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The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with meChapter 2236 season finale
RomanceUrban Life

On the day of her escape from prison, she had died unexpectedly and was reborn into the body of Madam Huo. He was the heir to the number one financial magnate. She had charged out of nowhere and from then on, the obedient and weak Madam Huo had started to awaken. She had been trampled under her feet. Huo Shao had expressed that since she had already been conquered, wouldn’t it be too unfair for her if she did not give her body to him? The muzzle of the gun was aimed at her head, “I only lost my wife and did not divorce. Choose between loving me or dying for love. ” Gu Ruochu,”…” Do I still have a choice? - Description from webnovel

My Fiancee is a Cold CEOChapter 3635 Charge heavy!
Urban Life

In the mercenary world, he is a famous mercenary emperor. In the medical world, he is the genius doctor of life and death. Because of a marriage contract, Long Qiancheng. Can see through, understand medical skills, read the world’s stunning beauty. In this prosperous metropolis, cast his myth. Lying on the knees of a drunk beauty, awakens the power of the world. - Description from MTL

Live Surgical Broadcast~ New book "Doctor Sleepless" has been uploaded
Slice of LifeUrban Life

A surgeon accidentally got the blessings of a system, shocked the medical industry, and rejuvenated countless people. - Description from Novelupdates

I Am the President of the UniversityChapter 821 true retrograde
Urban Life

After studying in a prestigious overseas university for eight years, Chen Hao finally regained the Guanghua University founded by his grandfather through some calculations. “Ding Dong! The prestigious school growth system is successfully bound!” After obtaining the system, Chen Hao discovered that the buildings produced through the system even had a buff bonus! Teaching Building: 200% increase in learning comprehension! Library: learning efficiency increased by 200%! Laboratory: 200% increase in scientific research capacity! … At the Nobel Prize award ceremony a few years later. Nobel Laureate in Physics made a speech: I would like to thank my alma mater Guanghua University and President Chen Hao. Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry, Nobel Prize winners in Medicine, Fields Medal winners, Turing Prize winners…all expressed their approval! - Description from MTL

My Strength Does Not Allow Me to Low-keyChapter 2352 The fall of fruit
Urban Life

Accidentally gain access to another world, master the resources of a planet, originally only wanted to make low-key money! But Xiao Feng couldn’t think of making money so easy, and his strength expanded so fast! - Description from MTLNovel

Rebirth of the Peerless WasteChapter 2718 Primordial Chaos Demon Corpse
Urban Life

Ye Tian, the arrogant celestial being of Xiuxian Realm, God of War of Shura, died of Qing Gonglou due to his great achievements, his soul came to earth, and he was born again in a small waste. With the memories of the past life of immortality, Ye Tian rises strongly, fights fiercely, fights against the sky, and crosses the city! He comes from Xiuxian Realm, and will eventually break away from the void! - Description from Uukanshu

Pick a School Flower as Your WifeChapter 3191 back home
HaremUrban Life

There are so many school flowers, pick a wife home. The first Chinese soldier returned to the city and became the best transfer student in Bauhinia Middle School! - Description from MTL

After Signing In For Three Years, My Identity As Shenhao Was ExposedChapter 1040 6 years is like a dream, my sister is getting married
RomanceUrban Life

After signing in for three years, the system is activated. At this time, her sister was exposed to the Internet to deceive the bride price, and Yang Chen pulled out a dowry of hundreds of millions of yuan for her sister. Yang Chen: Who will say that my sister cheated the lottery? We used a dowry of hundreds of millions of yuan to cheat 80,000 yuan as a gift? Do you have a brain? The whole network is quiet… - Description from MTLNovel

Daily Life at Conan Undercover DistilleryChapter 95 An unknown musician
ComedyFan-FictionUrban Life

[How to evaluate the black organization where Gin is located? 】 laxative. People are in the winery, the interests are relevant. My boss, Gin, is polite and helpful. My partner Shuichi Akai is loyal and reliable, and is very dedicated to his feelings. Ms. Belmode was gentle, beautiful, and amiable. There is also a cafe guy who is very optimistic and lively. All I can say is that people here are stupid and have a lot of money, so come quickly. “Just, if given the chance, I would say, I want to be a good person.” - Description from MTLNovel

City God’s Beauty SystemChapter 215
Urban Life

What will happen when a modern three-nothing? Pan Kang is obsessed with the old and low-handed? What will happen? … It’s impossible to pass the days, it’s impossible in this life. Only by squandering money and finding new beauties every day can I fill the emptiness in my heart. New Era Shenhao-Shi Lang Quotations. … - Description from MTLNovel

