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Master Of Martial Arts Has An Advanced Optical Brain

Chu Nan was just an ordinary student, but because of an accident, he obtained the data collection, analysis and processing ability equivalent to the most advanced optical brain.In his eyes, everything in the world could be analyzed with the most accurate data. Any attack by the enemy was only a combination of countless data points. Even the flow of Internal Breath in his meridians could be accurately quantified with data.With the help of such extremely accurate data, he could use his physical strength optimally and also create the most suitable internal cultivation method for himself. Following this, his strength naturally advanced by leaps and bounds.After such a sudden event, his life was completely changed.

Virtue is AbundantChapter 10 Changhong Street
ActionAdventureFantasyMartial Arts

My surname is Wu, and everyone calls me Xiao Wu.Listen, brother, here are some of my experiences-Don't listen to what it says when you fight with the dragon, just fight until it dies;It's a little more troublesome to beat the goblin, it's better not to let it see you, you have to shoot the black gun;It's a word to engage in orcs, naked!If the devil dares to come to trouble, he will break his horns, and he will kneel;Okay, I'm going to fight at the bar now, I'll write more about the introduction when I get back - Description from MTLNovel

Global Evolution: I Have An Attribute BoardChapter 10 Artistic concept level curved hand knife!

In the era of global evolution, humans and monsters coexist, and evolution is the only theme!Chu Zhou traveled to this world. At the age of 17, he awakened the attribute panel!Breathing method, combat skills, talents, you can upgrade with points!Basic breathing method, upgrade 10,000 layers, and become black hole breathing method!D-level combat skills, upgrade 10,000 layers, and become SSS-level magic skills!Ordinary talents, upgrade 10,000 layers, and become true god talents!Several years later, Chu Zhou stood on the top of the cosmic pyramid, facing many cosmic overlords, cosmic true gods, and cosmic sages, and summed up his life: Everything I have today is due to my hard workDeep blue, add points! - Description from MTLNovel

Vulgar MasterChapter 9 incense burner
FantasySci-fiUrban Life

[Folk suspense, soul world, running group experience]Zhou Bawa entered a text running game called "The World", and unexpectedly discovered that the rewards obtained in the game would actually be brought to reality, and all kinds of strange and vulgar things began to appear in reality.Feng shui physiognomy, walking the yin and fighting, chasing the corpse and warding off evil spirits, descending the head, mountain cobbler, foot walk on water, bedside lice, reeling silk and boiling salt, five thunder and righteous methods can eliminate evil, hu, yellow and willow ashes invite Taoist soldiers , Duan Gong raises the little ghost, the goddess dances to the Nuo god, a bowl of talisman water is used to treat bumpers, a yellow talisman is accepted by the celestial master, the river god does not eat last year's sacrifice, the calamity of Tuchuan flows eastward, and the mountain temple does not rest. Landlord does not ask for directions This is a crazy era when rituals and music collapsed, disasters plagued the world, secular gods filled the sky, copper roads were everywhere, and filth and evil grew wildly.Zhou Bawa is in charge of the big sacrificial stove, supervising the world, inviting soldiers and horses from five routes to enter the four beams and eight pillars, restraining cows, ghosts, snakes and spirits, and open their eyes to see this world. - Description from MTLNovel

Warhammer InquisitorChapter 10 Frontiers of Empire: A New Lead

At the end of the dark 40,000 years, the enemies in the Milky Way launched their final offensive. When the end of the Era comes, the eternal war will come to an end. The human empire has now reached its destined final moment.But the gear of fate does not end. The fate of the Milky Way will be determined by him and them as it was ten thousand years ago. What will happen at the end of this dark 40,000 years? - Description from MTLNovel

Different Dimension GameChapter 10 "Faust" and "Easy with the Devil"
ActionFantasySci-fiUrban Life

Accidentally got a game, the script in it is colorful: demons, ghosts, weirdness, demons let Wang Hao embark on an unexpected path.[This is a journey across dimensions, we explore the unknown, but get more unknowns; we resist fear, but get more fear. [When humans lose their way in the dark, I will be their pioneer, burn my heart and light the way forward! - Description from MTLNovel

After 20 Years of Trickery, I Entered the Thriller GameChapter 10 : When the weird knocks on the door!

Traveling to another Blue Star, Lin Chen awakened the "Catch the tricky reselling system". You can catch the weird, sell it to the black mine for mining, and exchange for the weird coins.It's a pity that there are too few strange things in this peaceful world. In this case, Lin Chen used the method of looking for a needle in a haystack to catch the strange things for more than ten years, but still very little.Until one day, Lin Chen received a letter from a thriller gameThis time, the purchase life began.In the ghost restaurant, the foreman, with tears in his eyes, looked at his miserable restaurant.In the weird school, the students shivered, and the principal lit a cigarette for them. There is also a dungeon deserted village that makes all human players feel terrifying, and eventually became a real deserted village.I don't know when, in the world of horror, a peddler named "Uncle Chen" began to spread - Description from MTLNovel

World of ImmortalityChapter 9 i want to meet the smurfs

In 2120, the level of human science and technology has once again reached a new level.The birth of a new race, the virtual metaverse world that can make consciousness immortal, the freezing technology that can use time to fight against terminal illness, and the brand-new capital arena Dazzlingly appeared before the eyes of the natives of the earth.How can humans and AI coexist? Which one is more dignified, life by idling or natural death?Confusion, confrontation, venting, and shouting seem to have become the norm On Zhang Yunxi's eighteenth birthday, his whole family was killed by a nanny. He came to a place called Qingshan Theological Seminary full of doubts. - Description from MTLNovel

Jiu Ge’s Beloved SpiritChapter 10 Can I go home with you (10)

Yunsi, the world's first flower from the other side of hell.Also known as Manzhushahua.Good at ghost fire, can be called a hundred ghosts, especially good at illusion.After she met the rumored gentle and elegant son Jiu Ge in a shocking way, she fell into his gentle beauty and couldn't extricate herself.Yun Si: "Jiu Ge, Jiu Ge, can I pursue you?"The young master of Guangfeng Jiyue smiled gently and shook his head politely.In the next second, Yun Si successfully took his hand.Yun Si began to push forward: "Jiu Ge and Jiu Ge, can I hug you?"The young master gently refused.In the next second, Yun Si successfully hugged her."Jiu Ge and Jiu Ge, I want to kiss you."The young master tapped her forehead and pondered, "Girl, please respect yourself."The alluring Little Fairy Bianhua blinked her beautiful eyes and stood on tiptoe.Easy going.then,The little goblin who did something bad was punished to copy the precepts.The goblin continued to persevere,The young master lowered his eyes and looked at the hands holding each other. He was gentle and gentle, and had a good temper. "Young lady, you must respect yourself.""I don't!" The little goblin clung to him, never leaving him.She always thought he had a gentle temper.Until one day, she witnessed a woman confessing to him.The woman stepped forward to get closer,The young master turned cold in an instant, and kicked her away, without the slightest gentleness, "Get lost."The woman ran away crying.The little fairy who clings to the gentle son every day and wants to kiss and hug him:? ? ?It turns out that the young master is also very fierce? ?It turns out that the son can also be rough? ?The blatant goblin vs the young master who refuses on the surface but is infinitely gentle and pampered secretly. [Love at first sight + two-way secret love] - Description from MTLNovel

Beiyin Great SageChapter 10 palace

The end is coming, and the world will perish!An accident on a trip brought Zhou Jia to this world trapped in Jiuyou ahead of time, struggling to survive. - Description from MTLNovel

God SimulatorChapter 10 Polytheism

Lu Yao strayed into a small pixel game where he played the role of a god, but found that this game was connected to a world of different dimensions.The [sacrifice] in the game will enter reality, and the [gift] he gave can also reach the game world.As a trainee god, he can't do much except create various natural disasters.Until he gritted his teeth and revived a supermodel apostle, the gameplay changed a bit - Description from MTLNovel

