Prohibited To Approach (GL)

Status : Completed

Genres : Yuri

Chapters: 119

Last update: 2 years ago

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It is like an angel with wings stripped, struggling with remorse every day at home.The company and her family were anxiously looking for psychologists one after another to treat her, but everyone came and left with confidence.Qin Yi buried her heart and prohibited anyone from approaching;Half a year later, she couldn't even stand up, and she had to rely on a wheelchair to get her to live;A year later, she was gradually forgotten by the entertainment circle, and people around her also abandoned her, and casually lost a half-work and half-study college student Mu Xiaoxiao to take care of her.When she first came, what Mu Xiaoxiao saw in Qin Yi's eyes was murderous and resisting; Xiaoxiao sang her songs from that year, rubbed her gradually shrinking muscles, and coaxed her to take her to see the horizon. The starsShe hugs her under the stars;She kissed her in the moonlight;She held up her broken heart;Xiaoxiao cured her in one year, but Qin Yi spent her life to repay her.Double redemption, healing text.Small theater version of copywritingAfter Qin Yi came out publicly, she was interviewed by the media.The host is a young boy who has just graduated. He has seen Mu Xiaoxiao's photos and asked inexplicably: "I heard that when you were with Mu Xiaoxiao, she was just an ordinary college student. Everyone I know, Mr. Qin, your identity and status, and we have a saying in China that you are right. Will this not be a contradiction between you?"Such a question, if it were the former Qin Yi, she would not bother to answer it.But now, Qin Yi smiled faintly at the camera: "From a secular point of view, I may have a little more than Xiaoxiao. But only I know what she gave me."As if thinking of something, Qin Yi lowered her head and pursed her lips and smiled softly. The fans behind the platform were in an uproar. Whoops, is this still the cold and unsmiling President Qin?Xiaoxiao gave her a warm home.It gave her the courage and determination to believe in the rebirth of the world again.More importantly, she gave her a hot beating heart.Raising her head again, Qin Yi looked at the camera with a smile in her eyes, and each word was full of love: "I have climbed her up from beginning to end."Content tags: strong urban love a match made in heaven love and kill each otherSearch keywords: Protagonist: Mu Xiaoxiao, Qin Yi Supporting roles: Qin Shuang, Qiuqiu, Song Sao, etc. Others:One sentence brief: Love you, redeem you.Purpose: Everyone has an unbearable past, but there is always someone who will remove the clouds and mist, let you touch a kind heart, enjoy the bright light, the world is beautiful, and admire with her in hand. - Description from MTLNovel

Prohibited To Approach (GL)