Open a Clinic to Cultivate Myself

Status : Completed

Genres : Action , Harem , Romance

Chapters: 1838

Last update: 3 years ago

4.5 /5

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A poor and bereaved medical student rescued an injured black dog from a busy road, but the black dog bit him and gave him a clinicthe Sky Clinic. If he didn't pay the rent on time, his life would be cut short.In order to survive, how would Ning Tao, a new cultivator, earn the good and evil value to offset the rent? What kind of bizarre and inconsistent things that were beyond his imagination would continue to happen to him? As a person between good and evil, he must keep himself balanced. How would he enhance his cultivation in the ordinary yet fantastic urban life?This was a story of an ordinary young man who cured people while praising virtue and punishing vice. - Description from Novelupdates

Open a Clinic to Cultivate Myself