Status : Ongoing

Genres : Fantasy , Wuxia , Xianxia

Chapters: 1958

Last update: a year ago

2.9 /5

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Lay the jade group celestial seat, burn incense Taiyi palace.The collision of the two universes swallowed, and Ye Jiangchuan came here at the critical moment of victory or defeat.Traveling here, he can often come to a tavern that is constantly changing.This tavern seems to have infinite forms, sometimes it is an ancient oriental wine shop, sometimes it is a modern urban bar, and sometimes it is a mechanical tavern of the futureKnights, dwarves, evil spirits, mechanical life Ye Jiangchuan saw many passers-by with different life forms here, until that day, he met an old man who was holding a green bull!Miracle card, Chaos Daoqi.Secret treasures, bloodlines, magical powers, adventures When these were placed in front of him, Ye Jiangchuan understood that everything was different! - Description from MTLNovel