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Pokemon Elf MasterChapter 2870 conspiracy, insight

Pokemon Fans. The vast and infinite world of elves, there are heaven and earth elves, each of them has unlimited potential, three stages of evolution are not the end, the evolutionary path is endless! Each evolution is a metamorphosis. The attributes can be changed, and the characteristics can be changed. How to shape the elves is perfect! The troubled world is approaching. Once again, vowed to cultivate miracle spirits that transcend everything and reverse the world! - Description from uukanshu

A Hogwarts Esoteric LeaderChapter 257 Lost City (3)

In 1991, the 11-year-old Univer Garrel made a preliminary plan for his future life: The first step is to go to an unscrupulous company and do the grassroots. The second step is to get rid of unscrupulous competitors and unscrupulous direct supervisors, and get promoted. The third step is to get rid of the unscrupulous boss and occupy the magpie’s nest. In this way, we can not only sweep away the rubbish of society, but also achieve our own wishes. However– “Hermione Granger? Hogwarts? Little wizard ready?” Is this the Harry Potter world? —— The flow of meetings, the book is also known as “Hogwarts Patronus”, “England is the day of nuclear peace”, “Why does the Ministry of Magic always work overtime? “, “Queen Hermione’s Way”, “About My Believer Is Azkaban’s Successor”, “Dumbledore Is My Loyal Fan”, “In-depth Study of Illuminating and Iron Charms and application”…… - Description from MTLNovel

The Lord of the Rings: Lords of Middle-earthChapter 277 Bahrain 1

When Roland crossed Middle-earth with the Lord of the Rings system, Gandalf was organizing an expedition, the king under the mountain still did not return to his throne, the Hobbit’s adventure had not yet begun, and the world was still shrouded in shadows… - Description from MTLNovel

Martial Arts, Marry Wang Yuyan at the BeginningChapter 493 Stop the prisoners

In the world of comprehensive martial arts, he was reborn as Murong Fu. In order to change his life against the sky, he started to marry Wang Yuyan. - Description from MTLNovel

Dimension: Sign In To Leilu Core at the BeginningChapter 258 Chapter 257 Failure always runs through life

The truck driver brought Ling Xuan to the parallel world World Blue Star for the year-end award.Here, the physical body travels to replace Ling Xuan, a senior high school boy with the same name and surname, and obtains a check-in system.(The introduction is pale, please see the content for details.) - Description from MTLNovel

Game of Thrones: Holy Flame KingChapter 175 raid

[Quan You Fan: You can read without barriers even if you haven't read the original book or TV series]after many years,When the legendary lord, the dragon knight, the son of the holy flame, the nightmare of the schemer, the smasher of the order of the game, the undefeated myth on the battlefield, the ruler of the seven kingdoms and the guardian of the whole territoryWhen Samwell Caesar sat on the Iron Throne,He must have thought of that distant afternoon when he got the pioneering order from the Rose of Highgarden.At that time, no one could have imagined that this young man abandoned by his father would set off an iron-blooded storm that would sweep across the entire continent of Westeros. - Description from MTLNovel

Hogwarts, a Scholar Becomes a Godv7 Chapter 71 Game Speculation, Christmas Ball

A godhead shard from Faerûn, With a traveler from another world, Changed the power and pattern of the Harry Potter world. Towering castles have been transformed into mage towers, and active armor has been upgraded to steel golems. The wizards got rid of the shackles of blood and used the more convenient magic net. The swordsman swung Gryffindor’s sword and beheaded the god of death. Voldemort, times have changed! - Description from MTLNovel

Serious People, Who is Learning Magic at Marvel?v16 Chapter 233 revenge (18, three k)

After Kama Taj learned magic for ten years… He Shenyan realized. It turns out that I can’t go home, it’s not me, it’s the things you teach here! goodbye! - Description from MTLNovel

Ke Yan People In the World of Ke XueChapter 10 It's not enough to just wash your hands when you touch the **** of death
ComedyFan-FictionUrban Life

When the research and development of various black technologies in the winery fell on Ye Genyi, he said that his position was a bit crooked.Gin: "icewine""Hey, this is the latest tracking software, it only takes 20 seconds to find the target"ps: This book is easy + crime solving + daily type - Description from MTLNovel

I Was Spotted By Grindelwald and Went To Hogwartsv2 Chapter 583 Aha, flashbangs!

