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"Then, take a look at this."

When Wen Ze's voice fell, the light screen turned around, as if suddenly turned into a huge video camera, flying up from the spring-blooming computer university, and rushing to the major streets of the capital city.

The people whose eyes fell on the light screen could not help but follow these images involuntarily, flying over the city covered by ice and snow at low altitude, seeing one after another "ice sculptures" frozen on the side of the road. They are all citizens of Capital Star. Occasionally, the camera turns to some old civilian residential areas, and through the broken windows, one can vaguely see the dead bodies on the beds.

"Wenze Saran!" The emperor raised the volume, yelling slightly out of control, "What are you doing?!"

Immediately, he thought that he should not be reacting like this, and immediately suppressed his voice, accusing in a deep voice: "When you insisted on sending troops to the Green Forest, didn't you think about the consequences? Now what you need to do is remedy!"

Wen Ze ignored his father, but looked at the live screen.

"Are you surprised?" His tone was light. "I'm not surprised. After the empire killed the natives for profit and gave up refugees for profit, wouldn't it be a matter of course to give up low-level civilians for profit again? Isn't it a matter of course? Because of your illusion, you think the empire will care about your life and death?"

The support that had been silent for a long time plummeted again, directly down to 10.

There were goose bumps on the cheeks of Saran Seventeen, and he doubted whether this son had already locked it here with black bullets, ready to burn the jade.

In this cold winter, countless citizens who watched the live broadcast by Guangnao roared in disbelief. Of course, there were also a few people who were dumbfounded and silent, staring at the calm and cold-blooded imperial prince in the center of the light screen.

In the auditorium composed of single sofa chairs, certain nobles have already realized that something is wrong. They tried to get up and stop Wen Ze, but they were politely stopped by the waiter.

The scene became chaotic.

The mind of King Salon XVII was also very confused. Just as Wen Ze believed, the emperor had been sitting in this position for a long time to accept flattery and obedience, and many of his abilities had degraded. At this moment, facing all this, he thought that his son would no longer pose a threat to him.

When he heard that shout, the emperor still didn't react.

"Your Majesty, close the live broadcast!"

The person who shouted this sentence was the Patriarch of the Yang family who had surrendered to the emperor not long ago.

In the moment when the seventeenth King Salon was stunned, everything was too late.

I saw the lens on the light screen pulled out of the city and came to the outer suburbs where heavy industry gathered.

Here and the snow-covered city are like two worlds. The industries belonging to the great nobles are still being produced in full swing, with sufficient energy supply, and everything is in order.

The lens can't reach the end of the factory for a long time. The machines rumbled, and hot smoke came out of a chimney larger than the street.

Wen Ze calmly said: "Stop energy supply to the outer suburbs, and basic heating can be restored. Why doesn't the empire do that because the value created by these factories is too great. Isn't it natural to give up the worthless civilians for profit?"

His gaze retracted from the light screen and slowly fell to the chaotic auditorium.

"It's human nature to know the pain when the knife falls on the body. But as a wise creature, we should know how to learn from historical experience. When our empire has no humanistic care and only knows that profit is the only goal, no one can be alone. Next time, who will be sacrificed? At this moment, you are still confident that it will not be you?"

His eyes are not sharp, they are still as gentle as before.

However, no one dared to look directly into his eyes at this moment, including the citizens who watched the live broadcast from the back of the optical brain.

"Now, the army returning from the Green Forest Battlefield is in low-Earth orbit. If I let the three armies dispatch, take over the energy output, and provide heating to all civilian areas." He paused for a moment, "Everyone thinks this is ambition or compliance. public opinion?"

He smiled, not looking at the light screen, but looking directly at the nobles in the audience.

"Whoever has an opinion, please speak up."

Seeing the soaring support rate behind Wen Ze, all the old foxes are very clear that whoever is the first bird is a fool.

"You are not a brother."

Yun Youyou lowered her eyebrows and avoided the other hand's stretched out hand.

A little bit of light lit up in her mind.

She remembered that when she thought of things about her brother in the past, she would always ignore the obvious abnormalities, and deliberately avoided thinking about all logically unreasonable issues. Only with Wenze can she think clearly.

