Lightning Is The Only Way

Authors : Warmaisach

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Adventure , Action , Fantasy , Xianxia , Martial Arts

Chapters: 1276

Last update: 3 months ago

4.5 /5

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With a father as strong as the highest heavens themselves, Gravis wasn't required to step into the cold and ruthless world of cultivation.But when Heaven used him in a scheme to get back at his father, Gravis realized that he needed strength to gain true freedom.As long as he remained his weak self, he would always remain beneath Heaven's oppression. Only true power brings true freedom.To gain strength, Gravis ventured into the lower worlds to start his cultivation under true life and death tempering. Only a strong will, which had been forged in striving for every resource available, would allow him to reach the peak.Heaven's strongest weapon was Lightning of Divine Punishment, and only if he made this weapon his, would he have a chance.So, to overthrow Heaven,Lightning Is the Only Way!Yet, the path to power is painful. Not everyone reaches the peak.But Gravis will!No matter how much pain he feels along the way!-- There will be 2 chapters a day --Thanks go to Noel, Raikyodeus and Chaotic_Luck for Proofreading!Cover by: digitalrowye

Lightning Is The Only Way