Principal: Gellert Grindelwald (President of the Wizarding Reform Association, first-class magician of the Merlin Order) To Mr. Sean Wallup. Congratulations, you have been accepted to study at Nurmengard School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Enclosed is a list of required books and equipment. Semester is scheduled to start on September 1st, please return your responses by July 31st. Vice Principal (Female) Vita Rozier sincerely Looking at the second magic school admission letter he received, Sean fell into deep thought… There is a big problem in this magical world… - Description from MTLNovel

Douluo: Opening Sign To the Goddess XiaowuChapter 1229 1230 Direct Destruction

Chu Qin, a veteran otaku, loves watching Douluo Dalu animations, but by chance, he came here. And, awakened the goddess system. - Description from MTLNovel

Journey To the West: Help Styx Strengthen the Abi Sword at the StartChapter 1436

Ye Fan traveled through the prehistoric world, activated the infinite strengthening system, and started the infinite nightmare of the power of the heavens. Tathagata: “Go west? Will there be any strengthening coming to the west?” Master Tongtian: “This seat holds a +12 Immortal Sword Formation. I think Dao Ancestor today dare not trap me!” Jade Emperor: “Come on, I can continue to strengthen!” The heavenly celestial immortals: “Your Majesty, this is the High Heaven Palace, so I can’t use it! Three Realms Power: I promise, this is the last time! As long as you issue a +6, I will stop immediately!” Dao Zu Hongjun: “Betting on dogs… - Description from MTLNovel

Harry Potter: Hello the Dark Lordv3 Chapter 251 Case solved!
ComedyFan-FictionFantasySchool Life

Wonderful wizards mix and match Western magic and Eastern mysticism, and become the most unexpected wizard or Taoist priest in the world.Tom: Watch out Vijay, Tiger Tank!Vijay: Shrink quickly, just missing a keychain, heheTom: The mummy is resurrected, runVijay: What are you panicking about? Come and get a corpse talisman, stop first, just squatted in the pit and forgot to bring toilet paper - Description from MTLNovel

Get Black Technology From MarvelChapter 414 New era (final finale)

I used to arrest criminals in Marvel, punishing rape and eliminating evil. also helped Nobita to realize his dream in Doraemon. Or become a man in black, fighting wits and courage with aliens. Pacific Rim, Big Marine Corps, Terminal Brain, Trisolaran, Wandering Earth… Every world has my footprints. I’m just an ordinary technical house. The purpose of doing this is to bring the black technology inside back to the real world and make the lifeless real world more sci-fi. Global Daily: Mr. Lu, what do you think about the fact that netizens rated you as the “Greatest Inventor of the 21st Century”. Cheng Lu: I am not ashamed of it, I just made a trivial change to the world. Many netizens: So, the steel suit, Gundam, magnetic levitation vehicle, quantum portal, and interstellar spacecraft are just trivial things? When science fiction shines into reality, the stars and the sea will no longer be a dream! Ps: The end of science is magic, so magic is considered a black technology? (Dog head) - Description from MTLNovel

People In Naruto World: Drinking Makes You StrongerChapter 1023

Youyu, who traveled to the Naruto World, acquired a somewhat strange system. Just drink, you can become stronger! Lei Ying: “What? I have the strongest armor? Youyu cut me off while drinking!” Sarutobi Rischi: “Youyu is a freak. He has only seen him drink and never practiced, but he can just cut me off.” Uchiha Madara: “Dancing? You Uu, this bastard, got drunk and chopped me off while dangling.” Uchiha brought the soil: “Damn! Youyu, bastard, can even cut space when he is drunk!” Youyu: “My hobbies are drinking and…cutting people.” To - Description from MTLNovel

