The Road to Slaying God

Status : Completed

Genres : Action , Adventure , Comedy , Harem , Wuxia

Chapters: 524

Last update: 2 years ago

4.2 /5

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An ordinary student, a wretched peeper, a cowardly teenager with a kind heart. In a terrorist attack, he inherited the knowledge of countless elites, embarked on a path of God Jagged TuHe is an artist!He is a mathematician!He is a psychology Doctor!He is a master of fighting!In fact, he is a manTaken off raw site:A wretched, dirty young man is working during the summer when he was caught up in a mysterious explosion. After that explosion, the young man is then left with the memories and knowledge of dozens of the world's experts.He has changed, his heart has become cold, iron-blooded. He became a killing machine, his mind turned mechanical, calculative. Everything goes according to his plans and calculations!In this magical, slaughterous world, a door is opened for him - Description from Novelupdates

The Road to Slaying God