Cultivation Online - Chapter 1143 Massive Magical Beast(2)

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Chapter 1143 Massive Magical Beast(2)

This magical beast in the distance was as tall as a mountain, literally. It stood on all four like a horse, had purple and silver scales, and it had a dragon's head. Furthermore, there was this long, black horn on its forehead, and it was currently shooting out purple lightning from it.

This purple lightning scattered aimlessly, burning anything that it touched. The Cultivators that couldn't dodge it immediately became burnt toast.

"What kind of monster is that?" Tian Yanyu exclaimed in a startled voice after seeing the massive magical beast.

"That's a Purple Lightning Qilin. They're actually a lot smaller in the real world." Tian Suyin responded, her tone sounding a little stiff.

"The two of you should stay here. I will kill it quickly and come right back." Yuan said to them.

"Okay. Be careful." Tian Yanyu nodded without hesitation. The last thing she wanted to do was to get any closer to that lightning-spewing monster.

"His monstrous body will just restore any damage inflicted to him. I bet he's actually immortal." Tian Suyin joked in a serious manner.

"Then I will be right back." Yuan waved at them before flying towards the Purple Lightning Qilin that was running rampage in the distance.

"Watch out! It's going to shoot out lightning again!"

The Cultivators fighting the Purple Lightning Qilin were from different places. Some were disciples of a sect while others were members of a large family. Of course, there were Rogue Cultivators amongst the fighters, but they were mostly fighting alone without anyone watching their backs.

"Ahhh! Fuck! My leg! The bastard's got my fucking leg!" A disciple screamed in agony as he lost one of his legs to the Purple Lightning Qilin's lightning, burning it to a crisp.

"Aim for its horn! If we destroy the horn, it should stop using its lightning attack!" Another shouted.

As Yuan got closer to the battlefield, he could witness with his bare eyes the carnage, where rivers of blood and mountains of corpses littered the ground around the Purple Lightning Qilin.

'There has to be hundreds of corpses down there…' He thought to himself, feeling shivers down his back.

Once he was close enough, Yuan retrieved the Empyrean Overlord.

However, he did not immediately enter the battlefield and patiently waited for his chance to strike. He also studied the Purple Lightning Qilin's movements.

Of course, people continued to die as time passed. As unfortunate as their deaths were, Yuan wasn't going to risk his own life to save these people like some sort of hero. These Cultivators entered the Nameless Emperor's Tomb with the resolve to die, and they did the same before they decided to fight this beast.

About ten minutes later, once Yuan was confident that he knew all of the Purple Lightning Qilin's movements, he tightly held onto the Empyrean Overlord before flying towards it.

'The lightning attack may seem random at first, but it's not. It won't use it again for another three minutes, so this is my chance.'

Yuan appeared directly in front of the Purple Lightning Qilin the next moment, and his body released an aura that surmounted the massive beast before him.

His Empyrean Overlord also gushed with Enhanced Sword Qi.

'This is going to be my first time using Enhanced Sword Qi at its full power!'

After taking a deep breath, Yuan swung the Empyrean Overlord at the Purple Lightning Qilin's horn.


The black horn that threatened and killed hundreds of Cultivators had been sliced off the monster's head cleanly.

The Cultivators there were in disbelief at first, but they quickly became overwhelmed with relief after realizing that they no longer have to worry about the lightning strikes.

However, before anybody could celebrate, the Purple Lightning Qilin released a loud roar, causing its scales to turn crimson.

Its eyes also turned bloodshot with red lightning sparking from within, and its body also started shooting out tiny red sparks that coiled all around its body, creating what appeared to be an armor made of lightning.

A sense of dread suddenly assaulted Yuan, and his body instinctively moved.


A massive red lightning strike suddenly descended from the sky, hitting directly where Yuan was flying.

"Argh!" Yuan released a pained voice before slamming his mouth shut when the sudden thunder managed to strike his left shoulder, tearing his entire arm. However, this could be considered lucky for him.

If he hadn't sensed the danger and moved in advance, the thunder strike would've struck his head, instantly killing him.

The Purple Lightning Qilin released another deafening cry, causing more red thunder strikes to rain down.

"Fuck! It's enraged! Run for your lives!"

The Cultivators scattered like ants when they saw the apocalyptic-like scene before them.

"Xiao Yang!" Tian Yanyu was terrified for his life when she saw the situation from afar. In fact, she had to distance herself even further as the area of the lightning strikes appeared to be growing with every passing moment.

'I need to finish this as soon as possible or it'll just get worse!' Yuan thought to himself as he dodged the lightning strikes left and right while he waited for his injury to recover. However, with the Purple Lightning Qilin spamming lightning strikes nonstop, it would be incredibly hard to attack while dodging even if he was uninjured.

Suddenly, a ball of flames shot out from his chest and flew directly at the Purple Lightning Qilin, engulfing its body in phoenix flames.

"I cannot sit back and watch it hurt you any longer, Young Master!" Feng Yuxiang's voice resounded.

Then, a ball of white flames appeared, mixing itself with the phoenix flame, causing the intensity of the flames to skyrocket.

The Purple Lightning Qilin stopped rampaging and began jumping everywhere trying to extinguish the flames, but alas, its efforts were futile, and the flames of two divine beasts only became stronger.

"Thank you, you two!" Yuan immediately took this chance to attack the monster.

[God of War's Astral Arts!]

After summoning his avatar, Yuan swung his sword at the Purple Lightning Qilin again, this time aiming right at the center of its body.


The sword penetrated the scales with ease before cutting into its muscles, splitting its body into halves.

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