The Old Gods Are WhisperingChapter 387 This cooperation is not right

"Listen, the ancient gods are whispering, He saidthey will return eventually!"According to legend, the rulers of this world should have been those ancient gods, and every death of them was a grand rebirthThose who believe in the gods wake up the sleeping gods, light torches in the dark, and burn the world.My father disappeared because he was investigating the resurrection of a certain god, and his life and death are still unknown.I panicked, but not totally panicked.Because the resurrected god is me. - Description from MTLNovel

Global Descent: 100×Reward

The entire globe has transmigrated overnight!In countries filled with billions of zombies, killing zombies, chopping down trees, mining, building, and blowing up haunted houses are means to obtain survival resources.Lin Ye has awakened a 100Reward talent, and he received a hundredfold of any reward received.Newbie Gift Pack: an ax, two loaves of bread, three bottles of water100Reward (selectable)1) 100 axes, 200 loaves of bread, 300 bottles of water2) a Desert Eagle, 2 pounds of beef, 3 liters of Red BullWith the construction of the bunker completed, the reward of four native workers becomes100Reward (selectable)1) 400 beginner native workers2) 4 intermediate native workersWhen the camp is completed, a Ranger becomes:100Reward (selectable)1) 100 female Rangers2) an Elemental RangerFrom then on, Forestry was invincible.While others are still mining and fighting zombies for survival, he has already led Death and the Titan army in attacks against cities. When others start to form an alliance to resist the zombie horde, he has already broken through the haunted house headquarters in China and stormed his way into hell.

Your San Value is ZeroChapter 528 Earn money

A muffled murmur sounded softly,Crazy goblins ravage the village,Mutated beasts roam the fields,The ancient old gods are gradually awakening,Just when the darkness is about to engulf the entire continent,A brave man from another world quietly appeared,This may be the darkest hour before dawn.Human: "The savior has come?"Monster: "Have new food arrived?"Till the fame of the brave spread far and wide,Walking through every corner of the continent,He/she/they know,What is the real darkest hour.The monsters and humans said in unison:"I beg you to be human, the ancient gods were so scared that they went back to sleep." - Description from MTLNovel

Whispering VerseChapter 1499 The power of gluttony

In the era of steam and mystery, becoming a correspondence student at the Thaumatology Academy was something Shad never thought of.A whispering voice rang in my ears, who was reciting the poems of foreignersThe old gods and aliens,When the brassy rings of fate turn,The golden runes are flickering.steam surge,the fire flickers,Relic echoes,The old gods revived.The outstretched hand after the thick fog,Pull back the hazy curtain of the crazy age.Guests from afar explore the lands of the Old Continent,Striking the melody of the next era.Came here through the gate of time,Shad put down his suitcase,Look at the silvery moonlight overhead. - Description from MTLNovel

Starting Off Survival With A Small TreehouseChapter 586 melee on the ground

Survival + Wasteland ReclamationWelcome to Survival World!Here, forget everything you once had and try to live!In the beginning, there is no tool other than a tree house seed, but you need to find hope in this dangerous jungle.[Unlocking the creator permission of Survival World]what's the situation? ![Creator permission unlock failed]What is the situation? ? ? - Description from MTLNovel

Villains TemplateChapter 924 Re-entry to the Nibelungen

"My turn, draw cards""It's better to use this one if you're fighting"Looking at the card in his hand, Yue Si gave a villainous smile. - Description from MTLNovel

Shuttle To Get Rich Since 1985Chapter 611 Do not talk about martial arts

He Gui can freely travel between reality and the parallel world in 1985.The disappearing Chinese rhino appeared.Spotted soft-shelled turtle and white dolphin appeared again.The extinct local pigs are on the table again.He Gui: I am as stable as an old dog in the real world, but I attack everywhere in the parallel world. PS: During the new book period, there are two updates every day, 8 in the morning and 6 in the evening. Mengxin asks for recommendation, collection, investment. - Description from MTLNovel

Zerg OL: This Game Has 100 Million Points of LiverChapter 473 Don't worry we won't lose

