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Starting From Supporting Qian Renxue To Plunder the Heavensv4 Chapter 462 Bloodbath Murloc Street!

There are such a group of people in the ancient heavens and worlds. Relying on their unparalleled luck, they are the darlings of the world. They often enter the terrifying mystery with a weak posture, and then take the most precious treasures from the red eyes of a group of villains who have been cast down. ······ “Gan, is the son of luck great?” “I grabbed the son of luck!” “As long as your luck is robbed by me, I will be the next child of luck!” The book is also known as “Starting from Douluo to gather the protagonist’s team wool” - Description from MTLNovel

Konoha: Opening Sign To Reincarnation EyeChapter 580

Reborn on an ordinary Shimonin of the Uchiha clan, Ryuebana thought that he was going to spend a lifeless life, but he did not expect to bind the sign-in system. Sign in at Shenwubi Bridge and get rewards [Reincarnation Eyes] Sign in at the Hokage Building and get rewards [Flying Thunder God] Sign in at the End Valley and get rewards【Xianren Body】 … Holding the idea of ​​not going out of the mountain without reaching the sixth level, Liu Ren has been silently signing in at Konoha. It was not until ten years later that Konoha decided to destroy the Uchiha clan, and Ryuzen was forced to take action. - Description from MTLNovel

Global Reincarnation: I Can Sign In To the Dungeon WorldChapter 185

After crossing into the world of reincarnation, Chen Mo accidentally activated the world sign-in system. Every time you go to a dungeon world, you can sign in various abilities and props. Signed to “Eating Chicken” and got a J-20 fighter jet. Sign in to “American Team” and get an enhanced version of Super Warrior Serum. Sign in to “The Pirate” and get the fruit of thunder and perfect domineering. …… Steve Rogers: “I can spend a whole day with everyone, except Chen Mo.” Blackbeard: “After meeting Chen Mo, my dream is over.” The reincarnations: “All the strong can only be silent in front of Chen Mo!” Chen Mo: “How lonely is invincibility…” - Description from MTLNovel

Swallowed Star: Extreme UpgradeChapter 206 Might of the Great Axe

Swallow the world, the law is respect As a Muggle who traveled through, Wang Dong, who had no talent for cultivation, said it was all trivial. “Ding! Congratulations to the players for acquiring “Nine-Layer Thunder Knife”, current skill level: first level, physical strength level: 1.4.” “Ding! Congratulations to the player’s upgrade of the skill “Ten Stream”, the current skill level: 100 lines, the law of space has crossed the entry barrier.” … Others perceive the law and create secrets. And I, if you get the secret method, you can master the law! - Description from MTLNovel

Re, Gu Aotian Slaughtered Mev16 Chapter 186 Giant's Destruction

This crossing is so strange, death crossing, game crossing, etc. are probably barely acceptable, but why can you cross even if the fish tank is broken? and actually passed through the magic tree in “OVERLORD” that is said to be able to destroy the world? No! It is sad enough to regenerate into a plant. The protagonist, Ainz Ur Gong, the undead king, has also accepted the adventurer’s guild mission and wants to kill me! I want to change my destiny! Live! I want to-surrender! Ainz: Since he has accepted the job commission from the Adventurer’s Guild, deliberate failure is detrimental to the prestige of Ainz Ul Christine (the “surrender” button has been deducted) actually died as soon as he crossed, but there is still a chance to return~ from the beginning of the magic tree to this world. I must change my destiny this time! Live! - Description from MTLNovel

Chatty HollywoodChapter 848 Cheating
Fan-FictionUrban Life

“Hey, Charlotte, in this movie you made, the special effects of female ghosts are really lifelike! How did you do it?” “You said that, that is a real female ghost.” “……” The legend of a generation of horror movie masters. A Hollywood Strange Tales. A mage story in the Age of Doom. ——Do you think this is an entertainment novel? This is actually a supernatural novel. ——Do you think this is a supernatural novel? This is actually an urban novel. ——Do you think this is an urban novel? This is actually an entertainment novel. - Description from MTLNovel

