Master, She Just Wants To Be Salted Fish

Status : Completed

Genres : Yuri

Chapters: 109

Last update: 2 years ago

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Lu Li, a pessimistic, salty, living-by female programmer, died suddenly at the age of 26I thought I could die, but I didn't want to be bound by the main god system to save the world.System: As long as the host completes the task, he can survive in the real worldLu Li: Reject, let me dieThe system king said or not, there is no bottom line to the gold finger, and the mission mode is not activated, so that the salted fish host agrees to do the mission.System: The task content accepts the little true god as a disciple, teaches the little true god to practice, and guides the little true god to establish a correct worldview and outlook on life and values until the true god returnsLu Li: I would rather die hereSystem: How sad is your familyLu Li: I'm an orphan, still single, and a dead houseSystem: It has never seen such a host without the desire to survive!Yun Qingzhi was raised by her master since she was a child. In her memory, the master has always been gentle and indulgent towards her.But one day, Yun Qingzhi accidentally heard Master and a thing named System say that she would leave her and choose to die.How could Yun Qingzhi allow it?Lu Li looked at the disciple who tied him up, how could he never think that the soft disciple had turned black back then?But the little apprentice shed tears and asked her: "Is it a disciple not behaved? Why didn't Master stop disciple?"Good, how could the little disciple be bad? Can't I be dead if I'm not dead?Xianxia master apprentice text, mournful and gentle Master X possessive strong white and black apprenticeAlso known as "The host is on strike every day""The Apprentice-A Stumbling Block on the Road to Death"Content label: A soft spot near the water platform Across time and space Xianxia cultivationSearch keywords: Protagonist: Lu Li, Yun Qingzhi Supporting role: Qianxi Others:Brief introduction: Master is too salty, disciple should be self-improvementPurpose: No matter how hard you work from the starting point, you can change your destiny. Only when you live, you can always see interesting things and cherish you and the people and things you cherish. - Description from MTLNovel

Master, She Just Wants To Be Salted Fish