The Female Partner is My Favorite [Quickly Wear]

Status : Completed

Genres : Comedy , Drama , Romance , Yuri

Chapters: 125

Last update: 3 years ago

2.5 /5

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The female partner is a great character.She fends off the sword for the male protagonist, and pulls the hatred for the female protagonist. She works hard in the wind and rain, but she will not achieve a good result. It looks so pitiful.Lu Niao Niao is a girl with a delicate appearance, but in fact she is an overlord. His only hobby is to read online articles. For this type of female partner, he just wants to take a pity, and all the time commenting and selling cute and begging the author to give a good ending.Until one day she binds the system and penetrates into the world in the book.System: Come, come, pen for you, you write!Lu Wei Niao: I write it, I write it! I'll spoil my female partner!In the end, I just want to spoil him, so why did he spoil him as a wife?Edible guide: All worlds are sliced~1v1~1. The Tsundere Miss Bai Fumei vs the little pitiful bullied in the campus essay2. The industry occupies half of the movie industry, the big man vs the entertainment industry, the unspoken rule of the past3. The infinitely favored princess vs. the eldest daughter of the Hou Mansion who died young and did not hurt her father4. The cold and taciturn master vs. the little apprentice who was framed by others for stealing the treasure of the sect and wanted to draw the roots of the soulto be continuedContent Tag: Female Match System Quick Wear ShuangwenSearch keyword: protagonist: Lu Xun Supporting role: Others:One-sentence brief: Female match, my love!Idea: I will protect your growth - Description from MTLNovel

The Female Partner is My Favorite [Quickly Wear]