Pokémon World’s Male MotherChapter 9 special attack

Style introduction:The world view of this book is similar to the Pokmon chapter of "Dimension Forum", which is also my work.The characters and backgrounds of animations, special chapters, and games are referenced, and at the same time, they are mainly original.The overall setting will be more realistic than the animation, but it is not dark, and it is more inclined to sunlight.Goldfinger is set to pay tribute to "The Lord of Mysteries", but it doesn't actually matter, the style of painting and the background are irrelevant.There will be various anime characters appearing in the book, and there will be related plots, such as: Shinichi, a high school student who cleans Rotom, the Clow card with Pokmon skills sealedBut the main line is still dominated by Pokmon.Introduction:Orphan Eminem, who traveled through the world of Pokmon while staying up late reading novels, inexplicably has a professional role-playing system![Congratulations on becoming a level 9 extraordinary professional, please choose one of the following two professions!1. Pharmacist:You will have extraordinary qualifications in pharmacy.Playing conditions: Possess a first-level pharmacist qualification.2. Cultivator:You will have an extraordinary qualification in Implantology.Playing conditions: Possess the qualification of a first-class planter. [Congratulations on completing the role of level 9, you will have the ability of level 8, please choose one of the following two occupations!1.: TamerYou will have extraordinary trainer qualifications;physical fitness improvement;It can share senses with Pokmon and has the ability to tap the potential of Pokmon.2.: PhysicianYou will have extraordinary medical qualifications;]"Wait! Do you think I haven't watched "Master of Mysteries"? Will these two extraordinary professions be eh? Choose one of the two? That's fine""My goal is to become a male mother'!" - Description from MTLNovel

This Summoner is OutrageousChapter 597 Summoner's Weakness

Li Pu, who has the blood of a summoned beast, originally just wanted to lie down honestly, but found that his talent as a summoner seemed a bit unusual - Description from MTLNovel

The All-League of Legends Starts From the HeavensChapter 379 Surprise meet and greet

Lu Wu, who was terminally ill, was pulled into a white space in despair. As long as he completes the tasks released by the space, he can go home with billions of bonuses and a healthy body. And the first task he received, It is to play the role of the dramatist in “Spider-Man 3: Heroes of No Return”, build his own stage, and complete the performance… PS: This book is all about heaven, one world and one hero, I don’t like to stray into it~ - Description from MTLNovel

Mystery: The Lamp God’s Path To FreedomChapter 10 Task

The ashes-level reader of the original novel, Wang Zichuan, has become the first place in the whole book competition.The long road to freedom started from breaking up with the mysterious queen, defecting to Kemiao, and becoming an angel investor. - Description from MTLNovel

Dimensional Ship Girlv3 Chapter 1202 Ealing's explanation

When a dimensional traveler who has traveled in countless worlds becomes a small commander, what kind of collision will occur with this world? - Description from MTL

My Glorious Evolution SimulatorChapter 319 Corruption and bribery? ?

Scientific ideas are used by others, and research results are stolen by others. The teacher’s sentence, “The water here is too deep, you can’t hold it” is still in my ears. But when his own scientific research results caused a sensation in the federal scientific research community. Liang Chaocai discovered that the name of the tutor was actually signed below…  … [The Glorious Evolution Simulator has been credited…Bah…Loaded…]  … [The training is over. 】 [Choose to redeem the blueprint of the ‘Limb Modification’ plan. 】  … Change from now on! evolution! Upgrade! ! One day they will call me… the Creator! ………… [The Great Grudge Tool Man] → [The First Machine] → [Full Metal Frenzy] → [Steel Torrent] → [Creator]… Key words of this book: Mentor Tool Man, Great Resentment Seed, Beginning by Karma, Glorious Evolution, World Upgrade, Yidiandian Ancestral Technology Tree… - Description from MTLNovel

Hongmeng System Shuttles Through the WorldChapter 613 you shouldn't hurt her

The otaku high school student, the emperor one day, slapped a certain glory, but inexplicably traversed it, and also brought a Hongmeng system. In the ten thousand realms, he enjoys traversing, fighting and breaking, Douluo, Wudong, Gunshenji, Fox Monster, Super Theological Academy, Qin Shimingyue…Mysterious life experience, mystical system, mystical mission, crossing positions time and time again. Faces, constantly improving himself, Lieutenant General was unveiled one by one. Since my surname is Tian and Zi, I will rule over the heavens! - Description from MTLNovel

Doupo: Start With Saving Yun YunChapter 656 I'm going with you

Traveling to the world of Doupo, Chen Mo found himself in the Warcraft Mountains, where Xiao Yan and Yun Yunchu met. Chen Mo looked at the woman in the plain skirt facing the Amethyst Winged Lion King Volley, he made a decision in his heart… - Description from MTLNovel

