Poison Doctor’s Cute Baby (Poison Doctor Mother Baby) - v2 Chapter 7474 .Feng Moyun (4)

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Chapter 7474

What is going on here?

"What did you do to me?" Feng Mo stared at Qinglong and questioned.

"You're a waste, what else do we need?" Qinglong said contemptuously.


"Who the **** are you? What do you want to bring me here? I am the patriarch of the Feng Clan. If the Feng Clan finds out and you arrest me, Fudan cannot afford the consequences!"

"I advise you to detoxify me before the Phoenix Clan finds out, and send me back to the Feng Clan. I don't care about this matter!" Feng Mo threatened Qinglong.

"It seems that the Feng Clan has really fallen. You can be the patriarch even if you are so stupid. It's hard for the Feng Clan not to fall!"

"You're not poisoned. You're trash to begin with. I thought you were very clear about the truth that evil magic will come back after you cultivate it, but I didn't expect you didn't understand it!" Feng Che looked at Feng Mo and said with a sneer.

Hearing this, Feng Mo looked at Feng Che, and retorted in disbelief: "Nonsense, backlash won't be like this at all!"

After finishing speaking, Feng Mo was stunned, and looked at Feng Che vigilantly with a frown. At this moment, Feng Mo also remembered the headache just now, and what happened in the secret room before!

Feng Mo is not really that stupid, so Feng Mo figured it out soon!

I was indeed tricked by these people. I practiced in the secret room of the Feng clan before, and I clearly noticed a trace of the beast clan's breath, but after the attack, I didn't find anything, and at that time I felt my consciousness sank, even if I took it The detoxification pill lasted for a while, but finally lost consciousness!

And he clearly remembered that at the end when he lost consciousness, he clearly saw a person walking towards him. Feng Mo didn't know who he saw at that time, and guessed it should be Qinglong!

But no matter what, it all represents the fact that I was taken away by these people who broke into the Feng clan and poisoned me!

Feng Mo regretted that she was careless, she shouldn't have sent all her confidants out!

Looking at Feng Mo's constantly changing expression, Feng Che knew what Feng Mo was thinking without asking!

"As the patriarch of the Feng Clan, but because you practiced sorcery and slaughtered your fellow clansmen, what face do you have to live?" Feng Che looked at Feng Mo and said coldly.

"No matter what, it's my Feng Clan's business, I didn't kill the Clan, I didn't kill the Dragon Clan, it has nothing to do with you!" Feng Mo quibbled.

"It's true that it has nothing to do with us, but I like to see injustice, so you can't control me!" Feng Che said calmly.

"You...what do you guys want?" Feng Mo asked.

Now he can see that Feng Che is the one who has the right to speak among these people!

So now Feng Mo just wants to detoxify the other party and find a way to leave here, otherwise he will be in danger, because obviously no one here is on his side!

But Feng Mo obviously thought too much, Feng Che didn't kill him, it was all good!

The reason why Feng Che didn't do anything was because everyone in Qinglong disliked Feng Mo, but Feng Che felt that it would be a waste if a Feng family was directly burned to ashes!

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So Feng Che looked at Qinglong, Huangyi and the others!

But Qinglong and the others looked disgusted, obviously no one wanted Feng Mo in front of him to improve his strength!

"Master, why don't you refine him and remove the impurities, I can accept it!" Mi Jiu thought for a while and said.

"If there are no impurities, I can do it too!" Qinglong said hastily.

"Master, we want it too!" Huang Yi and the others said.

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