Technological Empire of the CityChapter 1652 return trip
Sci-fiUrban Life

Zhang Yu accidentally ingested the treasures of heaven and earth, developed some areas of the brain, and has the most powerful brain that has never been seen before. Let us quietly watch the protagonist use the most powerful technology to install 13, our goal is-the stars and the sea. - Description from MTLNovel

The Omniscient~ 【End of this testimonial】
Sci-fiUrban Life

What you see can know everything that has happened, what you hear can see through the treacherous hearts of the world, and what you feel can know the secrets of others hidden deep in memory. The more he knows, the less happy he is. Looking up at the starry sky, Huang Ji feels the malice from the entire universe and the despair of mankind. He is just a small farmer in the earth’s countryside, he has to sigh: “I know too much.” Whether it’s technology, mythology, or the hidden bugs in the universe… they cannot escape the perception of information. In the face of human beings being raised by higher civilizations without knowing it, Huang Ji can only compare with aliens, who knows more! - Description from MTL

The Man from Hell~ It's over, thank you for your companionship
FantasyRomanceUrban Life

The Demon Empire in the universe was reborn and came back! Enemies should kneel down in front of him! Beauties should lie down in front of him! “I am a demon. I enslave gods and immortals! If you don’t succumb to me, I will convince you by force!”–Ye Feng! - Description from Novelupdates

The Genius DoctorChapter 5359 stupid people, always short-lived
Urban Life

Lu Yi, a super expert with medical skills, came to the bustling city to find his fiancée. He stepped on the enemy, embraced the beautiful woman, step by step to the pinnacle of life… - Description from MTL

My Age of InvestmentChapter 1587 Good money drives out bad money
Urban Life

When Xia Jingxing was dying, he recalled the young figure who set foot in a foreign country. He thought at the time that if the years could come back, he would definitely not live up to the turbulent twenty years of this great water. Always remember, there will be reverberations. When he returned to the age of eighteen, he sang: I’m still the boy before… PS: Book Friends Group Number: 928787446 PS: The work “Winning the New Financial Era” has been completed with 2 million words. The character is guaranteed, please feel free to read it. - Description from MTLNovel

Myriad Worlds Inventory BoxChapter 3070 . Conclusion and testimonials
Urban Life

Huang Feng, who graduated from a second-rate university, had no choice but to work as a security guard, but accidentally obtained a super storage box, advanced technology? Magic pill? The elixir of longevity… mine, mine, all mine! - Description from Unknown

Just Got Dumped, The School Flower Asked Me To Go To the Hospital To SignChapter 289 Let our family live in seclusion! [The finale 2 8000 words...
RomanceUrban Life

Ye Fan received a call from the hospital as soon as he was thrown away by a gold worshiper, and since then he has embarked on the path of a daddy… … “Hey, Mr. Ye Fan, your daughter-in-law is about to give birth in the hospital, come to the hospital to sign!” A hurried voice rang from the phone. “What, what, what kid, daughter-in-law?” Ye Fan was stunned at this moment. Did he become a catcher, like to be a father! …Just after being dumped, I was found by the school to find the Four Treasures. - Description from MTLNovel

America’s Road To Wealthv2 Chapter 444 different people same plan
Urban Life

Writer from the Celestial Dynasty Internet in 2022.Traveling through time, he possessed a young man with a red neck in Texas who had just graduated from college in 2000.Now that you are reborn, enjoy your life well.Chat group: 928306389 - Description from MTLNovel

Go Crazy! Are You Really a Beastmaster?Chapter 410 The plot of the blood clan!
ActionFantasyUrban LifeXuanhuan

This is a world where mountains, rivers, vegetation, animals, machinery, undead, elements can all become war beasts.This is a world dominated by beastmasters.The swaying star dragon bird above the nine heavens.A lightning elf wielding a long whip in a thundercloud.The giant whales of the vast seas are entrenched in the mountains and seas in the depths of the ocean.The ghost of the flame shadow jumping in the unquenchable candle.Ji Feng flipped through the Book of Starry Sky in his hand and created one myth after another in this vast world of beasts.Embark on a path that is unique to its own creator. - Description from MTLNovel

Reborn Russia As An OligarchChapter 10 Kigg
Urban Life

Rebirth at the turn of the century, people are in Moscow, just got off the plane, ready to study abroadWang Ye originally only wanted to be rich and safe, and to live his own life in a plain and happy way.But being pushed by the hand of fate, he involuntarily went to the road of oligarchs! - Description from MTLNovel