Entertainment: My Game LifeChapter 620 take a bow
Fan-FictionUrban Life

“Fang Yuan traveled to the parallel world to build his own ACG (games, animation, comics) empire. Before the game came out, A certain girl: “These boys know how to play games.” After the game came out, A certain girl: “Brother, take me to eat chicken.” “I beg my little brother to take me to the king.” “I’m not a star-chaser girl, I want to be an internet addiction girl.” Green State is open, who can become the number one player? comics? Animation? Naruto, Pirate, easily gained over 1 billion fans. With the development of artificial intelligence, what kind of sparks will the virtual characters of the game encounter when they break the dimensional wall? “Hello, I’m Celia…” “Please tell Daji as much as you like, Master.” “Ionia, I’m so high-spirited.”” - Description from MTLNovel

Conan’s Corpse PickerChapter 1613 1613【Ireland vs Conan】

[Vest flow, semi-invincible, Conan colleagues] Interview with the protagonist: Q1: What is your secret to becoming the ace shark player of the Black Organization? Jiang Xia: “Take Conan to the target’s house for a walk.” . Q2: What’s your secret to retrieving the treasures stolen by Kidd many times? Jiang Xia: “His accomplice is my vest.” . An interview with the detectives of Kexue World: Q1: How do you view Jiangxia? Detectives: “Except for solving the case too quickly + being unable to hold people back, there are no other shortcomings.” . Q2: As a high school detective, why not join forces with Jiang Xia to fight against the Black Organization? Detectives (hurriedly wave their hands): “No no no, can’t tell him that the darkness of the world is too heavy for him.” - Description from MTLNovel

Konoha’s Love MasterChapter 17 watergate talent

A strange young man from the Hinata clan, who has awakened the Sharinyan, and is keen on lovelorn. In Konoha Village of the Will of Fire, a storm of shyness has been set off. (The introduction is excerpted from “The Story of Konoha の Shy Lo Field” by Jiraiya.) ——– - Description from MTLNovel

As a Ninja, I Just Want To Eat Soft Rice In XingyueChapter 333

It was the first time to travel to the world of Naruto and become an orphan in the ninja world. He has no blood and no plug-ins. Higashino plays a role in becoming a Konoha Kaminari through his own efforts, but in the end the battle with Uchiha Madara ends bleakly. After crossing into the world of Xingyue for the second time, Higashino realized a truth based on the experience of the previous life-hard work can’t be better than daddy fighting, and daddy fighting can’t be better than open hanging. In the crisis-ridden world of the moon, Higashino decided not to work hard, and lived a comfortable life of eating soft meals next to the rich woman (the heroine), but at this time his plug-in was turned on! “Ding——After twenty years, the strongest Naruto training system is on!” - Description from MTLNovel

Marvel: All the Famous Scenes Were Exposed By MeChapter 550 What? Magneto is going to assassinate the president again?

Li Cheng traveled to the Marvel world and bound a question-and-answer system to conduct prize-winning questions and answers to superheroes. Since then, the entire Marvel world has collapsed. Thanos: Who is it that made my plan public? Damn it! Thor: Why do you want to publish my two hundred catties video? Did I provoke anyone when I was a fat house? Rocky: What did I do wrong, to publish the video of me being thrown around by the Hulk? US team: Who is saying that I can’t hold Thor’s Hammer on the surface, so I practiced a set of combos secretly? - Description from MTLNovel

Pokemon the PoorChapter 669 lucia

A person who has only watched one or two Pokémon and Pokemon animations in his previous life came to this world by accident, but the world always has classes, the real world is not as beautiful as the animation, and he is still a poor man in his reincarnation, how can he rely on it? The Prophet achieves the leap of class! Related Pokémon, Pokémon, Pokemon - Description from MTLNovel

Douluo Dalu Night WhiteChapter 183 end

On the same day, he and him, who were born a few seconds apart, have been around since they remembered. Surrounded by the wicked, instead of running away, he first passed his fist. After finally beating the wicked people away, he was bruised and bruised, carrying him home. His back is so warm… “You have so many injuries, don’t you hurt?” “Silly brother, as long as you call brother, I won’t hurt at all.” “Really?” “of course.” …. ps: I will try my best to write down this book. Of course, I can’t say anything about the future. If the support rate is not high, it also means that I am not doing well. The degree of writing depends on the situation! Similarly, as long as you let me know that you are supporting me, I will stick to it! In addition, although the protagonist has changed, the early plot, especially the part of Shrek, will overlap a lot with the original. I will omit part of it, copy part of it, and add part of it. Content label: Search keywords: Protagonist: Lu Chenye, Dai Mubai Supporting roles: Tang San, Xiao Wu, etc. Others: 1v1 original attack, other cp keep - Description from MTLNovel

