Your Royal Highness, You Are a Stand-in! - Chapter 112 secret!

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This conclusion made Yun Youyou's eyes widened, and a blank moment appeared in his mind.

To put it in a more easy-to-understand way, Catherine led a cult organization that carried out cruel sacrifices of living people secretly for a long time to provide a breeding ground and soil for the "Cthulhu" to come.

Obviously, she and her team have succeeded.

A terrible will has come to the world, it is entrenched under the star network, and its power is growing. Maybe at a certain moment, it can completely control human beings, wipe out everyone, or become its puppet.

Yun Youyou shuddered.

She knew that her brother must be involved in this matter. He and his mother worked together. He took the "Star Soul" to the Green Forest to study how to put it on the star network; Catherine was responsible for studying the use of biomagnetic fields to affect human subconsciousness.

The division of labor is clear and the progress is synchronized.

Once the plan is successful, all areas covered by the star network will become "its" home ground.


Yun Youyou always felt that a very important link was missing.

Many clues are like little whitebait hidden under the sparkling sea. She seems to be able to see their shadows, but cannot clearly catch them and connect them.

Selfishly, she is still unwilling to stamp her brother with the "badass" seal. She knew that person, who was a very gentle person.

Yun Youyou pressed her lips, and continued to flip this heavy data backwards.

Later, Meng Lanzhou sent a report from Capital Star.

His Majesty ordered Meng Lanzhou to lift the blockade of the super quantum cloud server of the University of Computer Science and return it to Han Zhanni.

After Han Jani fiddled with that server, the shadow area of ​​Xingwang skyrocketed to 50%, and the network was further paralyzed. The public opinion of Capital Xing became even more unfavorable to Wenze. It is obvious that the traces of Ziying Palace's guidance can be seen-Salon Ten The VII didn't care about the status of the Star Network at all. All he wanted was to take the opportunity to attack Wen Ze's prestige and reduce the prince's approval rate.

Even the slippery Meng Lanzhou couldn't help adding a disrespectful sentence to the report-Your Majesty was always confused.

Meng Lanzhou incidentally mentioned the dog-blood incident in the Han family. On the second day of the divorce between Han Zhanni and his wife, his wife married Duke Han’s youngest son, Han Jieke, with all his property. Han Zhanni was hit hard, see. I am ten years old.

Yun Youyou shook his head, skimmed over a lot of gleeful nagging in Meng Lanzhou, and continued to look at the information behind.

Turning over, her gaze gradually became dull: "...Your Majesty, what are these all?"

She very much doubted whether His Royal Highness just copied and pasted some messy documents to make up the number. In addition to the "reincarnation" records that her elder brother once showed her, there are also the doctrines of major churches and various weird "miracles". The believers praise the omniscient and omnipotent God of Nature, and many descriptions are embarrassingly embarrassing. .

The two people looked up.

"Aren't you interested in the church?" Wen Ze said.

Yun Youyou: "...I'm just interested in ‘free’."

When His Highness picked her up in the treatment cabin last time, a doctor with church beliefs was trying to develop her into a believer in the church.

Wen Ze: "..."

He felt that he had to find a chance to entangle his fiancée's outlook on money, so that she realized that she had escaped from the poor and entered the ranks of the decadent feudal capitalists.

Yun Youyou continued to flip through the information, and a thought gradually came to his mind——

All-knowing and all-powerful!

Many magical experiences have one thing in common. There are always people who claim to be able to return to a state that is infinitely vast, infinitely bright, infinitely knowledgeable, and cannot be described in words. Some people call it heaven, some people call it Tao, the beginning, and some people say that it is death. After the soul returns to the stars.

Weien Biochemical Group's research is precisely based on this as an entry point.

His Royal Highness discovered the similarities, so he collected all these materials in front of her and asked her, the "little slave" to use his brains for him.

Before she knew it, she went through all the information.

After a moment of silence, she gently shook Wenze's finger: "His Royal Highness, can the memory card left by my brother be returned to me?"

This matter has been delayed for a long time, and it has to be a little gesture to show "that thing", otherwise it should doubt its hypnotic effect.

"Fiancee." Wen Ze narrowed his dark eyes slightly, "What gives you the illusion that makes you think I don't care about the rival?"

Yun Youyou: "..."

She felt that His Royal Highness's acting skills were too exaggerated.

"I just want to study..." She blinked.

Wen Zeqing: "Go back to the capital star. I want to command the entire army. I won't have time to meet with you in the next few days."

Yun Youyou: "..."

He got up and grabbed the shirt and put it on his body, covering his sturdy and perfect body, his beautiful lower jaw slightly raised, and he left the supply ship "hijacked" proudly.

For the first time, Yun Youyou saw the two garrisons from remote star regions.

They look completely different from the regular army of several major legions. The battleship is very old. Almost every mecha has patches of welded alloy, which looks like it is soaked in wind and frost.

Anyone who sees them will subconsciously breathe stagnant, and a feeling of reverence will flow in their hearts. It was they who stayed on the front line of the barren and cold remote star all year round, clearing wave after wave of potential threats for the empire.

