Keyboard Man’s Boss Husband

Status : Completed

Genres : Drama , Romance , Urban Life

Chapters: 150

Last update: 3 years ago

4.0 /5

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Su Mingyue in real life:Cowardly and cowardly, being bullied will only cry.Su Mingyue in the online world:The great chivalrous man is worried about the country and the people. Give me a keyboard, I can destroy the entire planet! The scum that can't keep up with the brain's hand speed is all dead, you, unworthy, spray with me!Su Mingyue under the national husband's Weibo:I would like to be the first snowflake in an avalanche, a bowling ball in hail, and a huge wave in the tsunami, fuck, die, him!As a keyboard man with explosive combat effectiveness, her life is plain and wonderful.Until one day, Su Mingyue received a lawyer's warning letter, and she didn't take it seriously.Then she became the defendant.On the eve of the trial, Su Mingyue appeared tremblingly in front of Demon Overlord Gu QingfengThe man stared at her, his eyes were dark and his voice was hoarse: [Come on, do all the oaths you made on the Internet before to me! The female protagonist is awkward, and the three views are touching.The male protagonist is the flower of Gaoling, and the scum man is this scum.Content tags: rich family happy friends love war love and kill each otherSearch keyword: Protagonist: Su Mingyue, Gu Qingfeng Supporting role: Other: Recommend the new book "Cottage Empire"One-sentence introduction: What should I do if a man is too fierce?Idea: Don't spray people on the Internet casually - Description from MTLNovel

Keyboard Man’s Boss Husband