The Rise of the European Emperor

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Action , Adventure , Drama , Historical , Romance

Chapters: 2180

Last update: 2 years ago

3.8 /5

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(This book is the sequel to "The King of German Mercenaries" and is the second stage of the story's development.)Marin spent six years, from a poor wandering knight who was kicked out of the house, struggling to become the earl of the country, and established the famous "Black Water Company", with 20,000 powerful mercenaries, became Germany King of mercenaries.However, for a learned traversal who is a learned scholar, becoming the king of the mercenary world is obviously not the end. So, with the powerful mercenaries armed to the teeth, Marin set off a bloody storm in Germany and even Europe, and began the European Emperor's rise model.In the end, the North Sea became the "inner sea" surrounded by Marin-owned territories. Gold and silver from Peru and Mexico, saltpetre from Chile, sugar and spices from Caribbean islands, gold from South Africa, porcelain and silk from the Ming Dynasty, etc - Description from Uukanshu

The Rise of the European Emperor