Your Royal Highness, You Are a Stand-in! - Chapter 113 end

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Capital Star has a healthy and strong magnetic field.

It is alive.

At the moment when the geomagnetism is shining, all the gossamer-like clues are connected by strong intuition.

Yun Youyou understands.

Living creatures have their own small magnetic fields, and each small magnetic field is sheltered under the large magnetic field of the planet. When creatures die, due to the law of conservation of energy, their small magnetic fields will not disappear out of thin air, but merge into the geomagnetism and become part of the large magnetic field.

Those who "resurrected from the dead" had their own magnetic fields briefly returned to the planet's magnetic field, becoming part of the infinitely vast energy body with infinite experience, just like a computer connecting to a network. These people have gained a magical experience and even "downloaded" some knowledge and abilities that were not originally their own.

This kind of "contact" may also occur in sleep, meditation, or a state of chance and coincidence. People regard it as a "revelation" or "oracle", experience the existence of omniscience and omnipotence, and regard it as a deity.

There is the ultimate destination of all life.

The empire is like a locust, invading one after another gentle and tolerant planet, killing the natives, destroying the environment, and hollowing out the mineral veins inside the planet.

The planet dies, the geomagnetism disappears, and the "souls" of living things are no longer homeless. Their small magnetic fields, like the atmosphere, are blown away in the vast universe by the solar wind.

Mankind destroys heaven and creates purgatory with its own power.

Now, the spirit of revenge of the Green Forest Mining Star has come, it is no longer gentle, no longer tolerant, no longer harmless.

Yun Youyou realized the scariest place in the whole incident—from the beginning, the goal of the Green Forest Star Soul was not the star network, but to invade the large magnetic field of the capital star, which was in its natural state and pure white as paper.

It will resurrect through the body of Capital Star to avenge the humans who have harmed it.

When it controls the geomagnetism, it can influence the small magnetic field of living beings through a large magnetic field, and control the human subconscious mind.

There was an inexplicable picture in her mind—human beings, like those insects controlled by fungi, gathered on a high place in the sun and died there, with big red flowers blooming on top of their heads.

The guardian god, is about to become the evil **** of vengeance.

Yun Youyou's eyes trembled slightly, and her body and mind trembled. She looked at the huge star in front, and saw the side facing away from the star, a dim red faintly glowing in the deep darkness.

Such a sky would make the moon red as blood.

There was snow under the blood moon, dotted with blood.

"His Royal Highness," she whispered softly, "in the legend, the **** descended the blood moon to initiate the punishment of the gods."

What power does man have to fight against God?

Wen Ze laughed softly: "Still thinking of the church's free weekend meal?"

Yun Youyou: "..."

The atmosphere of horror was instantly diluted.

She pressed her lips, and after a while, she said to him seriously: "My accumulated merits are enough to repay public loans. Your Highness, I will not marry you with debts!"

Wen Ze almost missed the straight ball.

For a while, he smiled and raised her small chin, softly covered with a feather-like kiss: "Yeah."

The breath is intertwined, and Yun Youyou's mood becomes quiet little by little.

She thought, go to **** if you go to hell, and if your Royal Highness is there, she won't be afraid.

King Saran sent a video communication.

Wen Ze released his fiancee in his arms and fastened the collar button. After clicking "Accept", a gentle and friendly smile appeared on the expressionless handsome face.

Yun Youyou looked at the man wearing the mask with surprise and admiration in her heart.

She was standing on his right hand, where the video could not be seen.

From her point of view, there were countless layers of blue light on the smiling face of King Salon XVII, which looked a little gloomy.

The conversation between the father and the son was completely unflavored. The emperor prepared a post-war speech that was broadcast live to the public, and smiled and asked the eldest son not to be late. Wen Ze agreed very readily and promised to meet him on time.

The emperor and the minister are in harmony, the father is kind and the son is filial.

Yun Youyou feels that even if you slow down this video by 100 times, and then observe the micro-expression of the father and son with a microscope, you will never find that this is the eve of the palace.

