One Piece: Luffy Anchor

Status : Hiatus

Genres : Fan-Fiction

Chapters: 594

Last update: 2 years ago

3.2 /5

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Karp: Luffy! You and Ace will become the strongest navy in the future!Luffy: Good grandpa! I am a man who wants to be an admiral of the navy!Karp: Well, I deserve to be Karp's grandson.Karp: But you just need to be a lieutenant general.After a few yearsMarine: It's not good, Lieutenant General Karp! Luffy has replaced the Navy's warships with the Pirate Flag!Karp: What! What is he going to do![Reward Tips] XX sent Big Rocket X10!"Thank you XX for the ten big rockets!"Alas It's a great reward for a while, and I will be chased by the Navy - Description from Unknown

One Piece: Luffy Anchor