Global Reincarnation: Only I Know the PlotChapter 819

This is a virtual world composed of various films and televisions. Everyone in the world is working hard to conquer each copy, hoping to obtain copy rewards and become stronger. Chen Ye, who came through, was pleasantly surprised to find that the copies that were difficult for everyone to pass were all the various film and television works he had seen in his previous life! ! Therefore, Chen Ye, who is familiar with the plots of these films and TV dramas, became super god… “Great Tang”: Reincarnations have turned to Li Chengqian, Li Ke, and Li Tai one after another. Chen Ye chose to teach Li Zhi and eventually became an emperor! “Wu Xia”: Everyone is thinking of ways to join the school to learn kung fu, only Chen Ye knows where the secrets are. “Marvel”: When most of the Samsaras were slammed by the Avengers, Chen Ye had already collected six infinite stones! - Description from MTLNovel

I’m The Aquaman In MarvelChapter 333 Kill for 9 days (end)

Han Shaoqing accidentally crossed onto the Titanic ship, originally thinking that it would be a Jedi escape, never thought that it was not the iceberg that Titanic hit, but the fat house Godzilla. At the time of life and death, Han Shaoqing opened the clock-in system. [Ding, you successfully punched the card on Godzilla’s head to obtain all the abilities and equipment of Aquaman, do you receive it? ] - Description from MTLNovel

The Global Era: The Arrival of the BeastChapter 458 Wang Han stepped into the super mecha division

[Ding, congratulations to the host for completing the Black Demon Mecha series] [Ding, congratulations to the host for completing the fifth-generation nuclear-powered engine] [Ding, congratulations to the host for completing the mecha design that transcends the times] [Ding, congratulations to the host for becoming a master mecha controller] Upon waking up, Bai Fan came to the parallel world 20 years later, The alien beasts from the cracks in space raged everywhere, and the sea became the world of alien beasts, becoming the world’s biggest crisis. [What, there is a malfunction at point 1, and an a-level monster appears] [Immediately, call Bai Fan urgently to let his Red Devil Mecha] [What, an s-class glutton appeared in the second sea area] [Contact Bai Fan and let his Demon Mech go on] - Description from MTLNovel

Harry Potter’s Fantastic Animals GuideChapter 170 Escape from the forbidden forest

Crossing became the grandson of the Newt family? Are all major cities wanting me? And Voldemort wants to avenge me? ! The frightened David shook his hand and waved his magic wand. Behind him appeared Phoenix, Thunderbird, Lion and Dragon… —– What does a magical animal look like? Werewolves and vampires are enemies for generations? Why did Wormtail walk towards the abyss of Voldemort step by step? What happened to Voldemort in Albania? Is there a mysterious organization hiding in the dark? Do you want to know these stories? Read this book if you want! - Description from Unknown

Fairy Tail’s Passive Invincibilityv2 Chapter 12 decisive battle

magic! Use money to create happiness! …… - Description from MTLNovel

The Natural Disaster Mixed In MarvelChapter 583 The strange stone of 9 snakes

Travel through Marvel with Diablo 2 Necromancer Mage skills and become a priest. “An Qiluo Li, do you believe in God?” “You can call me Wang Lama, the grand priest of the Hell’s Kitchen branch of the Shaolin Temple in Wudang Mountain. I don’t believe in God. The belief is your own, and the redemption is also your own.” An Qi Luo Ru said to Thanos. “Then how do I get redemption?” Thanos touched his bald head. “I don’t know how to solve this problem, but I can solve the person who asked the question.” - Description from MTLNovel

Transcendent of Type-Moon GensokyoChapter 2490

“What are you looking for?” “What I am after is transcendence! Whether it is a miracle or a miracle, no matter what is unstoppable to me, I will transcend all of this and reach the highest throne of heaven!” An ordinary otaku in the city was killed for inexplicable reasons. A piece of jade with supreme power brought him to the beginning of all things, where he gained the foundation of power and understood the real existence of Gensokyo, which he rushed to when he was an otaku. The twenty-seventh ancestor of the dead disciples, the magician is just a stepping stone to my success! The black and white princess, the two rituals, and the many girls in Gensokyo are the targets of my strategy… - Description from Unknown

Ultra-dimensional WarfareChapter 1281 Fan Wai 3 "A New Beginning"