Don’t Mess with the YordlesChapter 274 : Jax

[LOL League of Legends universe doujin] The book is also called “I finally became a big boss after ten thousand years in Runeland”. In Ionia, the “earth of birth”, Reid witnessed wars that only existed in ancient myths. In Freljord, the far north, Reid met the three sisters of the ice and the northern gods, and witnessed the secrets buried in the ice and snow. In the continents of Valoran and Shurima, Reid watched people from the “earth of birth” move westward. The arrival of the Protoss, the rise of the Titan, the birth of the Celestial Warrior, the war of Icacia, the destruction of the Shurima Empire, the war of the Darkborn, the wraith with iron armor, the curse of destruction, the rune war, Noxus With the establishment of Demacia, the rise of Picheng and Phigang. Reid witnessed all this, and the legend he left in Runeland was: “Don’t mess with the Yodels.” Skirt Number: 451984587 Old Cat’s Cat Tent (Book Friends Group) - Description from MTLNovel

Gundam SEED’s Final DestinationChapter 718 : go to war

I really can’t find a fanfic like this that I can read. It’s not all kinds of self-assurance or all kinds of pretending to accept the harem, and it’s just that the big guys have become brain-damaged. I saw that I was guilty of embarrassment. So there is this novel~ Of course, because of the old fan, and the limited writing, there will definitely not be many people watching, this… I recognize it! At the same time, in order to connect the protagonist’s entry, a little original plot has been added, but it does not affect the viewing of the original party, so you can rest assured. Of course, there is no problem with the passerby party. In order to ensure that the passerby party can watch it normally, I roughly set it to explain it, so even if you haven’t watched the anime, you don’t have to worry about not understanding it. But this makes the early stage not very good. . . . I’m… I’m in tears! Who makes my heart big! PS: In general, this is a work on a whim, so this article has not yet determined the heroine, even if there is a high probability, it will only be a single heroine! High probability! Not a harem! Not a stallion! Not insane! No system! Goldfinger…No! At the same time, in order to ensure the smooth reading of other readers, the main plots of this article are mainly based on two animations. Finally ~ this article will try to be as close to the original as possible! Finally, everyone is welcome to leave a message and discuss! I will never bark! - Description from MTLNovel

From Douluo Marrying the Snow QueenChapter 87 : 2 The Fall of the Emperor

Ye Hanshun passed through Douluo Continent and became an Ice Jade Emperor Scorpion. 50,000 years of hard work and cultivation just to marry the Snow Emperor, but his personal charm was too great, and the Ice Emperor was the first to fall. After a year of married life, the golden finger of the traveler finally came late, but just because of a momentary rudeness, the system came, and the system exploded… Ye Han finally strengthened his heart and embarked on the road of transformation. - Description from MTLNovel

The Undead Empire That Travels Through the Multiversev12 Chapter 97 Conversation in the Warp

Traveling to the world of Resident Evil, facing the zombies on the street and Umbrella hidden in the dark, how will you survive? Depend on the protagonist? Relying on foresight to walk the plot? Chen Mo said wait for me to change jobs first, and then… get up, my immortal servant! Let’s set off the undead natural disaster in this world and build a undead empire across the multiverse! The world is currently set: Resident Evil – Mummy – Pirates of the Caribbean – Terminator – Lord of the Rings There will be some worlds that I find interesting - Description from MTLNovel

American Comic World of Martial Artists~ postscript

After a run and a fall, Shen Hao traveled to World War II and became Captain America’s comrade-in-arms. However, what he didn’t expect was that after a sleep that day, he crossed again and became Luo Feng’s younger brother. Shen Hao said in a daze: Are there any traversers who are more hasty than me! ps1: This book has been signed, please feel free to collect and recommend it. - Description from MTLNovel

The Pengele Family In the World of American ComicsChapter 124 persuade the bat to surrender

Heard that the Avengers has six founders? I, Peng Lie, the six guardians apply for the battle! It is said that the Assassin Alliance, which has been passed down for thousands of years, is very strong. Independent Assassination Force Valia understand? S.H.I.E.L.D. controls all kinds of dissatisfaction? Outside advisors will tell you what it means to die! what! You say Tony Stark is going to build the world’s first time machine? Go and take out the ten-year-old bazooka in the warehouse! … Our time is engraved on the ring, and the glory that belongs to Peng Lie will never dissipate! - Description from MTLNovel