You Are My Rare PassionChapter 8116 And nonsense
DramaRomanceUrban Life

Ye Beibei was unprepared for a while, and she married Young Master Gu who was sitting in a wheelchair. I thought that from then on, I would have lived a career as a wealthy man, rich and free, but I never knew I was enslaved every day to become a nanny. Ye Beibei beat the table: Liar, I want a divorce! Young Master Gu pushed a cute baby to his front: You still want to get a divorce even when we already have a child? Wife, you wake up! “…” Ye Beibei looked at a cute baby, who was exactly like her, with a confused expression. Who can tell her when she gave birth! ? - Description from MTL

Game Development Mad Godv10 Chapter 1376 shop
Urban Life

Lin Yan brought [Game Development Artifact] to a barren world of entertainment. King of Glory, Devil May Cry, Onmyoji, Legend of Sword and Fairy, Dungeon and Warriors, Hearthstone, Cross Fire, League of Legends, The Elder Scrolls, The Sims, Prototype, World of Warcraft, Pokémon GO… One game , Are created according to his wishes. - Description from MTL

I Know EverythingChapter 490 Again predicted
RomanceUrban Life

Sky is not born of Shen Huan, millennium is like night. This is a rebirth who wants to release himself, and has an interesting life story after getting a less serious system. - Description from Uukanshu

I Became the Richest Man with a Monthly Salary of 20,000Chapter 791 Sure
Urban Life

When he woke up, Xia Liang found that the whole world had changed, and prices had plummeted. Blind date actually only needs fifty cents of gifts! You can buy a house in the city for only one hundred yuan! It turns out that a sports car worth tens of millions only needs a few dozen yuan! Looking at the balance of 120,000, Xia Liang found that he seemed to be the richest man! - Description from MTLNovel

The Master of the CityChapter 1461 God Transformation Stele
Urban Life

“Ten thousand years, in the eyes of mortals, I am a god; in the eyes of cultivators, I am only the weakest condensing state, a mortal who has condensed for thousands of years…” Chutian looked at the prosperous city and sighed in his heart. He was disheartened to break through the condensed energy realm and soar to the upper realm. He could only quietly be the strongest mortal in the city… - Description from MTLNovel

The Villain of the Rebirth City, the Rich Second Generation~ don't know what to say
Urban Life

Su Zhiwen was reborn as the rich second generation of the city, lived in a villa, and drove a luxury car. He thought he was at the pinnacle of his life, but he didn’t want to activate a villain system. I became the rich second generation villain in the novel? ! I didn’t want to fight against the protagonist, and quietly became a gangster and waited for the rich second generation to die, but the system asked me to attack the heroine. Oh, what can I do? Can only kill the protagonist - Description from MTLNovel

I Have a DragonChapter 102 Advanced Blazing Scorpion
Urban Life

Feng. Liu Di is a city in the city. He has only one mind in mind: I am the king, where do you live? !! - Description from 69shu

Start at the Pinnacle of LifeChapter 1253 D two hundred and forty-three, freshmen
Urban Life

Upon waking up, Qin Yu found that he was actually possessed by the Shenhao system. While other peers were still looking forward to a college career, Qin Yu had already earned ten million. In an instant, life seemed to have reached its peak. - Description from MTL

My Love Life with My Soft GirlfriendChapter 753 Can you change the way of complimenting people?
RomanceUrban Life

Sweet love essays, take you back to the school age! … In order to make up for the regrets in the previous life, after rebirth, Ye Fan transferred to the high school where Ning Xi attended without hesitation. Here, he saw the shadow in his memory. Ning Xi in the memory was lying on the operating table, exhausting the last breath of life and saying to him: “Ye Fan, in fact, I, I have always liked you…” In this life, see how he overcomes the soft and cute genius school girl step by step—— - Description from MTLNovel

Super Farm Systemv2 Chapter 1312 Century Wedding (the finale)
RomanceUrban Life

In the magical China, there are such a number of times to reject the special hiring of the world’s top hotels, and several times to reject the magical farmhouse music interviewed by international TV. The farmhouse is located in a remote corner of the city, where no one should be interested. There are parked one car after another in front of the door, the official bowl, the star song, everyone has to get off the queue ~ “Boss ~ another one ~” “Limit one per person!” “I am out ten Double the money!” “Do not sell!” With another rich second generation sighing out, all the queues in the queue are smiling in good faith~ another person rejected by Ye boss! “Ye Boss is really a strange person with principles and rules!” Ye Chen: With the farmhouse music system, upgrading and raising salary, welcoming Bai Fumei, embarking on the peak of life is not a dream! The system is now word: one of the two goods, the identification is completed! Everyone nodded… - Description from Xbiquge translation