In the depths of the universe, there is a legendary fantasy fortress. It has an unimaginable power that allows challengers to shuttle in various planes. It has an irresistible promise, where you can get power, wealth, beauty and everything you want. But at the same time it also has a cruel dark side, with countless corpses behind every challenger. Ultra-dimensional fortress is the name of this fantasy fortress. Every mission it announces can bring you unimaginable benefits, as long as you can complete the mission and survive. A college student was unfortunately or fortunately selected. His immediate need is only to survive, and only to survive. The progress of the mission world is as follows (official version): Macross → Blue Ship Girl → Gundam 0079 → Gundam 00 → Macros F → Gundam SEED → Gundam 00 Season 2 Plus Theater Edition → MUVLUV → Macros △ → Gundam Seed-D → Gundam Z, ZZ (Final Volume) - Description from Unknown

I Created Cthulhu In NarutoChapter 76 The ancient civilization is here!

Traveling to the world of Naruto, the Moonlight Refracting Mirror has obtained the “Thriller Descending System”. As long as someone trembles because of the indescribable, they can exchange for various unexpected rewards. Feiduan: “This is the ultimate evil god I believe in! I offer you the most abundant sacrifice, the great king in yellow!” Orochimaru: “The all-knowing and almighty one, the mystery of eternal life is behind that door!” Hei Jue: “Shabu Nicholas? The black goat of the forest that gave birth to ten million descendants? The first grandmother?” The Kingdom of Iron, the Five Shadows Talks. Shuiying: “It is said that when the stars return to their correct positions, Lalaye will rise to the surface, and Cthulhu will wake up from his slumber, bringing disaster to the world.” Raikage: “That’s just a stupid folk legend, you won’t really believe it, will you?” Tsukage: “Our biggest enemy right now is the Akatsuki organization!” Shuiying took out a photo, and the huge outline of the ancient city was looming in the sea fog. For a time, the five shadows were speechless. - Description from MTLNovel

The Periodic Table of Words and Spirits at HogwartsChapter 514 Dunkirk (Hogwarts version)

When the Sorting Hat roared Nurmengard, Zhang Qi knew that the ordinary life would be gone from him. At the end of the thousand years, Satan will be released from his prison, and he will come out to deceive the nations of the four corners of the earth. He will gather Gog and Magog, and call them up to gather to fight. Their number is like the sand of the sea… Zhang Qi: “I really I don’t want to be the Dark Lord”… Dumbledore and Grindelwald: “No, you want to”. - Description from MTLNovel

Machine Lion RoarChapter 978 Mutiny! !

This is the story of a shit shoveling officer who had to enter the world of the second dimension in order to feed the owner of Meow. “Shovel shit. I want to eat Gundam Nuclear Furnace!” “Shovel shit. I want to eat Lancelot’s cherry stone!” “Shovel shit. I want to eat the reactor of the VF fighter!!” Good teeth, good stomach Master Meow said like this! As long as you see a bite of a cherry stone, and a can of nuclear fuel when you breathe it, you will be surrounded by super alloys all day long. The feasting master, the young shit shovel officer, the trainee knight Lei Mingkai knows that this one does not eat dried fish. , The owner of Meow who only eats the black technology products produced in many aircraft warfare worlds is dependent on him! “What? Someone grabbed rations!?” The Lord Meow suddenly became a super metal life form-the Tooth Lion Zero Form, roaring the sky. “Roar!! Cut him!” - Description from MTLNovel

Opening Sign to the Infinite Dragon GodChapter 1263

Traveling through the world of High School of Devil, Su Yang obtained the god-level sign-in system, and he signed to Orpheus at the beginning? [Congratulations to the host for the reward-the ten incarnations of Vishnu from the origin of Hakata! 】 Incarnate as the spirit fish Matthias, in the form of a “box boat”, an endless world is shaken by a wave. Incarnate into the world Longju Limo, carry the world on your back, and walk in the endless sea of stars… That month of Nangong: Did the gods of the foreign land come to me to fulfill the contract? (Panicing) Emilia: Yang Jun is my knight~ Tornado: He is just a collector of other people’s things. Orpheus: I… the contractor… Su Yang: Orpheus, don’t do this, I am not a dragon knight. Although you have become a god, please don’t believe in me, um… if it’s a girl, it’s okay? (High School DxD — Strike the Blood series — ….. — …Box Court Returned to One…Daily Extraordinary) - Description from MTLNovel

