My Wife Pretends to be Poor Everyday

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Comedy , Romance , Shoujo Ai , Slice of Life , Yuri

Chapters: 1

Last update: 2 years ago

4.9 /5

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Yu Siling and her girlfriend have been dating for almost half a year. Her girlfriend is good at everything, her face is high level, her figure is good, she is considerate, gentle and understanding, but she is poor, and hates the rich.Yu -rich- Siling had to hide her rich identity, disguised as a poor girl, every day she and Li Yueyun went to the bargain market, ready to pick up and collect the empty mineral water bottles, at night they eat out at stalls, using a basin of water to wash the face, feet and flush the toilet the really beautiful love at the slum T ^ TAs a third year university student at the acting department, Yu Siling said that her lifetime's acting skills, are used in her girlfriend.However, one day, her father ordered her to go on a blind date with his partner.This isn't okay! There is still a poor Cinderella wife at home, she won't agree!She personally rushed to the blind date site, hoping that the other party would know what to do and back off, but sitting opposite her in a highly fashionable ladies suit, limited-edition bag, full of the scent of the rich Is the indifferent and estranged Li Yueyun, what is going on?The two were shocked in unison Li Yueyun: "Wife, why are you here!?"Yu Siling: "Is this where we sell the scrap now?!" - Description from Novelupdates

My Wife Pretends to be Poor Everyday