After 1 minute and 14 seconds, the father and son said goodbye politely and hung up the video communication.

"His Royal Highness..." Yun Youyou looked at Wen Ze with suspicion of life, "You are an actor who was delayed by the throne."

Wen Ze sighed softly: "Fiancee, what are your misunderstandings about me? Everything I say to my father is true."

Yun Youyou's eyes widened: "Do you really want to listen to him, leave the army in low-Earth orbit, and go to the capital star alone to see you?"

Wen Ze smiled and nodded.

Seeing his fiancée showed a worried expression, he raised his hand to embrace her and explained briefly: "For your family, it is better to be kind to the palace."

Yun Youyou: "..."

"The meeting place is set in front of the super quantum cloud server building, which means no use of force-if it is broken, the existing network system will be completely broken, and the fight for power will not be power, but a mess." He said.

Yun Youyou said softly, "I will drive the stars to protect you."

After thinking about it, she seriously added, "No matter who the enemy is, if you want to hurt you, you must step on my body first."

Wen Ze: "..."

This small antique, like an unearthed cultural relic, is too cute.

Before leaving, Wen Ze handed the memory card that Simon had left to Yun Youyou.

She was a little surprised, and kept using her eyes to beckon him to "repent".

He smiled soothingly, squeezed her fingers, and put her little hand in his palm.

The warm big hand carries a deep sense of strength.

He stared into her eyes and said gently and calmly: "Even if Simon hates the world, he won't want to hurt such a you."

The tip of her heart palpitated lightly, and her pupils contracted unconsciously: "Your Highness..."

She hadn't communicated the terrible thing with him, but she thought he should have guessed it.

If something happens to him, or when everything is irretrievable, he hopes that she will surrender to the evil **** and live on Simon's protection.

Her vision became a little blurred.

She pressed her lips tightly to prevent tears from falling out of her eyes, pretending that she was not crying.

Through a distorted wave of light, she found that Her Royal Highness was wearing this thick and luxurious black audience dress, which looked like a **** walking slowly from the throne.

Handsome and majestic, full of momentum and strength.

Her voice was choked badly, and it sounded a little lack of breath: "His Royal Highness, you will definitely win, and your ideals will and must be realized!"

He nodded lightly and walked past her.

Yun Youyou and four other sophisticated mechas guarded Wenze's transport ship and landed on Capital Star.

After entering the atmosphere, she noticed that the situation was much worse than expected.

The snow is so heavy that it is about to enter the deep winter. On the road leading to several public relief centers, you can always see snow **** in the shape of human bodies, some falling on the road, some squatting against the wall. Motionless, the vitality has long been buried by the snow.

"The nutrient solution at home is insufficient, so I can only go out to seek help, but freezes to death on the road." Lieutenant General Bai Xia's voice came from the communication device.

Yun Yoyo's heart was tightly held like a palm made of frost.

"If you continue to cool down, there will be no safe place in the civilian area." The old man sighed softly, "The Green Forest War will become the scapegoat for this disaster. Your Majesty, I can't wait to put your Highness on trial."

Yun Youyou looked towards Wen Ze's transport spacecraft.

She knew that His Highness must be very sad at this moment.

The spacecraft passed through layer after layer of falling snow and landed to the designated location.

The campus of the Capital University of Computer Science maintains local energy supply. Snowflakes will evaporate in the air near the heating area. Looking at it from a distance, it looks like a large transparent bowl falling down on the ground. In the past, all public areas of the empire would operate like this The heating system will not cause people to freeze to death.

Nowadays, energy is insufficient, and most of the civilian areas have been abandoned.

There is an empty half-moon-shaped podium in front of the computer building. The stage is arranged very grandly, and a huge light screen projection is erected next to it to broadcast live to the entire empire.

The thick purple velvet carpet is tens of meters away, and there are two large single sofa chairs around the stage. Those who can attend the venue are all big names who can be named.

Mecha can only stop outside the cordon.

