Dafeng’s Night Squad

Status : Ongoing

Genres : Fantasy , Wuxia

Chapters: 121

Last update: a year ago

4.6 /5

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In this world, there are Confucianism; Taoism; Buddha; demons; and magicians.Xu Qi'an, a graduate of the police academy, woke up quietly and found himself in jail, three days later exiled in the border areaHis original purpose was to protect himself, and by the way, to be a rich man in a society without human rights to live leisurely.Many years later, Xu Qi'an looked back at the past, behind him were enemies and friends who were long gone, as well as the bones.The Yangtze River is rolling in the east, the waves are scouring out the heroes, and success or failure is turned around.Aoyama is still there, How Many Suns.PS: This book is not a tragedy! - Description from Novelupdates

Dafeng’s Night Squad