Orcs Build a Well-off Society

Status : Completed

Genres : Yaoi

Chapters: 97

Last update: 2 years ago

2.5 /5

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The main meaning of building a well-off society:In the next few decades, we will strive to double XX times over the previous N years. Everyone's strength, comprehensive strength and tribal competitiveness will be significantly enhanced, and the technological and cultural innovation system, national fitness and medical and health systems will be gradually established.The ability of sustainable development has been continuously enhanced, and the whole society has embarked on a [civilized] development path featuring production development, affluent life, and good ecology!In general, it isFood is a must!Warmth is a must!Chong drowning is a must!The golden finger is a must!Tianlei dog blood is a must!My mother is dripping all the way to the end!Steamed stuffed bunsDo you have to drip steamed stuffed buns?(Small attack: must be dropped, must be dropped Xiao Shou: Yalidie! Look at the falsehood of labor and capital, Foshan has no shadows!)Content label: Traveling through time and space, different continents, farming text, giving birth to childrenSearch keywords: Protagonist: Civilization (Xiao Ming), Palos Supporting actor: Xiao Ming said that his name is too cheating, so no other people's names are allowed to appear. Others: Orcs, Chong Du, Golden Finger - Description from MTLNovel

Orcs Build a Well-off Society