Doupo: Elemental GodChapter 1590 Xun'er enters the stone statue and goes to Big 0

This is the world of fighting spirit, this is the paradise of the strong. Lu Yunxiao walked out of nothingness, with bright gold in his left hand and a raging fire in his right hand, a long river of holy water billowed beneath him, and endless gods and thunder roared behind him. The mainland is vast, and the strong come forth in large numbers. In this turbulent world, he is destined to be a master of the ups and downs! - Description from MTLNovel

Eight Hundred Pirate KingsChapter 202 Historical text

Finding himself in the world of pirates, Wexford gained the ability to clone the Pirate Kings of the parallel worlds. Garp, who has dominated the four seas; Katakuri, who led the Charlotte family to rise to power; and the king of the underground world, Doflamingo. Thanks to his ability, a number of parallel worlds Pirate Kings, gathered under the pirate flag of Wexford. - Description from Novelupdates

Monkey King is In the PirateChapter 591 The demise of the world government (2)

Six forms? unnecessary! Swordsmanship? Meaningless! Domineering? The icing on the cake! I went down with a stick, the sky fell, the ground cracked, the mountain fell, and the sea covered! Animal phantom beast species Monkey Monkey Fruit Monkey King form! Wearing a purple golden crown of phoenix wings, wearing a gold chain mail armor, stepping on a lotus root, holding a golden hoop, I am the great sage of Qitian…not the Monkey King, it is my Sun Xu! - Description from MTLNovel

Konoha: Draw Cards From the Ninja World~ Concluding remarks

Uehara Shinobu survived the Second Ninja World War. Started his life in the ninja world. The pigeon king’s life started from running. Unconsciously jumping repeatedly on the edge of death. Face the temptation of the system. Uehara, who understood the Blue Sky Project, began to spread the dream of peace. Are you still confused by your current predicament? The peace plan can make you the next big name, or the next Sansho Hanzo. - Description from MTLNovel

The Druid Master of HogwartsChapter 762 7th Horcrux

Those who use druid spells to become bears are called bears. Using druid spells to become a moonkin, it is called a bird. Then the use of druid spells to become humans, of course, should be called human virtue. This is a story about a kitty who accidentally obtained a druid spell from another world, and was mistaken for Animagus by wizards, learning how to live a human way in Hogwarts. What can a kitty be wicked? - Description from MTLNovel

Tomb Raider: The Beginning of The Worm Valley Fused with Golden Silkworm GuChapter 268

Xu Lang crossed into the world of Tomb Raiders and obtained the infinite fusion system. The start was fused with the golden silkworm Gu, which does not invade a hundred poisons, dominates all insects, and can download the Gu by flying flowers and picking leaves. It can also seize the luck of ancient tombs and antiques, and enhance the strength. In the gourd cave, fuse the Huo’s immortal insects to obtain the immortal body and regenerate infinitely. Under the glacier, fuse Dap ghosts and insects to obtain boundless karma and incinerate evil spirits. At the bottom of the Yellow River, merge with the Iron Head Dragon King to get underwater breathing and full defense. Kunlun Shrine, fused with the big black sky and hit the thunder mountain, absorbs the energy of the ore, and travels underground as if in water. On the snow-capped mountain, fused with the wolf king crystal freely in the sky, dominate the beast **. There are also red horn, human face black scorpion, Jingjian Ahan, corpse konjac, brindle giant shark… Xu Lang started from the Worm Valley in Yunnan and embarked on a gold-finding journey of fusion of different beasts and evil spirits, descending to the ancient tomb, and winning luck. - Description from MTLNovel

Skynet In Another Worldv2 Chapter 755 Remains of the Battle of God

Simply put, this is a story of an independent Skynet Terminator who traveled to another continent to develop mechanical technology and fight against indigenous cultivators. When the refining martial artist is facing the mechanical body; when the qi is released against the plasma energy cannon; when the guardian array is facing the strong magnetic shield…Who is strong and who is weak? mechanical! mechanical! This is a brand new mechanical era… - Description from MTLNovel

I’m Really Unnerved In TokyoChapter 1121 Confidential interview of the Soul Slayer Association

You said the wild dog I accidentally kicked to death was a human-faced dog? The lovely Sawada-san in my apartment, is she a woman with a gaping mouth? Those strange people that I often fix are resentful spirits? Even the apartment I rented was notoriously haunted? Please, do you think I would believe you if I rushed over in a witch costume during my working hours? I am a staunch atheist. This is a story of a former member of the pole road who traveled through Japan and worked hard to buy a house, buy a car, marry a wife and have children (Da Fog). This book implements the traditional Japanese light style, and the scenes refer to the real Japanese structure. It is not solitary, decisive and cold-blooded. - Description from MTLNovel

I Have No Interest In Devil FruitChapter 839 Im timid?