If one day, when you find out that the immersive game you play is not a game but a reality, what will your reaction be?A game called Zerg OL is sweeping the world. In this game, you need to play a bug to help the leader Jiang Yao rebuild the bug swarm and resist the human imperial army that may appear at any time to wipe them out."Mengxin, is this game fun?" Mengxin, who is new to the group, asked."A newcomer is here, this game is very fun!""Mengxin, go! This group is full of perverts!""Go!""Walk!""The person who chatted with you just now has not been offline for 72 consecutive hours. He just entered the ICU yesterday!""Is this game boring?" Mengxin was a little confused."Extremely disgusting! Playing other games requires money, playing this game is useless!""The liver doesn't matter at all, they call me the Emperor of the Liver in other games!" Obviously, the naive Mengxin obviously didn't realize the seriousness of the matter.until one day."Since playing Zerg OL, now my waist is no longer sore, and my legs don't hurt anymore. I'm only 20 years old, and I'm a young man with baldness. My blind date girls call me uncle, it's great!"And for this group of players, Jiang Yao is also heartbroken.That steel thunder beast over there, don't go up and listen to my command! The Titans of the Order of Titans are coming! Don't go alone in the group!Dragon! Play battleship! You are against the air! Don't hit the ground! There are ground units on the ground to fight!Those devourers of the N74 galaxy! Fuck! Don't spray on that blue planet, it's your home planet! I'm not kidding! - Description from MTLNovel

Steel, Guns and the Industrial Party Across the WorldChapter 621 suggestion

Emperor Gabela: Imperial legions are unstoppable on land.Great Orc Chief: All the warriors of the tribe can count as ten.Jade Realm Elf King: The forest ranger has never missed a shot.Chairman of the Horn Bay Alliance: The alliance fleet is the undisputed ruler of the sea.A mysterious organization: The prophesied era will finally come.Paul Grayman: I am not targeting anyone. Everyone here is rubbish.Start the journey of guns and cannons crushing the low-magic plane(This is an old-fashioned story about climbing a technological tree in another world to farm for hegemony. The author has limited knowledge and may make some mistakes in technical details. Criticism and corrections are welcome) - Description from MTLNovel

Becoming A Dragon In A Martial Arts WorldChapter 342 Little lizard info? The Desolate King Attacks

Bai Chuan has a particularly powerful ability, he can take apart everything in the world as a model and choose the best ability structure to give to himself.If he was born in a mythical world, given him a period of time, he would be able to overthrow the heavens and the world, become an immortal and become an ancestor.If he was born in a world with extraordinary monsters and beasts, given him a period of time, he could also become the strongest beast, called invincible and immortal.It's a pityhe was born in an ordinary world of low martial arts."The water in this world is too shallow to raise real dragons" He looked at the sky and muttered to himself.Since real dragons cannot be raised in shallow water, wouldn't it be better to make the pond deeper? - Description from MTLNovel

Immortal Cultivation Is So ScientificChapter 622 invade
ActionAdventureFantasyMartial Arts

Immortals caress my top and endure longevity.IBMz15, 190 CPUs, 40T memory, 12.2 billion transistorsTake the portable computer room to the world of immortality, and the story of immortality with the help of IBMz15.All for longevity! - Description from MTLNovel

Global Games: Start with 10 Billion Psionic CoinsChapter 1099 final ripple

Alien civilization invaded, global psionics recovered, and a game against alien civilization was bornWhat? All transactions in the game can only use psionic coins?Can't you quickly increase your strength without burning a lot of money?Su Yu smiled while standing beside the world's largest psionic spring.I have tens of billions of psionic coins! Are you scared?Ps: There are already 1.6 million words of the old book, and the credibility is guaranteed. - Description from MTLNovel

Overturned Towerv2 Chapter 17 boss who is not as rich as his employees

The world ruled by seven super corporations, the eternal species that always occupy the pinnacle of power, the statute that is not allowed to be promulgated, the floating island that draws the ground as a prison, and the future where resources will eventually be exhaustedPeople yearn for the birth of a real "hero", and they also coldly look forward to the fallen heroes falling from the altar.As long as he is praised as a hero by the media, he can be forgiven even if he kills someone, and every word he says will be praised by others. Even the elves who are above the top will not dare to offend the edge of a hero.But if the heroes of the past committed even the faults of their parents, as long as the persona collapsed, the forgiven crimes would rise again like an unextinguished fire, and the stars of the past would be reduced to unforgivable sinners in an instant"Come and be a hero, Russell."The most vicious criminal in the world stuffed the knife into the young man's hand and whispered to persuade him.3.1 million words have been ordered for this work "The Player is Super Justice" and several copies of this work have been ordered for other sites, and the reputation is guaranteed. - Description from MTLNovel

