Race on the Head of the Ex [Rebirth]

Status : Completed

Genres : Romance , Yuri

Chapters: 106

Last update: 2 years ago

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There is a saying, but mortal scumbags have one common characteristic: first say all the good things, and then stop the bad things.He Qingqi was deceived into marriage for ten years, and finally wanted to get a divorce, but Fang Xuanyao squeezed out the last trace of value. She was deceived, persecuted, and sent to another bed by her former beloved. .Overnight, He Qingqi changed from a well-known domestic director to a cheating drug addict.She accidentally encountered a car accident on the way to sign the divorce agreement. Her only regret was that she did not have time to make up for Zhuo Zhiwei, who was killed by her all her lifeUnexpectedly, when I opened my eyes, I found that I actually participated in a women's team audition show when I was young. The target of the gossip and derailment was in the prime of life.So, how about finding a way to make a career together?+++++++++++Later, at the signing ceremony for the first anniversary of the group, some CP fans accidentally took a group of videos.In the video, He Qingqi smiled and signed for the fans, and took a sip of the milk tea in the upper left corner of Zhuo Zhiwei.According to the legend, Zhuo Zhiwei, who has a serious hygienic addiction, watched her take the wrong milk tea, and then took it back casually.Lips stuck to the straw for a long time.He Fen & Zhuo Fen: No didn't you just drink the same cup of milk tea? Thiswith the same straw, it's not bad, it's normal!It's just that the two fans panicked as the two became more intimate and bothered to hide their thoughts.Weifen cries and chirps: Qiqi (Weiwei), Ma Ma does not allow you to fall in love early!He Qingqi posted a marriage certificate: Not in love, got the certificate.Note: Domineering childish ghost high cold double standard dog (?)Same-sex marriage, modern overheadCharacter has no prototypeGo and stay freely, no need to comment specifically to inform the author.This article is also known as: "Xinhuan", "The whole world knows that I green her", "If you don't divorce (marriage), I will not die you"Content label: Rebirth of the entertainment circle next year Sweet textSearch keywords: Protagonist: He Qingqi, Zhuo Zhiwei Supporting role: Fang Xuanyao, Tao Jinghan, Sui Tong Others: Maybe dog bloodBrief introduction: Qingwei is true! ! - Description from MTLNovel

Race on the Head of the Ex [Rebirth]