Through his real vision, Yun Youyou watched Wen Ze step onto the Purple Rong Terrace and stand in front of his father.

She tightened her lips and listened quietly for a while.

The seventeenth King Salon was very insidious. He did not rebuke Wen Ze, but kept praising the victory. As the middle-aged emperor repeatedly mentioned the advanced technology, powerful energy, and priority network resources used in the war, the public support rate of the crown prince displayed on the edge of the light screen would show a cliff-like decline.

Although this was expected, Yun Youyou and the few mechas beside him couldn't help squeezing their fists.

‘Don’t drop it again! ’She stared at the falling strip, ‘it’s never your highness who doesn’t care about everyone’s life and death, idiot! ’

The approval rate has dropped so much that no matter what Wen Ze does, he will not be justified.

When the conversation of King Salon changed his words, the earnest sigh reached everyone's ears: "Prince, victory is gratifying, but when you have more experience, you will know that what our people need now is not impulse. And blood, but an ordinary and stable life... Since the war is over, then we will shut down those warships and devote ourselves to people's livelihood!"

Although it is impossible to display the support rate of His Majesty on the light screen, it can be seen from the support rate of the prince who suddenly dropped below the red line that at this moment, the image of King Salon XVII among the people has become the savior who has turned the tide.

The crown prince was very aggressive, and his majesty brought the chaos out anyway.

Regarding the Green Forest War, King Salun XVII never said anything bad from beginning to end, but with a slight skill, he pushed Wenze into a dangerous situation.

If Wen Ze abandons the army in his hand, he will become a fish on the chopping board, and the loss of people's hearts will be irretrievable.

If he continues to support his soldiers, he will sit back on his reputation for disregarding people's livelihood and ambition, and the whole world will become his enemy.

Yun Youyou has always been the least acquainted with words and expressions, but when the seventeenth king of Saran looked at the wind and snow on the horizon, she successfully understood the emotion in the eyes of this old fox-he was grateful for the disaster, which helped him to defeat him. With the elder son, he can continue to sit firmly in that chair.

"How is the prince's intention?" The emperor's eyes fell to his most jealous son.

Wen Ze finally moved.

Yun Youyou found that his posture was still as peaceful as before, as if he didn't take everything in front of him to heart.

Before speaking, Wen Ze took a casual glance at his approval rating.

"History is a new low." He smiled faintly.

For many years, King Salun didn't quite understand the idea of ​​the eldest son, but at this moment, the old emperor felt that Wen Ze had completely become a stranger, an extremely dangerous and powerful stranger.

"Father, I have no intention of controlling the army." Wen Ze is still personable and well-behaved. "But before that, I think it is necessary to talk about the human rights of the colonized planet."

Saran Seventeen narrowed his eyes unconsciously, and the wrinkles on his face were full of obvious doubts.

The big figures in the audience couldn't help but exchange their sights.

Wen Ze moved his fingers.

The light screen is switched, and scenes of shocking recorded images are presented on this warm spring platform.

"Technology has made the executioner farther and farther away from the slaughtered. Thousands of miles away, pressing a button can easily kill tens of thousands of people-this will not bring much guilt. Even afterwards. No one would feel guilty for not finding any'weapons of mass destruction' or'deadly germs' in the colonies. After all, after occupying the colony stars, almost everyone in the empire can benefit from them."

Hearing Wen Ze actually say such a thing, the seventeenth King Salun couldn't help being a little surprised.

He scanned the audience, looked at Wen Ze's supporters, and found that everyone was astonished as he did.

The emperor was a little stunned-this kind of occasion, say this? Is this the prince breaking the jar? Does he want the approval rating to drop to zero? Have you always made a mistake? The eldest son is not a careerist, but a true idealistic martyr?


The one who understands Wenze best is Yun Youyou.

She was touched by those recorded images.

Hearing His Royal Highness's voice for the deceased, hot blood was boiling in her chest, her hands hanging beside her clenched into fists, she was infinitely proud of this shining man.