“I’ve never touched a devil fruit, and I’m not interested in a devil fruit (gesture).”-Lynch …………………… It’s actually the story of a guy with a stand-in ability in the world of One Piece - Description from MTLNovel

Hyperdimension GuildChapter 39

When you wake up, you will travel through the burrow to invade, and the world of high martial arts where cultivators are in charge! “Malaysian masters look down on the eight wastes! Achieved great masters and won the name of the first person in the middle age! Invincible!” “Qiao Gang master strikes again! Powerful, powerfully slaying the three emperors! Even if he is seriously ill, he still shows an invincible posture!” “Buffett’s God of War broke through once! Compete for the title of the first man in the world! Compete with Bill Gates, the first man of the last century, and do not fall behind!” Watching countless news, Su Han looked confused and felt very tired. Fortunately, I got a super-dimensional guild that connects the endless world. “Ding! Come and be my son, Tony is not the richest man, the fallen angel twelve-winged black cat, the old man is a marquis, and the Taoist real person Zhang Sanfeng has joined the super-dimensional guild.” Starting today, spoilers of all worlds giants, embark on an open life… - Description from MTLNovel

Naruto: Unknown Thousand NamesChapter 634 Finale (with easter eggs)

Thousands of people who have traveled to the world of Naruto, from a war orphan, relying on familiarity with future trends and precise calculations, step by step to the strongest in the ninja world. - Description from MTLNovel

Mystery: Paradox Path~ Amon's Great Adventure (29)

Lord of Mysteries As soon as the traverser opened his eyes, he saw a crazy beauty looking at him with a smile, and in front of him was a bottle of secret prayer potion. If he drank it, he would die later, but if he didn’t drink it, he would die now, so he drank the potion and became [Bridan’s Donkey]. ps1: The original way of this book, the golden finger is the source quality and uniqueness. PS2: The protagonist travels through time similar to Zhou Mingrui. - Description from MTLNovel

Pirates OLChapter 25 Borrowing and Rejecting

Lu Ze, he is the junior brother in Zoro’s eyes, the old enemy in Sanji’s eyes, the competitor in Luffy’s eyes, the goddess in Nami’s eyes, the shit stirrer in Sengoku’s eyes… Regarding Lu Ze, people in this sea have various evaluations of him, good or bad, not enough. Maybe Lu Ze, Qiwuhai, the three generals, and the four emperors have something to say. But in the eyes of players, thousands of words can be combined into one sentence: “This product is definitely not a GM or it’s a hack! System, I want to report it!” In the game of crossing + rebirth invincible. “I’m Lu Ze, and I’m the endorsement for Hangbi!” (PS: The introduction is weak, please don’t persuade you to quit easily, at least read a few chapters before making a decision, please!) (Re-PS: New book for collection! Ask for recommendation!) - Description from MTLNovel

Battle of the Two Cities: Begins with the Mage~ End of this testimonial

The prosperity of Piltover is on the surface, the barrenness of Zaun is miserable. The able men of the Twin Cities, join Noxus, and I will lead you to the light! – Ryan Meredith - Description from MTLNovel

Global Deity: From Zerg Believer to PluralismChapter 409

Lu Yuan, who played games all night, traveled to a super-fantasy + super-sci-fi world where everyone can become a god, ignite the fire, and condense the gods. At the beginning of the game, he was deceived by the good brother of the intermediate resource card, and he also chose the desert worm that only multiplied and had no attack power as a believer. Fortunately, activating the small auxiliary start of the system allowed the desert worm to mutate Desert worm + nest gene = nest larva Nest Larva + Ripper’s Blood = Ripper Zergling Ripper Zergling + Demon Gene = Demon Ripper Demon ripper + sneak fragment + god gene = god killer … When Lu Yuan swept time and space with countless zerg armies, the multiverse trembled. - Description from MTLNovel

Twin Cities: Hero Witness Systemv5 Chapter 21 Underworld, Kyle: My sword!

