approached Jing Dong step by step, everyone sneered and didn’t look at your identity! The thin lips chuckled at the time of the closure, and there is such a thing as identity. So, removing the disguise, he jumped into a world-class boss on the top! ! Until he showed his wolf tail, Jing Dong was stunned. Isn’t this the villain who was killed by her in the previous life… There was a cold smile on the corner of his mouth when he was closed, “I let you run away in your last life, where do you want to go in this life?” [This is a story of a big boss and a big boss, fighting each other to fight themselves in. 】 - Description from MTLNovel