‘His Royal Highness, even if the whole world opposes, but I know you are correct! I will accompany you forever! ’

She knew that His Royal Highness and Linde's thoughts were the same.

The Linde family discovered the secret of the planet's magnetic field and came into contact with the "dead souls" of the Green Forest Mine Star.

Once this secret is revealed, it will definitely cause a tsunami-like impact on the empire-the current political and economic system based on the plundering of the Star Source mineral veins will be completely resisted and attacked by destruction.

Obviously, the Linde family had serious disagreements with other families on this issue.

In the end, they teamed up to destroy the Linde family, destroy the reputation of the Linde family, and cut off the chance of the Linde family to speak out.

Now His Highness is on the old road of Linde's house.

Yun Youyou's body trembled slightly, she hung the manipulator on the side of her leg and made a movement of pulling the hem of her pants.

Brother and His Highness, obviously should be two people fighting side by side...

Tears filled her eye sockets, her heart throbbed, and sour and strange emotions throbbed in her chest.

elder brother……

and many more!

The mechanical finger suddenly stopped.

Her elder brother's two hypnotized appearances constantly resurfaced in her mind.

She looked at the starry sky pocket watch, and her brother also looked at the starry sky pocket watch...

——My brother pointed to the highness in the photo and said indifferently "the one with black hair on the right."

——My brother stood on the window sill on the second floor and said coldly, "You will always like me. As long as you see me, you will trust me unconditionally, and ignore all illogical things."

A bright lightning flashed across Yun Youyou's mind.

It is not only her who is hypnotized!

My brother hypnotized himself at the same time!

Why? !

He is going to lie...who is it? !

Yun Youyou's heart throbbed, and her scalp was numb.

She seems to understand.

The green forest star soul she saw from the huge underground flower was the face of His Highness’s seventeen or eighteen... anything……

What Catherine has been studying is to incorporate a certain will into the human brain...

She knows where to find her brother.

The little white mecha carefully looked at the dazzling Prince Prince on the stands, then stepped back quietly and melted into the white snow that was not affected by the heating system.

Her mecha has very high authority, and she has already passed the identity verification when she enters the alert circle. Acting in the vicinity will not trigger the alarm.

She made a big circle quickly, approached the computer building from the back of the building, cut an opening in its elevator shaft, and squeezed in sideways.

She has seen photos of this super quantum cloud server. It is so big that the main body of the entire building is almost occupied by it. The neat and dense alloy frame protects countless components, layered to the top of the tall building, surrounded by a light blue electron cloud with no entity.

Yun Youyou quickly scanned the space inside the building.

There is a podium outside the building, so there are no staff left here.

She cautiously walked around the viewing window of this super quantum cloud server, which looked like a water curtain, with irregular data streams flowing quietly.

Yun Youyou took a breath, got off the plane, took out the storage card from the pocket of her shirt, and squeezed it tightly in her palm.

She believes that her brother is not a bad person.

His Royal Highness also believes that my brother still has good intentions.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath: "Brother, I have come to see you."

Opening her eyes, her fingers quivered slightly, but the action was very firm-she put the storage card into the server and clicked to start!

On the light screen, the video and information about the various tragedies of the colonized planet was finished.

King Saran looked at his eldest son with a compassionate look: "Child, I support your idea. You can start investigating the human rights issues of the colonized planet, speak up for them, and promote legislation to fight for more rights protection for them. This It's a good thing."

The crown prince with great power changes to the post of human rights ambassador? His Majesty felt that he could raise his hands to support.

Wen Ze looked at his still sluggish approval rate, his eyes were not wavering at all.

He moved his finger to switch the screen.

"Once you accept the setting of'sacrificing some people for profit is correct', the next thing will seem logical." Wen Ze's tone was a little lighter than his usual speech. His voice was very contagious, and it instantly changed people's feelings. Attention was taken away from the tragedy of the colonized planet, followed him, and jumped into another pit, "These are the refugees abandoned by the empire on the barren star. Entering the abandoned mines and picking up waste is their only chance to make a living. The survey records over the years , The number of miners who can die of life is..."