The Strongest Son-in-law: God-level ChoiceChapter 1484 decline

“The Strongest Son-in-law: God-level Choice” One day, a beautiful president approached Ji Feng. “I am pregnant, and the child is yours. After signing this contract, we will go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a certificate and officially become a legal couple.” Looking at the contract of the door-to-door son-in-law, Ji Feng was helpless, how could it be so accurate just that one time. Fortunately, the god-level selection system started successfully. “Choose one, sign this contract, and you will get a novice gift package.” “Choose two, reject this contract, and you will receive five million yuan in compensation for unbinding from the system.” “I choose one.” Ji Feng was surprised to find that because of this contract, his parents finally showed him their hidden identities for many years… - Description from MTLNovel

Rebirth of the Entrepreneurship EraChapter 788 Fengchi Zhisuke
Urban Life

Xu Yiyang, who was only late in his life when he was middle-aged, returned to 1999 in a dream. At the turn of the millennium and the turn of the century, he realized a truth: Not only to be famous early, to start a business and make money, but also early! ……………… New book uploads, new stories, new voyages, Hope you all support! - Description from Uukanshu

My 1995 Small Farmv2 Chapter 429 young woman
Urban Life

With a side of heaven and paradise, from the prosperous future to return to 1995, Chen Ling inadvertently built a paradiseRaising chickens and ducks, teasing dogs and cattle.In his spare time, he went into the mountains to hunt for two or three days, and in his busy time, the fields were full of sweat and gold and silver.The honey between the cliffs tastes good, and the fish and shrimp in the stream are interesting.Fishing, picking melons, planting fruit trees.Nest in the paradise, enjoy the landscape and pastoral songs, the pastoral scenery, work at sunrise and rest at sunset, the joy is also endlessAlso known as "Fugui Mountain Villa".Reminder: The first three chapters are a little bit cruel, mainly to pave the way, the five chapters get better, and the latter is mainly about farming and daily life! This is a novel about not engaging in a career, just wanting to lie down in a mountain village! - Description from MTLNovel

I’ve Been Cultivating Immortals For Thousands of YearsChapter 634 , leaving the endless ruins
Urban Life

Lin Xiao met the Three Emperors and Five Emperors. Has been living in the world as a cultivator. There is no sun and moon in the mountains, and there are thousands of years in the world. When Lin Xiao woke up from retreat, the place where he lived became the shooting location for the sixth season. Huang Xiaochu: Grandpa Lin, this is the top Dahongpao! Lin Xiao: What top-notch ones, these are not popular products, you want to pick them as you like. Zifeng: Grandpa Lin, are you planting carrots? This is obviously ginseng, this root is two meters long… Lin Xiao: I can’t finish this stuff, I often bring it to feed the fish. ······· The live broadcast room was shocked, it turns out that there are cultivators in this world… - Description from MTLNovel

The Pioneer of the Rebirth Erav2 Chapter 2121 I'm not 15 years old
Urban Life

Yang Dongxu found himself reborn and returned to 1979, a time when China was full of opportunities. The Soviet Union or the superpower seems to be doing something. It seems that Hong Kong’s entertainment industry is not prosperous enough. The NBA is not hot enough, it seems to do something… - Description from Qidian

Rebirth of the Industrial Tycoonv2 Chapter 682 An agricultural revolution
Urban Life

In 1984, the first year of Chinese private enterprises. This year, Haier President Zhang was in danger and took over the mess of Qingdao General Refrigerator Factory; This year, TCL Manager Li was in a rudimentary agricultural machinery warehouse, producing audio tapes; This year, Vanke President Wang is going to use the money he earned from selling corn to establish a company; Also in this year, after rebirth, Li Weidong squatted at the door of the workshop, thinking about making a fortune… - Description from MTLNovel

Rebirth: Rising Hong KongChapter 871 Rescue soldiers!
Urban Life

Rickshaw, toilet water, four detectives, Kowloon Flower Boat!The swaying cheongsam girl, and the dreamy Xiangjiang!Reborn XiangjiangShi Zhijian relied on a pile of king fried rice in his hand, and it blossomed everywhere! - Description from MTLNovel

The Strongest Mad Emperor in HistoryChapter 2678 Lin Chen VS Li Xingkong
Urban Life

