Pick Up the Heroine and Sprint

Status : Completed

Genres : Yuri

Chapters: 87

Last update: 2 years ago

4.5 /5

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After the accidental death, Shi Ting was bound to a fast-passing system. The task assigned to her by the other party was to leave the deepest impression in the male protagonist's heart and become the most unforgettable person in the male protagonist's heart; after completing the task, she can accumulate energy , come back to life.But the only tricky thing is that the male protagonist of each small world already has a female protagonist, and the female protagonist is the most unforgettable person in the male protagonist's heart.System: Your task is to let the male protagonist remember you, remember you, deeply.When listening: Understood.So-The cold and arrogant little white flower heroine x Bai Fumei's sisterIn the first world, the male and female protagonists were childhood sweethearts. The two went from the countryside to the city together. They had a deep relationship and supported each other.System: You have to refresh the male protagonist.So Shi Ting drove a sports car and stopped in front of the hero and heroine, holding A*s' new limited-edition bag in one hand, taking off Pu*da's sunglasses in the other, and looking at the heroine with a smile, "I'll help you finish college. And the cost of ** Kobo, etc., you leave him and follow me, okay?"Protagonist: Dirty words.System: not this kind of refreshing! ! !The kind, pure and bright saintess x the dark god who controls the shadow and is omnipotentIn the second world, the male and female protagonists, because of their identities, are in love and end in rituals. Although they have not made their minds clear, the two have already identified each other as people who will be with each other for a lifetime.System: You have to let the male lead follow you.So Shi Ting came to the temple at night, wrapped the blond and holy little saint in her arms with shadows, seduced her little by little, until she turned her into his own, and made her a saint of the dark god.Male protagonist: I will spend my whole life to destroy the dark god!System: not this kind of following! !Precious, elegant, beautiful, fake daughter x green tea, small white flower, real daughterIn the third world, the male protagonist is the head of the most powerful family in city A, and the infatuated female protagonist will escort her even if she learns that the female protagonist is a fake daughter.System: You have to make the male protagonist fall in love with you.So after Shi Ting was brought home, she was lonely and timid during the day and asked her sister to accompany her, and at night she was afraid of the dark and couldn't sleep and asked her to accompany her. When she took a bath, she clinged to the hostess's arms and put her arms around her waist: "Sister, you Don't leave me" Coaxing the woman took the initiative.Protagonist: ?System: Let the male lead the initiative, not the female lead! ! !Content tags: Fantasy space system sweet text fast wearSearch keyword: Protagonist: Shi TingOne-sentence introduction: I'm sorry, my mistress, I took it awayIntention: Sometimes achieving goals is not just a fixed way. If you take a different path, you can also achieve success. - Description from MTLNovel

Pick Up the Heroine and Sprint