After the Devil Became a Little Pitiful

Status : Completed

Genres : Romance , Yuri

Chapters: 81

Last update: 2 years ago

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Forced to cross and kill the evil devil, He Qingyu said: "This devil, is she delicious?"Facing the pitiful beauty who was shivering in her arms, He Qingyu yelled "I can!" Where is the devil, she is clearly He Qingyu's little wife!He Qingyu: "Don't cry, those people deserve to die, I will kill for you."The big devil, blindfolded by tears, put away his violence, nodded fragilely, and said, "Sister, hold me"As it happened, He Qingyu never expected that the little wife he was thinking of would become a little madman, and the eyes of "Little Wife" were full of pathological paranoia.She blindfolded He Qingyu's eyes and relied on: "Sister, come here to hurt me."He Qingyu: My body hurts[Ex-girlfriend who was domestically abused] She was shut out in the rain in late autumn, as wet as a homeless cat,"I don't care how many lovers my sister has. I just ask my sister to think of me in her free time"He Qingyu is desperate: Yes, don't spread my ashes in the future, find a good-looking can for it:)[Poverty student who has been bullied] Dilapidated school, dirty school uniforms, and a strong sense of hunger. In her world, only the head teacher is the only light."Can I become like you in the future?"He Qingyu: "Don't, don'tyou are the one who wants to do big things." Don't harm me.[The little puppet of the helper] After regaining his self-awareness, he returned to his master, knelt under the bed and held up his slightly pale face. I really miss the scene of the sword dance with youNo matter what your identity is, I love you the same.Edible guide:1. Mengsao Tucao is overwhelmed by sympathy and is attacked by the paranoid gloomy little lunatic devil.2. Sweet text, absolute sweet text, rest assured to eat.3. The author is entertained by himself, and he doesn't like a little cross.Content Tag: Face Slap System Quick Wear ShuangwenSearch keyword: Protagonist: He Qingyu Supporting role: Others:One sentence introduction: what to do if the big boss is too clingyPurpose: face up to the gloom of the heart and create a better future. - Description from MTLNovel

After the Devil Became a Little Pitiful