This is because Wenze itself is a BUG made by her brother.

And now, it was her turn to wake up her brother.

"My brother is not like this at all." She stared at the other person's face, "How could Simon Linde look exactly like His Royal Highness Wen Ze? When I was with my brother, I often watched His Royal Highness's videos. My brother also said that His Royal Highness does not have him. Handsome. Well, I have already seen what my brother really looks like. My brother is the gentlest silver-haired beauty...big handsome guy!"

She clearly saw the other's face shake, like a pile of scattered data or ripples.

"My brother is not alone. My Royal Highness and I are my brother's most steadfast allies!"

She stepped forward and worked hard to fit the silver-haired Simon's face in the photo to the other's face.

"You are not a brother! My brother has love in his heart. Although my brother is hurt, he still loves the world. He trusts His Highness. He knows that His Highness can realize their common ideals and change the current situation!"

"Brother, you come back! My Highness and I need you!"

The purple astrological robe shook like water waves.

It gradually separated from his body and floated behind him like a shadow.

Under the astrological robe, the thin and long man was wearing a white shirt and black trousers. He covered his face with one hand, and his beautiful silver hair was slowly moving in this windless space.

"Ah, long." A gentle and moist voice slowly floated out, "Suddenly meeting like this makes me a little bit ashamed."

"Brother!" Yun Youyou burst into tears instantly.

As soon as she heard this tone, she knew she had found the right person.

"How old is he, still crying." He reluctantly put down his hand, revealing a beautiful face that is indistinguishable from male and female.

"Brother is so good-looking..." Yun Youyou sighed in a daze. The next second, she strained her serious face, "Brother, let the snow stop, hurry up!"

Simon watched her tenderly.

"I'm sorry, Yoyo, I can't do it." He smiled and sighed, "Being able to meet you is the limit of my ability. I have a mission that I must fulfill, and now I can't look back."

She stared into his eyes.

"I understand, brother." She said, "Don't persuade others to be kind to others without suffering. I understand why you want to do this, and I will never tell the truth in front of you."

Simon raised his hand and made a gesture of rubbing her hair: "Well, we are the most likable for Yoyo. It's really cheap for that kid Wen Ze."

Yun Youyou pulled the hem of his pants shyly: "Sorry, brother, I don't know why I like your highness."

Simon pretended to sigh, "Who was the Yan Gou who didn't sleep at three o'clock when I watched his video?"

Yun Youyou: "!"

"You hypnotized me, I have forgotten! I don't remember anything!" She quibbleed categorically, and took the initiative by the way, "Also, I already know that my brother likes a mature woman like Jennifer!"

Simon's pale and transparent cheeks were flushed.

"The child knows what he likes or not." He muttered lowly, naturally making a move to turn around to work on his own affairs.

After moving around, he suddenly froze in place, looking down at the boundless magnetic field in a daze.

After a long while, he chuckled softly: "Yoyou, brother is a bad guy and can't go back."

Yun Youyou was so sad.

"Brother," she said with a choked voice, "you have a mission you have to do, but you have also left this world with life. You trust me and your Highness, and we trust you as well."

Although he didn't look back, she knew he was crying too.

"Brother, thank you."

"Heh." He turned around and chuckled, "So, did you find a way to deal with me?"

Yun Youyou honestly admitted: "You hypnotized yourself, which means you have hypnotized the Star Soul. It unconditionally believes that I am in a gang with it, so he told me the way just now. The Star Soul itself does not have the ability to actively attack. Unless I merge with people-as long as I merge with the Capital Star Soul, it can help me defeat you! I know the Capital Star does not want to be invaded, it wants to protect the creatures on the planet."

Simon: "...youyou, if you tell me, it is equivalent to telling Greenwood."

"It's okay." Yun Youyou looked at him sincerely, "Actually, I don't want to go to that point. It will hurt both sides in the fight. Maybe the two large magnetic fields will disappear. And then I can't go back - I still I want to go back."

Simon stroked his forehead: "I can't bear to hear that kid Ze Ze. So what are you going to do? Persuade the Star Soul to give up revenge, it's impossible."