Magic Tower Starry SkyChapter 1456 box cut mystery solution

As a professional and amateur of astronomy, every time I look up at the billions of stars in the night sky, it is hard to imagine that among these huge numbers, human beings live alone in the universe.When I opened my eyes again, I was already in a magical world based on the eight powers of knowledge, power, authority, faith, wealth, dexterity, perception, and mystery.Looking up at the starry sky in another world, is my hometown among these billions of stars?Searching for a possible way home. It may take a lifetime, it may be ten, but it is always a hope. - Description from MTLNovel

There is a Problem with This Online Game PlanningChapter 660 first game
GameSci-fiUrban Life

A garbage turn-based online game that has not been updated for half a year, has a development budget that is seven times that of games in the same period, and whose revenue is only one-tenth of that.A garbage game that everyone has given up on, at the last moment when the server is about to be shut down a new version was released.The main strategy is Lin Yao.Since then, he has become famous in one battle."The most tricks, the wildest way, dimensionality reduction blow, although I don't understand what she is doing, but she always earns more than us" - Description from MTLNovel

The Seventh Basev5 Chapter 97 cute pet

Above the ruins, in the wilderness, Xu Mo looks up at the starry sky, all of which will be my home'! - Description from MTLNovel

The Age of Giant Ships and CannonsChapter 354 Bargaining with the Necrontyr

In the age of giant ships and cannons, in the digital interstellar era, there is no martial arts, no mechs, pure interstellar warfare, and giant ships and cannons fighting against each other.There are digital warships, frigates, destroyers, cruisers, battleships, dreadnought flagships, Titan super flags, and even mobile fortresses and mobile battle stars.The passionate interstellar battle, the battle of civilizations, and the battle of thousands of titans super flag.Countless alien civilizations compete for living space, and the result of the failure of the cruel civilization war is the end of civilization, and the survival of hundreds of millions of species is in your mind.The flesh and blood are weak, and the machinery soars.Design evolution, gene soaring.The heart is better than things, and the spirit can soar.Spiritual disasters, insect disasters, high-dimensional demons, and the agreement to revive.Key words: leading the mainstream, data flow, interstellar war, farming, the fourth natural disaster, planetary warship, star fortress, four-dimensional fortress, negative star, etc.Starting point is the only data-based interstellar war novel, there is no similar genre, don't miss it when you pass by.The author also has Wanding's old book [Global Age of Gods] to enter by clicking on the author's name. - Description from MTLNovel

Global Lords: Start As a Desert Lordv2 Chapter 563 Cranes and clams compete for profit

Introduction: lord, farming, cultivation, troops, exploration, developmentTens of billions of people around the world have traveled to the game world of "Era of Radiance", and all of them have become lords and have their own territory.Recruit troops, collect resources, occupy mines, attack cities, and build an empire!The most important thing in this lord world is undoubtedly the troop lair that can recruit troops.However, the potential of the troop nests is fixed. If you want to get the top troop, you can only defeat those powerful field troops and occupy their troop nests.However, Li Cha found that he was able to directly raise the level of the troop lair.Since then, a variety of extremely powerful arms have been cultivated by him.When other players are still ecstatic to get a high-level unit.Behind Richard appeared desert pharaohs, scorpion emperors, mechanical giants, demon barons, blood clan princes, five-colored evil dragons, fallen angelsSince then, a prosperous oasis city has appeared in the desert, and he has become the master of the The novel "I became the ancestor of the blood family" has been completed with 3 million wordsThe million-word novel "Lord of Natural Disaster: Beginning to Become the Grand Duke of Demons" thanks for watching - Description from MTLNovel

Technological Empire Starts From Shanzhai SystemChapter 556 A sensation in the world, crazy people all over the world!