Mystery: The Witch and the CalamityChapter 840 kill yourself

This is the worst of times. Doomsday is approaching, chaos, conspiracy, and war are the main themes of the continent. “The Fool” was born, lighting a fire for people in the dark. So, what kind of fate does Joyce, who also fell from Seiyuan Castle, bear, and what kind of changes will his arrival bring to the world? This is a calamity legend. - Description from MTLNovel

Harry Potter and the Old OnesChapter 784 “small adult”

When Harry Potter meets Cthulhu World. When scientific thinking collides with magic theory. when…… Friends who like this book can join the group chat 514105437 to exchange ideas on writing, or complain about real life and release pressure. - Description from MTLNovel

Mystery: Shadow of OrderChapter 548 surprise

Lord of Mysteries Rawls Adrian, who was invaded by the “uncertain fog”, traveled to March 1349 (three months before Klein Moretti crossed), and Rawls, a “lawyer”, began his mysterious journey. trip. Those who steal the hook will be punished, and those who steal the country will be marquis. - Description from MTLNovel

One Piece: Luffy Anchor~ The update is suspended, and the "Abyss and the Player" update will start tomorrow

Karp: Luffy! You and Ace will become the strongest navy in the future! Luffy: Good grandpa! I am a man who wants to be an admiral of the navy! Karp: Well, I deserve to be Karp’s grandson. Karp: But you just need to be a lieutenant general. After a few years… Marine: It’s not good, Lieutenant General Karp! Luffy has replaced the Navy’s warships with the Pirate Flag! Karp: What! What is he going to do! [Reward Tips] XX sent Big Rocket X10! “Thank you XX for the ten big rockets!” Alas… It’s a great reward for a while, and I will be chased by the Navy… - Description from Unknown

Sword Art Online: Gray Wheel DancerChapter 1825 Christmas Eve (1018) is here! But ~ it's obviously not right!

This is a make up work of Sword Art Online, most of which are made up except for certain settings and the main line follow the original work, I hope you like it. - Description from MTL

Harry Potter’s Morning LightChapter 2784 Spots of Youth (4)

In the eyes of many people, Hefpaff College represents a mediocre idiot, while Slytherin is famous for its shrewdness, ambition, and sleekness. When Hefpaff stayed with Slytherin, it was like a badger and a snake in the same room, and it seemed that badgers would always be bullied by snakes. Compared with the dazzling other three hospitals, Hefpaff is mediocre, so many people forget Hefpaff’s academic spirit: integrity, loyalty, honesty, and fear of hardship. People who possess these qualities may not be in harmony with each other. Tom Riddle was equally famous, but their souls were stronger than him. Professor Pomona Sprout from the valley is known for being good at the curse of food, and the gloomy and greasy Slytherin chief from the cellar often handles disgusting magic materials such as slugs. They don’t seem to have Any communication and scandal arise, but here is Hogwarts, what can’t happen even if there is magic? Female lead text. - Description from MTLNovel

Begin the Holy Grail War with the Sombra LegionChapter 361 Alternative uses of method 3

“Fuyuki City is also changing with each passing day.” Traveling back to Japan in the 1990s, the moment he found out that this was Fuyuki City from the chats of passersby, Roland realized that he had a big deal. But what the hell is going on with these annoying guys! ——A shadow general: “Join the ultimate darkness and let the truth embrace you!” ——Boss of a crumb: “My half body, the more you advance, the more you should understand that human beings have limits…” ——A masked man: “There is no love and peace in the world! You have to create a perfect world!” “Damn, don’t come here! I really don’t want to be the villain!” This is the story of a pure-hearted boy who finally embarks on the road of the villain and keeps moving forward. (Comprehensive manga upgrade stream) current progress -fate zero - Description from MTLNovel

Players In MarvelChapter 731 Fusion ~ super intelligent life and Accelerator!