Yun Youyou shook his head: "I will not persuade the star soul to be generous, because it was originally a large magnetic field of beauty and kindness. Humans bullied it and caused it pain. I want to help it bear the pain. If I distribute the pain to me, If it feels better, I am willing to bear it. Pitying the same disease is the best comfort, and death is also a backstop."

"You..." Simon's eyes became complicated, "Really the stupidest and kindest person in the world."

"I can." Yun Youyou showed a huge smile, "You know that I am the strongest, I can bear it! Brother, can you help me talk to it? I believe brother."

"It's listening. It thinks you will regret it." Simon raised his hand, and saw the virtual image of the astrological robe floating behind him crawling around his arm like a snake, and swayed provocatively at the cloud. The deputy looks full of malice.

Yun Youyou tightened her lips and shook her head firmly.

"bring it on!"

The phantom touched her fingertips.

In an instant, the fluffy halo magnetic field on her body exploded like a hedgehog!

"Ah ah ah ah ah--"

She couldn't describe how she felt at this moment.

It was like being smashed by 10,000 thunderbolts at the same time, and then they turned into electric drills. They pierced her through 10,000 holes and filled them with hot molten iron...

The mental body is not in a coma. She feels that her head is constantly expanding, shrinking, expanding, and shrinking.

Simon's concerned face is near and far away.

Soon, something uncomprehending happened to the cloud-the star soul who turned into an astrological robe also began to explode.

It was more exaggerated than the cloud, and saw this purple astrological robe exploded into a bunch of strands, with its branches facing in all directions, looking like a purple sea urchin.

Yun Youyou felt that the pain had alleviated a lot, she opened a pair of eyes that were so painful that she looked at this guy blankly.

I saw it dig into Simon's face from time to time, using a bunch of magnetic lines to form a twisted mouth, whispering endlessly.

"What kind of Virgin are you! Aren't you sad to be abandoned? Why didn't you see other children being abandoned? Why didn't you gloat and help him!"

Yun Youyou reacted. Magnetic field communication is two-way. She shares its pain, and it also shares her pain.

She was a little embarrassed, and raised her hand to scratch her painful head: "My things are just trivial. Sorry, sorry."

Star Soul doesn't seem to think so.

"That little **** hurt you like that, you have no good intentions! Why don't you hate the world? Why do you prefer to take medicine than hurt others, others are innocent? Are you innocent yourself?"

"There are so many wicked people, why should you stick to the justice of the bullshit! Let's break together and sink together!"

The purple sea urchin is about to explode, oh no, it's already exploded.

It is now very hostile, and it feels infinite torment when it encounters the radiance of the virgin Yun Youyou.

The two magnetic fields are completely contradictory.

Yun Youyou said embarrassedly: "I don't think it's like that. I think that where there is too much evil, evil cannot be punished. Only under the scorching sun of righteousness, the dark and dirty will be invisible, I think To stand in the sun, I don’t want to be moss in the dark. I just want to make myself a little brighter, so that the whole world will be a little brighter.”

She felt a very gentle force pouring into her body from the back of her heart.

The white warmth illuminates her transparently.

The pain disappeared, and the strange shock fell along her fingertips towards the Green Forest Star Soul.

She saw Simon bend his eyes.

He smiled and said: "I knew that we are not moss, but the most beautiful little star. You got the approval of a big star, congratulations."


"I'm afraid I won't die anymore." Yun Youyou and Simon looked up and smiled knowingly, "His Royal Highness is standing there."

Green Forest Star Soul yelled: "No, no, no — I don’t want to become a Virgin — don’t take away my hatred, woooo — no pain, so comfortable —”

The purple astrological robe was dyed pure white little by little.

The translucent magnetic field lines continue to extend along its path, assimilating the contaminated areas.

Simon and the astrological robe gradually faded.

"Brother!" Yun Youyou reached out and grabbed his imaginary cuffs, staring at him unblinkingly, and slowly shedding tears, "Will we meet again?"

He curled his eyes with a smile, raised his hand and rubbed her head.

"The omniscient and omnipotent brother will always be watching you in the sky."

She nodded heavily, pursed her lips for a moment, and said embarrassedly: "When I'm with Your Highness, don't look at it."

Simon: "...Hurry up!"

Looking at each other, both of them burst into tears.