Yun Youyou looked at the iron army covered with frost and snow from a distance, and pressed her lips very seriously, and saluted them for a long time.

There will be no circuitous defenses in the next battle.

The three armies were like an infinite trident, piercing deeply into the deepest part of the insect swarm, and began strangling at all costs.

The special forces no longer targeted high-level adults to kill high-level adults, but moved forward with the army, and smoothed out all obstacles in front of them!

Murderous spirit hit the world, swaying iron and blood everywhere.

Yun Youyou's blood is surging all over her body. She feels that it is absolutely impossible for human beings with iron will to perish. The spark will illuminate the starry sky and pass on the precious spirit from generation to generation.

Wen Ze's main battleship charged at the forefront.

The soldiers have become accustomed to His Royal Highness's leading soldiers, and the army consciously follows behind and becomes his right arm.

Yun Youyou drove the "star" flying by the main battleship, as its guardian star.

As long as she is there, there will never be any bug breaking the shell of the battleship and disturbing His Highness's charge.

Fighting hard for three days and three nights, she seemed to have integrated into this army and became a part of it.

She flew up and down next to the main battleship, and the laser sword brought up afterimages. When crossing the border, a patch of insect limbs was torn apart and exploded behind her like a celestial flower.

The boiling hot blood pressure has made us tired. At this moment, the whole army has the same breathing and heart rate.

"Punch! Punch!"

Suddenly for an instant, after cutting away the three flying insects that had stuck in front of him, the body and mind were completely empty.

The front is actually clean, revealing the long-lost starry sky!

Kill it!

She bowed slightly, the mechanical foot grasped the shell of the battleship, and the left manipulator was propped on the battleship, holding the laser sword and looking around——

Really rushed out!

The iron-blooded blade cuts into the hinterland of the swarm and successfully wrung it through!

She was panting heavily, and an infinite sense of pride rose in her heart.

The heart is "pounding" wildly, and the agitation at this moment is completely beyond words.

Remnants are no longer a concern.

Wen Ze left a clean-up force to sweep the battlefield, and then commanded the blood-stained army to turn its blade and point directly at the capital star.

Yun Youyou returned to the main battleship, threw heavily into Wen Ze's arms, and fell asleep without delay.

He didn't laugh at her, bowed his head, kissed her hair solemnly, and then carried her into the dormant cabin.

Yun Youyou slept for three full days.

Wen Ze chose the forced sleep mode, allowing her to make up for the lack of sleep during these days.

When she climbed out of the dormant cabin, she felt full and empty.

Wandering to the study, he saw Wen Ze standing next to the large porthole, his back a little lonely.

She walked up quietly, stood beside him, holding his ring finger and little finger.

Following his gaze, she saw Capital Star.

From here, it is already as big as the moon. On the side where the star shines, the stellar body emits a soft light blue light, and the other side is hidden in the night, unlike the previous large expanses of energy light.

It is already snowing, and some parts of the ground are covered with a shallow layer of hoarfrost, just like the expensive icing candied fruit in the star network picture.

She tilted her head to look at Wen Ze.

He held her fingers backhand, but didn't look down at her.

"I used to naively thought that things like father and son turning eyes and brotherhood would not happen to me." His tone was as gentle and calm as usual, "It's true to this day, and it feels...but so."

The corners of his lips curled up slightly, and his profile was handsome and cold.

"I will always be with you."

She didn't know what to say to comfort him, so she showed her determination and loyalty awkwardly.


Looking back at the rear, the killing army followed closely. On such a spatial scale, the entire army seems to be still in the eternal deep space, solidifying the iron spirit will.

Yun Youyou took a deep breath, then cast his gaze to the Capital Star ahead.

She doesn't know what will happen tomorrow.

Another well-equipped and energetic army ambushes in low-Earth orbit, ready to intercept this iron army that has just returned from the Zerg battlefield?

In the field of vision, the huge star is getting closer and closer.

The polar region was shining slightly, she knew that it was the planet's magnetic field that was intercepting high-energy rays and protecting the creatures on the planet.

Suddenly, his thoughts were slightly stagnant.

She unconsciously squeezed Wenze's fingers, and she was so strong that she shocked him.

He lowered his head to look at her and saw her eyes widened, her pupils on the porthole tightened little by little.

Her cheeks were very numb, and dense electric currents were running through the back of her head, cheeks, and back.

The heart hung up to the throat, hanging there and beating wildly.

"Star...Star..." Her voice trembled fiercely.

She gasped, tears bursting out of her eyes, her chest churning, she couldn't tell whether it was excitement or fear.

At this moment, she suddenly understood!

"The stars are alive..."

It has healthy geomagnetism, and it breeds and protects lives.

This is the real secret.

Capital Star is still alive, the earth under people's feet, it is alive.

Such a simple fact, I had never thought of it before—even though I knew that the Green Forest Mining Star was dead, I never thought that another planet closely related to me was still alive!

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