Wake up to Marvel and become a latitude demon between existence and non-existence. In order to disrupt the real dimension, the nihilistic demon summoned players from the unknown dimension! In New York City, [Black Hand Wallon] re-enacts the shocking heist, this time targeting the playboys of Stark Industries! Hell’s Kitchen has opened a new home [Xinhei Dingjiu], and at the same time [Dark Cooking World] is trying to control the world with taste! Jinbian ushered in a new enemy, and the Italian “evil” party named [New Pengliel Family] is expanding step by step! [Miko Kikyo] living on the street met the fearless people of Hell’s Kitchen. While investigating the lost shadow case, what kind of sparks could they create! - Description from MTLNovel

Dimensional Invasion of the Real EarthChapter 1785 Cannon fodder

Parallel planes of the earth, aura is resurrected, Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach are merging into the earth. Turning on the Internet, Liu Hao finds that he is the only one who knows the plot. You say, should I tell them? Journey to the West, the prehistoric plot is opening - Description from MTLNovel

Mystery: The Transcendental Path From AngelsChapter 344 : Pale Emperor

In a world where machinery and steam coexist, who will be the leader? “This is the best time and the worst time.” When the extraordinary strikes, who can be alone. When intellect is swallowed by madness, who can you do? “We are the guardians, and we are also a group of poor bugs who are always fighting against danger and madness.” The angel retracted its wings, and the night turned into death. Who can take it calmly under the apocalypse? The protagonist travels through the mystery and opens a different path to becoming a god. - Description from MTLNovel

The Age of the Global GenieChapter 8 Hit at the same time

When I wake up, the world has changed. This is a modern society with Pokémon as the mainstream. Humans and elves coexist in this world in a delicate relationship. Taking a switch as an opportunity, Ye Shuang and the elves set foot on on a peak journey and proclaimed to the world “This is my time!” PS The book is also known as “Pokémon Comes to Modern Times” and “What to Do if I’m Accidentally Killed by an Elf”. It is a real and easy elves. - Description from MTLNovel

Biochemical Madmen In the Marvel UniverseChapter 288 Noah's Black History

T virus, black light virus, Zerg gene, alien gene… I am a businessman, so I love peace. Spiderman? I happen to have a lot of little bugs too. Team America? Come and wrestle with my tyrant. Thor? See how my Goliath is. Hulk? Come on, see if your infinite anger is more powerful, or if my black light infinite devouring is better! From the moment I appeared, I believed that the rules of the world would eventually be made by me. Noah’s three principles: 1. Don’t take the initiative to do things that are harmful to nature. 2. Do not use people other than the enemy itself as a bargaining chip. 3. For the sake of the family, all of the above can be given up. So, don’t mess with me! … - Description from MTLNovel

Film and Television Unlimited AdventureChapter 1360 Selfish Qilian

Resident Evil, Captain America, Harry Potter, Underworld, X-Men, Avengers, A Chinese Ghost Story, Journey to the West, Apocalypse…, go all the way against the sky, walk your own way, let others There is no way to go, the heroic beauty is enchanting, please see Wu Qizhe’s infinite adventure journey. (The worlds I have gone to include Resident Evil 3, 4, Captain America, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Mr. Zombie, Underworld, Tokyo Ghoul, Mummy, Painting Rivers and Lakes, Transformers, Ghost Story, Hunter Winter War , Miss Pei’s fantasy castle, Twilight, Time Planning Bureau, Wonder Woman, the world that is going “Neon Genesis Evangelion”) - Description from MTLNovel

Conquering the Multiverse From Pirates~ season finale

Luo Wei traveled to the world of One Piece and obtained a villain organization system. As long as he organizes people to establish corresponding villain organizations, he can obtain the abilities and technologies possessed by the members of these organizations. These organizations include but are not limited to Umbrella, Hydra, Bigfoot, Spectre, Red Ribbon Corps, Winery, Continental Hotel, Syndicate, Phantom Troupe, Kira Star Cross, Assassin League, Hellfire Club , Cobra Organization, Death Eaters, Holy Trinity, Hand, A.I.M., Dark Order, Illuminati, Court of Owls, Evil Six, CIPHER POL, Wayland Corporation, International Genetic Technologies, RDA, Cyberda Systems, OCP, Tyrell Company, Rogue Gang, Liang Shanbo, Salvation Army, Lunatic Cult, Burning Legion, Gourmet Club, Hunter, Templar, Sound Nest, World Society… Then Rowe found himself severely understaffed and unable to build a large organization. After some contemplation, he decided to set up a smaller organization, just a few people. He had already thought of the name, and it was called… Injustice. - Description from MTLNovel