Reborn in 2004, facing the age where pigs can be blown up, Lin Xuan, carrying the "Strongest Cottage King System", started galloping - Description from MTLNovel

Global Wasteland: I Unboxed Top Vaults (The World Is A Wasteland: I Obtained A Top Tier Shelter)Chapter 543 equivalent exchange

This novel is also known as The World Is A Wasteland: I Obtained A Top Tier ShelterThe meteorite destroyed the world, and the global people traveled to the wasteland world!The monstrous flood, the ice age, the advent of alien beasts, the plant plagueUnder the random disaster once every seven days, if you want to survive, you must build a higher-level shelter!Lin Yue awakened the 100% treasure chest system, and since then he has opened up a completely different style of painting from others.Others: "The explosion rate of the treasure chest is too low? I still haven't killed fifty mutant creatures!"Lin Yue: "There are too many boxes and there is no room in the inventory. Do I have to upgrade the shelter to build a warehouse? Oh, it's so annoying." - Description from MTLNovel

Rebirth 1999: Opening the Age of Black Technologyv2 Chapter 924 Musk is in a hurry

When he woke up, Chen Xiao, a tech elite business genius, was reborn in a parallel world in 1999, another self standing at the gate of the college entrance examination.This yearOICQ was just born, and Goose Factory employees pretended to be girls and chatted with male netizens. Ma Yun was regarded as a liar and was forced to leave Yanjing to start a business in Suzhou and Hangzhou. Li Hong rented two rooms at the Yanjing Hotel and discussed the prototype of whitenessThis year, Chen Xiao took the black technology guide of the future world, from social software to domestic systems, from domestic chips to artificial intelligence, from new biological energy to DNA remodeling to fight cancer; from quantum technology to anti-gravity enginesHe won the title of "Forbes" and dominated the global media. He suddenly found that he had accidentally changed the world. - Description from MTLNovel

I Plunder Endlessly In the Interstellar AgeChapter 476 1st

In the interstellar era, gangs and predators are rampant, all over the galaxy. Chen Han, who makes energy blocks for a living, is bullied at the bottom of the society. In order to survive, he throws himself into the darkness and becomes a member of the gang. At the end of the road, he obtained a super warship that can be transformed unlimitedly as long as he has resources, and founded the notorious bandit gang "Beiliang". At this point, the endless plundering began - Description from MTLNovel

Into UnscientificChapter 471 From the University of Science and Technology to the end of the University of Science and Technology

I once sat and discussed with Newton, and I also walked side by side with Einstein.I messed with Planck's hairstyle, and I also wrote the preface to Zhang Zhongjing's Treatise on Febrile and Miscellaneous Diseases.All in all, this is a story about a schoolmaster traveling through time and space in ancient and modern China and abroad, using the wisdom of the predecessors to open up the future of mankind.What? You say this is unscientific?No, it's very scientific!Note:This book is a black science and technology article, not the flow of the heavens, not the flow of the infinite, the protagonist will not have superpowers, everyone will know after reading it.There is also an old book "Handbook of Conquering Another World" high-end 30,000 orders with an average order of 8,000+, welcome to read. - Description from MTLNovel

From the Dungeon, Slaughter the Demon ApostleChapter 666 king's whisper

Ling Fei, the son of a fisherman in Sanxian Island, was accidentally involved in a mysterious continentArad, after learning that his celestial destiny was shallow and that he had no way to ascend.Sword, there are unique adventurers here. Ling Fei, who has just arrived, has a mysterious mission and an ancient blood. The silent Grand Forest is roaring, the ancient ruins of the king are lamenting, and it is unknown what the legendary headless horseman is chasing.On the ground, Ling Fei gets acquainted with his partners, takes risks, and becomes a legend! - Description from MTLNovel

Become The Guard AI Of The Lost Civilization After TransmigrationChapter 239 active decontamination protocol

What kind of experience is it to travel through time and become an AI?Li Wenyuan, who was hit by the meteorite, successfully experienced this feeling.Fortunately, he discovered that the planet he controlled seems to be a little bit special."Precious living metal? Any wall here is living metal!""Zello? You said that omnics don't need this? Sorry, psionic machines are being produced.""Interstellar colony? Isn't it good to build a ring world?"This is a story of farming, and it is also a story of human exploration of the universe from the past.There are space wars, interstellar adventures, civilization observations, and galaxy epics."So" A few years later, facing the disaster that was about to sweep across the entire galaxy, the unmanned fleet controlled by Li Wenyuan stood up helplessly."They all think that I am a lost empire, and I can only do what the lost empire should do."PS: space opera - Description from MTLNovel

Mecha and KnifeChapter 858 go ahead!

