My Husband Is the Villain

Status : Completed

Genres : Drama , Josei , Romance , Slice of Life

Chapters: 112

Last update: a year ago

4.5 /5

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Lin Qingxu woke up and found that he had transmigrated into the book and became the 18th lineman who was about to marry the future villain!The villain in the book has supreme magic power and a handsome face that turns all living beings upside down, but he does everything day by day.In order to snatch the heroine, the villain opposes the male protagonist everywhere, but he tried his best to make the male protagonist become a god. And the female protagonist, of course, happily followed the male protagonist's footsteps and rose through the calamity.As a character in the book, Lin Qingxu only knew that he died in the past two years before he got marriedLin Qingxu: I don't want to marry, I don't want to dieThe villain smiles: Don't worry, I only love you.Edible Guidelines:Unwavering 1V1, HE.One-sentence introduction: The little wife dressed as the future villainContent tags: A soft spot for sweet texts to wear books to growSearch keywords: Protagonists: Lin Qingxu, Su Yan (Li Yuan) Supporting roles: Lin Qingwan, Chu Jue Others: - Description from MTLNovel

My Husband Is the Villain