I Became a Milk Dog After Meeting Omega (GL)

Status : Completed

Genres : Romance , Yuri

Chapters: 140

Last update: 2 years ago

4.5 /5

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Mine clearance:1. This is a no-brainer sweet article.2. Newcomer authors, it is difficult to control the rhythm, the pace of this article is very slow, very slow, very slow, very slow, the ambiguous period will occupy a lot of space3. The hostess is just a child, especially naive, will not take care of herself, will make her brother and sister vomit blood in a hurry4. The female protagonist liked the scumbag in the early stageXie Qianxun, as the top of the flower list of Tiran High School, has always firmly believed that he will become an Omega.Until, after she was bitten by Jiang Wu, chairman of the student union, she split into Alpha.Then, somehow became the president's little milk dog*However, Xie Qianxun has no interest in these delicate Omegas, and only the white moonlight male god lives in his heart.After avoiding Jiang Wu, she began to plan a fiery pursuit of her male god.However, she soon discovered that the white moonlight goddess actually lived in the heart of the white moonlight goddess.And that Bai Yueguang was Jiang Wu who bit her and caused her to become Alpha.So Xie Qianxun had no choice but to find Jiang Wu again and pointed to her nose, "Stay away from my male god!"So, the next day, neither Xie Qianxun nor Jiang Wu came to school.The posts on the campus forum exploded.Shock! The school flower and the chairman of the student union marked each other-the reason turned out to be]The black belly lures the sister O*, the mouth is positive and the body is AGoddess* school flowerSchool sister * school sister, pseudo-sister, only one year old. - Description from MTLNovel

I Became a Milk Dog After Meeting Omega (GL)