Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse - Chapter 2059 Lrreversible! Ll

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Chapter 2059 Lrreversible! Ll

<An Irreversible Nexus Event cannot be gazed upon.>


The prompt he had seen the moment that the Dream Dimension was assimilated into his Infinite Dimensional Reality.

The prompt of an Irreversible nexus event!

One could not reverse the Spacetime continuum to undo this event, and it turned out now that they couldn't even gaze at it!

This was the reason Noah remained calm when Lilith had proposed the reversal of the Spacetime continuum!

And now, this was revealed before everyone's eyes as dense silence descended on this location.

<An Irreversible Nexus Event…>

Lilith read the fabric of Reality as she uttered these words out coldly, her gaze remaining towards the direction of a single being.

She knew more than others here about him as the more roadblocks she came across, the more determined she became about him.

She knew he was an Irregular.

She knew in her heart that he was somehow connected to everything here as if she couldn't find it outright, she would pursue other methods!

She calculated millions of things in a mere instant as in the next moment, her exquisite face adopted a devilish smile as her voice continued to resound.

<Since we cannot gaze upon an irreversible nexus event, it seems the only thing we can do is believe the words of those who experienced it.>


Her smile was chilling.

She gazed towards Noah's visage as she played along!

The other Dimensional Rulers had their own myriad of thoughts as they didn't voice them out, the recent event being too crucial as the implication was too far reaching!

This was because as the descendants of the existences that set up the 9 Anchors, they knew best what their function was.

<The 9 Anchors have been suppressing the Desolate Mausoleum for all this time. In all the Parallel Paths that the Quantum Dimension has monitored…it has remained this way with no change.>


The booming voice of the Quantum Dimensional Ruler echoed out as he made himself the center of attention, the constantly changing multicolored runic ecriture on his forehead buzzing with grandeur as he continued.

<The Parallel Paths had never interfered with each other as they ran in conjunction, with the first change occurring with the Irregular that was OPPENHEIMER Fundamentally changing the Desolate Mausoleum…this change spreading to the myriad of Parallel Paths. This change…was also an Irreversible Nexus Event.>


For some reason, this existence began monologuing and taking the eyes and attention of all others the moment the Irreversible Nexus Event was introduced as he released information about what occurred when the Age of Destiny ended!

The splitting of the Main Reality…was an Irreversible Nexus Event!

It could not be undone.

At least…not in the same manner that it was done.

One could not just attain the Seat of the True Emperor like OPPENHEIMER did and simply reverse what he did to return the Main Reality to how it was!

This shocking truth revealed a great deal of information as to why many of the Dimensional Rulers and powerful Nature Integration existences currently…they weren't scrambling towards the Seat of the True Emperor and waging war across the Desolate Mausoleum and 9 Dimensions.<.com>

They weren't killing each other and warring constantly like in the past Ages when blood flowed like rivers!

They knew that what was done could not be undone.

But there existed special existences like Lilith who believed differently.

They sought for another path to take as for them…even if they couldn't return things to how they once were, they had the ideology that they could forge something different!

Something similar to what OPPENHEIMER had done as they sought for another Nexus Event that would never be reversed.

But that…could only be achieved with the Seat of the True Emperor.

Yet at this point in time, an Irreversible Nexus Event had occurred.

Such an action emboldened Lilith and those like her.

Such an action spurred many changes!

<Since we have come across another Irreversible Nexus Event, the Dimensional Conclave will have to be called.>


The Quantum Dimensional Ruler spoke powerfully as a sheer rose from Lilith at his words!

<Ah, yes. The Dimensional Conclave…because that was so damn useful last time. What did the great Leader of the Dimensions decide at that time? That OPPENHEIMER was banished and would be dealt with outside of the Desolate Mausoleum and 9 Anchors, and that before the proliferation of Realities and expansion of Dimensions exceeded the Absolute Limit and led everything to Cataclysm…the Parallel Paths would all be reset by your Ancestors with our current Reality as the center. That sounds about right? Do things currently seem to be taking that fucking direction? Is the disappearance of the Dream Dimension part of the grand fucking plan?!>

Her words began with a sneer and schadenfreude, but they ended with crimson flames of rage as demonic energy of blood began to burn around Lilith!

<Useless. All of you are utterly fucking useless. Had you not turned your backs against my father when he stood against OPPENHEIMER, none of this would have even occurred. Your complacency is the one thing I absolutely abhor the most out of every single thing I've come across in all my years of life.>

Her emotions were fluctuating greatly as her rage seemed simmering and contained, her Absolute Fundamental Authority raging as she continued.

<What will the Dimensional Conclave do? Talk some more? The first course of action should be to put all Dimensional Rulers on alert within all Dimensions- that if Tribunal Rulers can appear and heavily injure the Source of a Dimension with their usage of NULLITY, the goal should be to guard your domains against this! But you'd rather waste your time flaunting your authority while everything falls apart…you…you cannot fathom my endless hatred towards you all.>


Her Authority boiled and bubbled over as the empty void was painted red.

The Quantum Dimensional Ruler had a trace of anger cross his eyes as a domineering aura leaked from him, his voice coming out just as powerful as he bellowed out!

<Do not overstep your boundaries, Deceiver!>



Two wills and authorities intertwined as the clash caused the fabric of Reality to tremble once more.

The anger and rage contained in Lilith's eyes faded as her demonic form shone with resplendence, turning to gaze at all the Dimensional Rulers here as her gaze came to lock onto Noah at the very end, speaking complacently thereafter.

<You all have your Conclaves. I'll do what actually matters instead of believing in veiled prophecies and the words of beings who have no interest in these Barren Lands unless things go wrong and their own interests come into the picture.>


Tinged with authority and valor, her words echoed out as her figure disappeared soon after!

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