He paused for a moment, "Zero."

The support rate is no longer decreasing for the time being, maybe it has bottomed out, or maybe it is inhumane to cancel support at such a moment.

But Wen Ze didn't care at all.

He smiled gently: "These are citizens of the empire. They have not received a good education and cannot create too much value for the empire. If they choose to rescue them and bring them to the Prosperity Star, they will occupy the existing ones. The living space of the Prosperity Star reduces the overall living standards of Prosperity Star and endangers the interests of most people. Therefore, the empire chooses to ignore them and sacrifice them. The people have no objection. Compared with the natives, these low-level poor are slightly closer to us, but they are also That's it."

No one will empathize with the suffering of others.

Wen Ze knows this very well.

He looked at his father gently and coldly. His father has been sitting in the same position for a long time, his will has been softened, and it is no longer the same.

At this point, Salun Seventeen only showed a suspicious look, and didn't stop it in time.

Wen Ze smiled, without giving his opponent time to react, and a new picture appeared on the light screen with a flick of his finger.

"Then, look at this."

Yun Youyou couldn't describe what she saw.

When she put the storage card into the super quantum cloud server and clicked start, everything around her disappeared, leaving only a translucent white light.

This piece of white is not really white.

It is thousands of colors, thousands of threads, like sunlight covering the earth, coming from infinity, falling to infinity, and in every direction, it is infinite.

It has a magnificence that is indescribable in words.

She looked down at herself and found that her body was also surrounded by a dim dim light, and her body was like a small moon that would glow.

‘Is this my magnetic field? ’

She was overwhelmed by this dense beauty.

Soon, she discovered that there were a few traces of red blood in her own aperture. When she noticed their existence, she immediately felt the various discomforts she experienced in the ground that day-erosion and corruption, which reminded her of the darkness. Dim graves, moldy and rotten swamps, rotting corpses in the wilderness...

"Yoyou, you are finally here."

In a piece of pure white light, a purple astrological robe slowly oozes out.

"Brother." Her fingers gently grabbed the hem of her pants.

She saw an ominous red surging around him, and he seemed unable to melt into the white light like hers—most of this white light repelled him.

A weird smile hung from the corner of his lips, his fingers lifted from under the robe, and pointed at the traces of scarlet blood around her: "Come, release them, and release them into the light around you."

She stared at the face that was exactly the same as His Royal Highness but made her feel extremely strange.

She did not follow her instructions, but calmly asked him: "These red lines are the magnetic field that I infected under the green woodland, right? I am like a Trojan horse, with a virus hidden in my body, bypassing the defenses, and came to the capital. Inside the star’s magnetic field. If I release it, you can directly assimilate it from the inside and take it as your own?"

"Yoyou is so smart." He laughed, "As expected of my girl."

She pressed her lips, was silent for a while, and slowly said, "If I didn't bring the virus, what are you going to do?"

"Oh, that's a trivial matter. It's just a waste of some time." He raised his hand and scratched his temple in the posture his brother was used to. "Did you see the snow outside? I strengthened it and I will die soon." Many, many people, those magnetic fields with pain and resentment will be attracted to me and become my good helper to help me completely capture this place."

"..." Her body quivered uncontrollably, "Are you Star Soul or Brother?"

He walked a few steps back and forth, raised his arms, and motioned for her to look around.

"Did you see it? What is a star? It has infinite power, but can't move at a time. It will only be a stupid idiot who can be slaughtered! Only by merging with humans can you gain initiative, attack, and do whatever you want. Thing! What am I? I am Simon Lind who has the power of God and returned with vengeance and anger!"

He looked a little excited, and quickly approached her, with his hands on his side, the handsome face belonging to Wen Ze dangling in front of her.

"Come on, be good, and help your brother realize his dream! You will become the queen of gods, gain eternal life with me, and experience the omniscience and omnipotence that mankind desires most!"

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