“Who are you asking me?” “Good question, friend!” Standing in front of her, he spat out the yellow sand in his mouth, raised his hands over his shoulders, and said proudly, “I am the boss of the Zaun Ditch, and the ninth member of the Pi City Council. Yes. Honorary Hero of Bilgewater.” “What have I done?” “I once set a fire in the stone forest of Demacia, and compared my height with the dwarfs in Bandle City.” “…” Standing in front of her, he talked eloquently. “And now, I see you in Shurima, where the sand is full of yellow sand.” “Okay, female hero, I’ve finished speaking, so can you put away the weapons first?” - Description from MTLNovel

Acceptance of the Heavens Begins with the Devil Fruit TreeChapter 908 3 immortality

The demonic tide recovers and the gods return, where should a special alien soul go. With soul and soul fruit plus a corpse, can the white beard run across the world again? Flying dragon eggs, burning fruits and different fires, will a unique fire dragon be born? With gourmet cells and magical kitchenware, whether the new gourmet wizard can refresh everyone’s understanding of wizards, anything is possible. - Description from MTLNovel

Konoha’s New Third HokageChapter 476 Combat replay

Passing through the village of Konoha Ninja, the orphan of an ordinary ninja family, this is the eighth year of Konoha, Uchiha Madara will leave, and Hashirama Senju will die in a few years. The first battle in the Ninja world is coming… As a member of Konoha Ninja Village, after knowing the problems that Konoha Ninja Village will encounter in the future, Feng Mori feels that he should do something. The first thing you should do is to become the disciple of the Second Hokage, and then make yourself the heir of the Second Hokage. From now on, what direction Konoha Ninja Village should go is up to him to decide! [Note: The main drama direction, realistic Naruto, the world view of Naruto based on comics] - Description from Unknown

Red Dead Redemption DawnChapter 537 I can always~

“Up, down, down, left, right, haha, I can resist twenty shots,” John said disdainfully to the group of gang members who were shooting at him. A young man who has reached the peak of all three moral values ​​in the 21st century, accidentally came to the west of 1899 in the story mode of Red Dead Redemption 2. - Description from MTLNovel

Movie World I Am KingChapter 24

Iron Man: I have a steel suit, and my IQ is super high. Zhou Ye: I slept with your wife… Spider-Man: I am genetically mutated and can walk on the ground between tall buildings. Zhou Ye: I slept with your girlfriend… Hulk: After I transform, I have a lot of strength, and I can jump high and jerk off. Zhou Ye: I slept with your girlfriend… Captain America: After I injected the serum, I became a super soldier. Zhou Ye: I slept with Agent Carter. ………… ………… The people said: Kill this shameless person. All in all, this is the story of a man who gains the ability to travel through a movie world and saves a woman…probably! … - Description from MTLNovel

Signing to the Goddess from DouluoChapter 794 Click to stop? Goku is dead

Occasionally, with an automatic training system, when a salted fish lie down, it can automatically become stronger. Every time a goddess sign in, the cultivation speed is increased by 100%, so Ye Chen embarks on a path of no return that the heavens sign in. Group number: 992927834, join the group with subscribed screenshots! - Description from MTLNovel

My Name is Minato NamikazeChapter 722 Epilogue: Naruto and the Three Holy Lands (End)

The strongest escape technique is “mouth escape?”. Is there blood and sunshine in Naruto? A peaceful world of mutual understanding? Do not! this world! Need to change! Strength is the only way to forge peace. “Let the world begin to feel pain right now!” Stand on top of the peak. Minato Namikaze looked at the Ninja Allied Forces in front of him and said with a sneer. (PS: Don’t give the protagonist extra cheats, so the early plot will be slightly flat and slow, because it needs to be reasonably excessive, and it will start to run wild in the middle!) - Description from MTLNovel

The Road To Play From Douluov3 Chapter 42 Super Magic. Thunderous Punishment

“Moses Moses, this is the Yellow Ape, please answer when you receive it~” A tall man in a yellow and white suit wearing a yellow and white suit was speaking to the phone worm in his hand. “Ahhhhhh, did the Pope not receive it? This is a big problem~” Afterwards, Huang Yuan showed that smile that people wanted to protect! - Description from MTLNovel