I’m Really Not Scum A

Status : Completed

Genres : Yuri

Chapters: 6

Last update: 2 years ago

4.5 /5

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Lu Linxi once wore a book, and changed from the owner of a security company to an elegant and temperamental writer.From being a single mother and womb to being a battle-hardened scum A.Participating in a class reunion, but also inexplicably involved in other people's divorce."Sister Lu I still like you" I don't know how many ex-boyfriends confessed to her nervously.Lu Linxi thought about it carefully.This is one of the predecessors of the original owner who was a scumbag in high school. So, is this trying to revive old love?butLu Linxi wondered, "Aren't you already married?"Slag B said excitedly, "I can get a divorce."Lulinxi: "Okay, then leave."Lu Linxi turned back, the short-haired woman who was talking stood in the distance, her legs were straight on high heels, she clenched her fists, and her face was cold.After seeing his face clearly, Lu Linxi took a deep breathGrass is her food!Only then did Lu Linxi remember that her name was Yi Nanyan, and she was also her high school classmate, and also the partner of the scum B who confessed to her in front of her.Three days later, Yi Nanyan got divorced and put all her anger on Lu Linxi, the scumbag husband's first love, Bai Yueguang."President Yi, my novel has been taken off the shelves, the serialization has been suspended, and the film and television changes that I was talking about have also been blown up. You did it all, right?"Yi Nanyan sneered: "You caused me to divorce, this is just a small lesson."Lu Linxi is not very happy, "Little lesson? I can teach you a little lesson now, do you believe it?""Try it, it's a society ruled by law now."Lu Linxi grabbed her chin, aimed at her lips, and nibbled it up.Yi Nanyan: Lu Linxi licked his lips with a special look, "It's pretty sweet."Yi Nan smoked angrily: "Lulinxi!""Um?"Yi Nanyan picked up the phone and called the security directly.Then five minutes later.Lulinxi turned over 5 security guards and got into the game.Let her reflect on it, and as a result, Yi Nanyan's beautiful and angry face was all in her mind.++++#double A love, double perspective, the perspective is a little more than Sister Lu##wearing the bookshelf is empty, ABO background, but no ABO sexual organs, more private settings##Marie Su Xiaotianwen, the author's logic is useless, don't mind welcome to taste##Let the party clean up, I dare not say Shuangjie, I can only say ordinary Jie, Sister Lu's soul and mother are single, Yi always has an ex-husband but clean in body and heart#Content tags: urban love sweet text wear book cool textSearch keywords: Protagonist: Lu Linxi, Yi Nanyan Supporting role: Others: - Description from MTLNovel

I’m Really Not Scum A