Fake Daughter Alpha Self-help Notes

Status : Completed

Genres : Yuri

Chapters: 75

Last update: 3 years ago

4.7 /5

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Gu Bandit penetrated into an ABO essay and became the vicious fake daughter alpha female partner of the same name.In the original text, the heroine Gu Qingqing is a freak who is stunted and has not differentiated until the age of 18.Therefore, Gu Qingqing was scorned by her family.The fake daughter coveted Gu's family property, not only targeted her everywhere, but also wanted her life and took her into a small warehouse without anyoneFortunately, that night Gu Qingqing suddenly split into alpha and managed to escape.After the split, Gu Qingqing holds the Shuangwen heroine script in her hand, fights her face and eliminates the scum, develops the career line and inherits the family property in one go, and heads to the pinnacle of life.As for the fake daughter Gu Bandit Naturally, his death was miserable.After crossing, Gu Fei determined to hold the heroine's thigh tightly and never let go for his own life.When the hostess was scolded by her family, she helped the hostess take the blame!When the heroine is bullied by her classmates, she protects the heroine!When the hostess is lonely and afraid of the dark, she accompanies the hostess to sleep!In short, she must hold this golden thigh firmly!However, in the end, Gu Bandit still couldn't escape the power of the plot, and took the heroine into an unmanned warehouse.The bandit Gu shrank in the corner shiveringly, waiting for death to come.Who knows that night the heroine did not differentiate into alpha, but became an omega.Gu Fei smelled the pheromone in the air and looked at the delicate girl on him. He was shocked: This script is wrong![Tsaojiao fake daughter is weak A x Black belly, real daughter is strong O]Note:1. The two protagonists have no ethical relationship, and both parents have the surname Gu2. Easily cure Xiaotianwen3. There are many ABOs set up privately, female A has no organs4. There is a pure tool man system with few scenes and very early offlineContent label: Traveling through time and space Female match Sweet text Wearing a bookSearch keywords: Protagonist: Gu Bandit, Gu Qingqing Supporting role: Others: Baihe, ABOOne sentence introduction: the true and false daughters are togetherPurpose: It is love and light that push us to work hard and keep moving forward - Description from MTLNovel

Fake Daughter Alpha Self-help Notes