Just a Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Action , Fan-Fiction

Chapters: 436

Last update: a year ago

4.4 /5

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Sherlock Forrest, who had just crossed into the world of Harry Potter, did not have a golden finger and did not inherit the memory of the original owner, looked at the Hogwarts letter of appointment in his hand, and pouted."Just a Defence Against the Dark Arts professor."A few years later, the Daily Prophet conducted an interview with Harry Potter, one of the ten outstanding talents in the wizarding world of the 21st century."When was the happiest day of your life?"There was an uncontrollable smile on Harry's face."It's the day after Professor Forrest cursed me that I would be taken away by You-Know-Who tomorrow.""Uhwhat about the day you least want to go through?"Harry suddenly turned gloomy."Every Christmas.""Why is this?"He covered his face in pain, and even couldn't help sobbing."Woooooobecause on that day, Professor Forrest will wish me a Merry Christmas!"The book is also known as "Please Shut Up, Professor Forrest! ", "On the matter of defeating the Dark Lord, it only takes a certain professor to open his mouth", "I'm living a life of stealth at Hogwarts, just to live a healthy and happy life"ps: no systemps2: The main line begins in the secret room chapterps3: This is a serious and serious professor essay (probably - Description from MTLNovel

Just a Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor