Do Not Laugh! This is a Horror Movie

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Drama , Horror , Josei , Mystery

Chapters: 105

Last update: 2 years ago

2.7 /5

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[Warm mine clearance: The game rules of this book have a limit on the number of survivors. Readers who don't like this cruel setting, please read carefully, and hereby inform. The lucky one who survived a catastrophe, in the supernatural world, can you survive again?Fu Lanyu died once.Since then, she has been living in endless horror games, crossing, making money and killing her life.He has seen a lot of ghosts, experience soars, Wen Neng talks about it, Wu Neng raises his sword and sees blood."I am a king in every respect."Until she met Qiao Yunzheng, she finally found the same kind.Finally I found someone more shameless than myself."Sister Lan." The handsome man lowered his head and smiled, "This level is so difficult, I'm a little scared, you have to protect me.""Okay, don't sneer."[Lazy and calm, high IQ, wild goddess stick gentle evildoer, a master of clearance with a knife in a smile]This is a thriller comedy in which two big men show off each other daily, and fight against ghosts and monsters by the way.PS1. The story is purely fictitious. The plot takes place in a virtual space. It is not a realistic background and should not be taken seriously. Imitation is not allowed;2. There is quality and quantity, the writing skills are acceptable, and the investment is not a loss.Content Tag: Horror Unlimited Streaming System ShuangwenSearch keywords: Protagonist: Fu Lanyu Supporting role: Qiao Yunzheng Others: WB: @One sentence introduction: the happy comedian in the horror gamePurpose: Cherish life, insist on fighting - Description from MTLNovel

Do Not Laugh! This is a Horror Movie