Game of Thrones: Wrath of the Sleeping DragonChapter 26 upheaval

[Song of Ice and Fire Doujin] Crossing became the king of the Andals, the Roinas and the ancestors, the legal ruler of the Seven Kingdoms and the guardian of the whole territory, the “True Dragon” Viselis Targaryen III. - Description from MTLNovel

League of Legends Millennium WarlordChapter 694 Simond's plan

Coincidentally absorbing the world’s runes, the ace killer Lester came to Valoran continent, The Rune War has just ended, and the bald Purple Potato Spirit, who has a heavy mission, embarks on a lonely journey of disowning six relatives. At this time, the Lockhey tribe had just occupied the immortal fortress and established a state. At this time, Demacia was still rubbing forbidden magic wood and mud on the toilet. At this time, the Misttails were still alive and kicking on the eastern islands of the mainland, At this time, the two sisters, the father and daughter, the filial angels, are still sweet and cute loli. Jarvan I was not yet born, Noxus was not yet imperialized, The slumbering poor shell people have not yet been used as power sources by the despicable Philos family, and the welfare of the leg-controller, Camille, has not yet become a cell, The pale lady of black roses is still guarding the dry well of the immortal fortress, sealing the magic iron armor of the tyrant Uzul, The premature crossing left Lester dumbfounded, helplessly looking at the Noxian man dressed as a barbarian and speaking an unknown language. “So why did I come to this boring world with no stalwart Sona, no plump Ali, no black sheep, and no vegetable Sarah? I haven’t waited for me to live for a thousand years. I’m dying of old age, the key is that I don’t have a system yet, and I can’t understand the language, what are the pictures?” With countless questions, Lester saw a tall woman who never dressed properly, wore dark purple eyeshadow, and had an exceptionally good figure. “Ancient Remnant, do you want to learn Noxian with me?” On the goose down bed, Lester learned multiple languages ​​by himself and finally understood the true meaning of life “I actually merged the world runes that can last for a long time? This is a development game? That’s fine.” - Description from MTLNovel

Konoha: Uchiha’s CounterattackChapter 543 season finale

Senju and Uchiha established Konoha, but they exterminated Konoha. The protagonist travels to the world of Naruto and is born into Uchiha. How can he find a way out for the race and how to survive in this chaotic world of Ninja? - Description from MTLNovel

Legend of Infinite MechaChapter 397 traitor

All this is just a legend in the legend, the prequel to everything… At the intersection of countless worlds, there is this mysterious century system. It is charged with a mysterious mission, generating substitutes named code from various worlds and within itself to perform its duties. As the newly promoted code, Liu Ling is the new generation code responsible for the world of aircraft warfare. Gundam, EVA, Macross, full metal frenzy… How will Liu Ling grow up in a world where his favorite anime has become a reality? What is the mission of Century System? Please wait and see. (The world of this article is overhead and is a secondary creation. Any plot in the article has nothing to do with real life economics, politics, etc.) The book is also called “Infinite Machine Warfare Century System” and “Infinite Maneuvering Legend” World: BUDDY COMPLEX-Macross Zero-EVA-Gundam 00-Gundam W-00 Theater Edition-Original World “Avril Lavigne”-to be continued - Description from Unknown

Summary: I, the Merchant Who Draws Cards, Join the Chat GroupChapter 300

Traveling through the daily comprehensive world, watching the news about the popularity of Xia Shizi’s novels, Bai Ye thought he could live a daily love life. But after knowing that there was a bald man living next door, and having heard the news of another explosion in the academy city for a long time, and occasionally heard the urban legends about Fujiang and the dragon lady who had to be his own maid, he was silent. At this moment, he, who opened the card drawing system, was invited to the Ten Thousand Realms chat skirt. Bai Ye: Draw cards, do you guys draw cards? Ninja Dance King: I want to kill this profiteer by Suzuo, and he has drawn a hundred shots and still hasn’t reincarnated! Be my son: okay with you, I have exhausted all the money, good guys, my sons said they would send me to a nursing home. The noble son of the demon world: Ten fox maidens for you, I want to draw a card! Skirt owner Qiu Zixi: Brother, please give me a face, I’m the skirt owner anyway, can you give me a 20% discount? - Description from MTLNovel