Forge unparalleled mechs with the ambition of old age, and use the galaxy as a knife to smash the edge of the empire.His name is Ji Xinghe. When he was 65 years old, he went to Alien Battlefield to avenge his son.The old man is standing on the ground, his ambition is a thousand miles away, the old man wears armor, and fights to the galaxy, the old man drags his sword, it is not for glory. - Description from MTLNovel

Save the Bachelor of HeavenChapter 2581 2583【Turning against the wind】

Rajesh Kusapari hopes to find a lifelong partner; Xie Yongqiang hopes to be with Wang Xiaomeng for a lifetime; Ji Xiaolan does not want to disappoint Du Xiaoyue's love; Yuan Hua does not want to hand over Qiuya to othersAwaken the system, travel through the world, and save the bachelors of the heavens!I am Xiang Nan, I am working hard! - Description from MTLNovel

Players Please Get In the CarChapter 1490 Conquer

"Players are welcome to board the special train for the Dimension Crack game. This train will go from the E-level departure station to the D-level station. Please ensure that your life is safe and orderly get on the train and abide by the rules of the ride.""Ride rules are as follows:""1. Please do not bring non-game items on the train. (Except underwear)""2. Must consume. (The train staff are all working without pay)""3. Do not turn on the lights after turning off the lights. (Except for those who are daring and talented)""In addition, the train encourages a variety of leisure methods such as sneak attacks, fights, and hunting. Players are invited to choose at will.""I wish you a pleasant journey." - Description from MTLNovel

Plug-in PlayerChapter 1651 great migration

Su Mo is a late bloomer, introverted and not very good at communicating with strangers. I thought that my life would be so dull, but after participating in a national game “Star Ring”. Rediscovered the joy of life and embarked on the road to the top of the throne. - Description from MTLNovel

Star Ring MissionChapter 1686 Unite as oneHOT

Su Mo is a late bloomer, introverted and not very good at communicating with strangers. I thought that my life would be so dull, but after participating in a national game “Star Ring”. Rediscovered the joy of life and embarked on the road to the top of the throne. - Description from MTLNovel

I’m Extracting Movie Tech at MarvelChapter 412 ; opening ceremony

Bai Yang traveled to the Marvel world. At this time, Tony was still a playboy and a weapons dealer. The captain is still sleeping in the glacier, the widow sister is also working in full swing at S.H.I.E.L.D., and the little spider is still a primary school student, Thor… Everything seems to have not started yet. This year, “Iron Fist” was released and won praise from the market. A city was built at an unknown time on an empty island, known as the Tech Island. Fighting Robots, Big White Medical Robots, T-Virus Potion, Predator, Transformers, Tinder Source… QQ group: 719736092 - Description from MTLNovel

Global Refuge: I Open a Factory In the End TimesChapter 152 : Rigorous research report

[Subscribe with confidence, the guarantee is complete! 】 Unlimited upgrades for the safe house! Is [Simple Wooden Safe House] upgraded to [Doomsday Bunker]? Top food processor! Is 【Contaminated Water】purified as 【Kona Salt Brine】? Cutting edge technology factory! Is [Rough Cloth Robot] upgraded to [Nanotech Robot]? Su Heng: I want it all! The system is close to you, and you can easily become the ultimate winner in the apocalypse! - Description from MTLNovel

The Fourth Scourge of Star Warsv2 Chapter 1359 Mandalorian political turmoil

Take over a Homeworld mothership and travel to the world of Star Wars? Tang Xiao: “This world is so dangerous. Mom, I want to go home.” Wait a minute, the mothership database actually has “Original Sin of the Solar Empire”, “Halo”, “EVE”, “StarCraft”, “Stellaris”? ? And there are still Jim Raynor, Master Chief, and Archbishop Artanis sleeping in the freezer? Tang Xiao: “Humph! They will all bow down at my feet!!” The Fourth Calamity… ah no, long live the Fourth Empire! - Description from MTLNovel