His figure gradually dissipated, and Yun Youyou also felt a gentle force pushing herself away from the magnetic field.

Suddenly, she saw the crimson threads entangled in her halo moving.

Before they completely melted into the white light, she sensed the last thoughts left to her by the Green Forest Star Soul——

"Hmph, give you a special product of Green Forest as a farewell gift!"

The red line that was about to dissipate glowed blue-violet, turned into a certain frequency, and injected deep into her bio-magnetic field.

Yunyouyou staggered and stood firm.

Her palm rested on the metal stand in front of the super quantum cloud server, and her body became stiff and cold.

Lvlin Xinghun left her all the information about the steamed blue cherry cake.

Go straight to the soul.

This time, the onset was very thorough, and she had no room to struggle, and she lost her sanity directly.

She grabbed a maintenance knife from the side, hid it in her sleeve, and rushed out of the building halfway around.

In front of the building was a half-moon-shaped podium, and she saw the most dazzling person standing in the middle of the podium at a glance.

The wind and snow in the distance seemed to have stopped, and there were cheers from far and near. She was like a marionette, step by step, stiff and fast towards him.

He saw her, greeted her, opened his arms and hugged her into his arms.

Yun Youyou pierced the repair knife in his hand into his abdomen very smoothly.


The warm blood quickly flowed to her hands.

The ice melted, and she suddenly saw his appearance and felt his breath.

When she looked down at her hand in a daze, his big hand slammed her hand, clasped her five fingers strongly, and brought her to her arms. The wide sleeves of the dress covered her blood. The hand and the knife pierced on him.

"Your Highness... Next..." Her heart jumped suddenly, took a deep breath, and returned to her senses.

He lowered his head and looked at her eyes with extreme earnestness.

"The look in your eyes just now was not hate, it was pure goodness." His voice was extremely heavy, slightly dumb because of the injury, but with a clear smile, "What could have been avoided, was dazzled by the light in your eyes. Eye."

Her body and mind were trembling slightly, and his eyes told her that he was not comforting her, but telling the truth.

"His Royal Highness..."

She stared at him in a daze. Suddenly, there was a clear, crisp sound from the bottom of her heart, and a dark shackle that had bound her for a long time suddenly shattered.

She was finally convinced of the fact that her illness was not caused by hatred, but by kindness to help Serena free from pain.

The dark and cold scum that had accumulated on his chest was completely dispersed.

At this moment, she knew that her illness was cured-Wen Ze cured her. Since then, she will never get sick again.

He was her real miracle, but she hurt him.

"Don't let people find out, don't bother to tell." Wen Ze knew what she was thinking without looking. He held her in his arms and hid his injuries in front of the empire's ministers and the national audience. Any difference.

The big hand relentlessly suppressed her resistance, pressing her face in his arms.

He finished his concluding remarks unhurriedly, and by the way mentioned that he and his shy fiancee would be married another day, and then he hugged her and left the podium.

"His Royal Highness, I will take care of you for the rest of my life..."

As he lay in the treatment cabin, she choked and swore to him awkwardly.

Wen Ze: "...the skin is wounded, and it won't be disabled."

Although the doctor also said that there was no life-threatening danger, Yun Youyou still couldn't rest assured. She hugged her knees and sat on the wall outside the medical cabin, staring at the cabin door unblinkingly.

Time has never gone so slowly.

She wished to pierce herself, lay in by herself, and swap him out.

She waited for a long, long time, probably two or three days passed by.

Suddenly, the red indicator light above the cabin door turned green.

She ran to and opened the hatch quickly, just to hear the electronic tone prompt: "The operation was successful, the whole process was 17 minutes and 35 seconds."

Yun Youyou: "..."

She had never experienced such a long ten minutes in her life.

The magnetic levitation board slowly sent the wounded out, Yun Youyou looked over nervously, and saw the sickly beautiful man's lips and dark eyes lazily smiling.

He beckoned her to approach, and a thin but dead arm hooked her shoulders, and sat up with her strength.

She felt that he had something important to say to her, and quickly held her breath and listened carefully.

He panted slightly, tilted his head, and ran over her ears with a dumb voice—

"The dress damaged by you is worth millions of stars. Take a loan, my bride."

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