Her Black Moonlight

Status : Completed

Genres : Yuri

Chapters: 4

Last update: 2 years ago

4.5 /5

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Yue Yu has bound the cannon fodder system, and the task is to be a black moonlight.According to the system's instructions, she wants to1. Become the white moonlight that heals the protagonist, and then push the opponent into a deeper hell.2. Give love and care to the poor protagonist, and then cruelly take back that tenderness.Holding this death script, Yue Yu entered the small world with a sad face.World OneThe protagonist, who has been in a wheelchair for many years, finally sees hope of getting back on his feet.But on the eve of the operation, her chief surgeon was stranded abroad and could not come back.The culprit who secretly manipulated her asked her to meet, looked at her and chuckled: "Despair?"The protagonist's expression is complicated: "You can say it directly if you want to be with me, there is no need to blackmail me in this way."The kidnapper Xiao Yu was full of question marks: "No, I'm not"Protagonist: "Stop talking, I love you."Yue Yu: "???"World IIThe sixth daughter of the emperor, who had been bullied in the palace, met the Taifu and ushered in the dawn in the dark.But when she became an adult, her grandfather let go of her hand and took back the love and tenderness of the past little by little."Why?" Her grandfather repeated her question, his eyes narrowed, and he said with a half-smile, "Because it's very interesting, the new emperor above ten thousand people is like a puppy, chasing after the bones thrown by the minister. How fun is it to run around?"The new emperor's eyes were red, he pressed the Taifu firmly on the table, and said word by word, "I, yes, wolf!"Tai Fu Yueyu: "???"After several worlds have come down.Yue Yu: "Don't blame me, I really tried my best to kill myself."System: "Take the protagonist of your family to crawl for me! Get out of my little world!"Content tags: system, sweet text, fast crossing, reading through books, time and space shuttle, unknown attack and receptionSearch keyword: Protagonist: Yueyu Supporting role: Others: - Description from MTLNovel

Her Black Moonlight