Star World Legendary GuildChapter 1815 : 1 month later

“Do you want to take risks? Do you want to add excitement to your boring life…! Please go to xx to fill in the information, you are a member of our Sacred Pattern Guild.” A magician girl read the flyer. . “President! Run! That guy xxx has lost his love again. He is looking for a duel with you now.” “Damn it! If you become a Sword Saint, you will still lose your love!” “President, that guy said that you lied to him so that he couldn’t become a magician until he lost his love. In short, you should run!” “Damn, that guy even said that I harmed him even though he didn’t have the talent for magic. Forget it, I’ll leave it to you here. I’ll hide from him for a while.” The magician girl saw that the guild leader of the holy pattern was so fast that it gave a small visual illusion of displacement, and quickly passed by her side. The magical girl lightly stroked the magician’s hat, which was affected by the strong wind, and decided, “The Sacred Pattern Guild is really interesting. I decided to join this guild.” - Description from MTLNovel

Catastrophe~ new book preview

A cataclysm that turned the world into a wasteland of order collapse. Some are sheltered in fortresses, some are hiding in the wasteland, and some have been transformed into other creatures by radiation. The world is divided into two extremes. The rich and powerful hold top technology and isolate themselves from the chaotic world with fortresses rising from the ground. A hunter forced to make a living in a crisis-ridden refugee area, in order to survive the coming winter, he went to a road that overcomes obstacles. In this dangerous and chaotic world, a group of life-and-death brothers from grassroots gradually made the world tremble. - Description from MTLNovel

I, The Giant of the Imperial Palace, Travel Through the Heavens!Chapter 56 injury and fetus

Wake up and become a giant of the palace. Who is the Emerald Giant? It was the man who broke through the Holy Grail War overnight with a string of sevens. But now the time point is actually after the defeat in the hands of the King of Heroes. Looking at his scarred body and facing the danger of being imprisoned, Emiya Shirou could only helplessly look up at the sky. Okay, don’t say anything, wait for me to cross first. I have written down this hatred, and I will talk about everything when I come back. ——————— Emiya Shirou: “In order to protect my sister’s happiness, I will not hesitate to smash my body to pieces!” Passerby: “Which sister do you want to protect, after all, you have so many sisters?” Emiya Shirou: “Of course it’s all, after all, they are my family.” “So, would you like to be my sister?” ——————— ps. First world: Is it wrong to seek encounters in dungeons? - Description from MTLNovel

Game Making: Start By Healing the PlayerChapter 910 Youth and Memories

Chen Xu traveled to the parallel world, and was surprised to find that many classic and excellent games in the previous life did not appear in the parallel world. I wanted to make a big picture, but why did I still have an ’emotion collection system’, and the emotions such as happiness, sadness, excitement, fear, anger and other emotions provided by players who have played games made by themselves can make them stronger? But why is it so much easier to get resentment than happiness? Looking at his points harvest, Chen Xu expressed puzzlement. As a result, Chen Xu’s career as a game designer gradually turned crooked. In “Under the Legend”, countless players beat the table and shout: I was played by this game! In “Escape”, countless players shouted, my cabinet moved, and I stopped playing. In “Dark Souls”, when countless players entered the game with a smile, “Go away, please go away, leave the fire girl behind and go out with your fire, we don’t want to spread this fire!” Soap, Xiaoqiang, and Ghost sacrificed in “Call of Duty”; Zack was killed and Alice was killed in “Final Fantasy 7”; Arthur and John were betrayed in “Red Dead Redemption”; Countless players went berserk: Nima Chen Xu old thief, can’t we be kinder to the protagonist? Q: How do I feel about players’ anger towards themselves? Facing the reporter’s question, Chen Xu smiled slightly: What kind of verbal criticism is this, this is the encouragement of players around the world to me, this is love! Thank you all, I will keep up the good work! - Description from MTLNovel