Pretend? Sorry, Lao Tzu is the strongest six saints thousands of years ago, pretend to press me, and I promise to do you doubt your life! Pick up? Whether it is Royal Sister Loli or Queen Mother, as long as I like it, I have a way to let you take the initiative to give it away! Thousands of years ago, he was the strongest rogue, but he was hated by his brother. A thousand years later, he was born again with a high IQ and EQ! - Description from aixdzs

Reborn in Hong Kong: The Tycoon Grows Upv2 Chapter 1837 racing ten
Urban Life

In the past life, he was an aerodynamic engineer of a well-known company, and in this life, he is a college student of a famous school. When the two identities are perfectly integrated, what sparks will appear. His life experience is also slowly uncovering the mystery, whether he can beat the tycoons of this era, and whether he can stand at the peak of world business. - Description from MTLNovel

Back to 1990Chapter 1214 Dr. Chen
Urban Life

The billionaire Lu Feng, who had become famous, went back to 1990 unexpectedly. He was a little confused when he looked at his cute daughter. What’s more, what was going on with this beautiful wife? Re-live it, don’t make money too simple. He must not only climb to the top of wealth, but also teach the business godfather to make money, by the way, guide the future richest man to start a business, and then stand on the top of the world. You all like to call rich fathers, and Lu Feng wants to tell you that father’s father is called grandpa! - Description from MTL

Shenhao: Confession 99 Times, the School Belle is In a HurryChapter 708 Everyone wants kids, right?
Urban Life

The girls' dormitory is downstairs.Xiao Yang: I like you, be my girlfriend!This is his ninety-ninth confession to school belle Lin Qiyue.the next day.Xiaohua: Why didn't you come to confess your love today? ?Xiao Yang: Who are you?School belle:? ? ?Book friend group number: 957201959 - Description from MTLNovel

Since 1981 Health SchoolChapter 10 1980s vegetable market
Urban Life

The little doctor traveled back to 1981 and became a health school student at the beginning. After graduation, he was assigned to be raped by others.It seemed that his future was bleak. But with his superb medical skills, firm personality, and golden finger benefits, let's see how Chen Qi went from a doctor in a township hospital to a domestic medical leader, an internationally renowned surgical expert, and finally he and his wife The story of becoming "one double academician". - Description from MTLNovel

Ultimate King Of Mixed CityChapter 7303 Sword King strikes! Peerless sword!
ActionAdventureUrban Life

Super soldier Su Chen, returned to the city and returned to the city, set off all directions! The king of soldiers that once famous the world, let everyone be convinced! - Description from xbiquge

Dad! Love My Daughter To DeathChapter 4110 free labor
Urban Life

Daughter, Dad’s sweetheart! Daughter, the little lover of my father’s previous life! Daughter, father’s intimate little padded jacket! Liu Zhengyang, an almighty wizard with a net worth of trillions, opened his eyes and realized that he had actually crossed! Looking at the “new home” with heavy rain outside and light rain inside. Liu Zhengyang said that his brain was a little bit painful. But when Liu Zhengyang saw his well-behaved and sensible daughter. Liu Zhengyang’s heart was about to melt, and he immediately said that he would spoil his baby girl in this life! - Description from MTLNovel

Shenhao’s Salted Fish LifeChapter 828 Step 1 of integration
Urban Life

No sign in, no punch card.Do not rely on breathing, do not rely on walking, do not rely on heartbeat.The system is produced in one step - Description from MTLNovel

Mrs. Bo Was Stripped of a Vest Again TodayChapter 1076 Women who do things are the most beautiful!
RomanceUrban Life

Bo Shao got divorced for a while, chasing his wife in the crematorium. Since then, he has embarked on the difficult path of chasing his wife in deep thinning of his wife’s waistcoat. - Description from MTLNovel

Born In EnglandChapter 209 I'm taking up the land!
ActionMilitaryUrban Life

Rebirth of England in 1890. [Family assets exceed 1,000 pounds, reward a recipe for Chanel No. 5 perfume] [Family assets exceed 10,000 pounds, reward a Red Bull formula] [Family reputation is small and famous, and a reward for automotive technology] [Family influence is world-famous, reward a copy of the cultivation method] As a result, Li Lin started his struggle in England. If he was not careful, he was going to be awesome! - Description from MTLNovel

Urban Perspective Little Doctor~ Chapter 5196 Chapter 5540-5541
Urban Life

The country boy gained inheritance and started a happy life ever since. - Description from MTL