I Opened An Online Shop In Myriad Realms

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Fantasy , Urban Life

Chapters: 3720

Last update: 2 years ago

2.3 /5

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Poor student Su Chen opened a Taobao shop in Myriad Realms, and kept receiving orders from all walks of life. Since then, he will deliver goods across the world and get super red envelopes!Travel through "Zombie World", get a silenced AWM, load the chicken plug-in, kill the zombies, and protect my Chinese mountains and rivers with eight feet of blood! !Go through "Kung Fu" and purchase the old beggar's Tathagata Palm, Nine Suns Magical Art, and the Great Shift of the Universe, and become a peerless master!Through "Mr. Zombie", the nine-uncle Lin Zhengying taught a Maoshan Taoist skill, and brought back a thousand-year-old beautiful zombie, who perplexed me every day to accompany her to fight the king!and many more! The superpowers are too arrogant and dare to offend China!Airdrop a group of starving and attacking giants and wreak havoc as much as you like!Come to QQ Farm to grow vegetables, grab a skull as a pet, and Da Qiao and Xiao Qiao will be with you. I am really just an ordinary person At most, there is a system. - Description from MTLNovel

I Opened An Online Shop In Myriad Realms