After I Wear the Book, I Bend the Heroine O

Status : Completed

Genres : Yuri

Chapters: 34

Last update: 2 years ago

4.5 /5

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The boss He Lingxing received a task and asked to enter a harem book as a vicious female partner to match the male and female protagonists who are about to be BE.In the original text, the female protagonist O will be marked by the male protagonist A accidentally and she will give up on him and become one of the male protagonist's harem.System: The female protagonist is framed to enter the male protagonist's room, please lock the door with due diligence, and encourage the male protagonist to mark the female protagonist!He Lingxing: "No, I can replace him as the male protagonist'."He Lingxing of the tenth dan of judo hits the male protagonist hard.System: Missing the plot due to being hospitalized for three months, the male protagonist failed to confess to the female protagonist, and the female protagonist has not yet awakened. Please stalk the male protagonist and arouse the jealousy of the female protagonist! At the same time, it is detected that you have embezzled the male protagonist's company, and the male protagonist's business line is 0.Warning, the mission officer will be obliterated in the final BE! BE index 80, 90, 99 Obliteration is imminent!President He Lingxing, the top alpha in Shengjiang City, turned a deaf ear to the call of the system, and stroked the heroine's tempting collarbone with his slender fingertips: "I heard you want to be with him?"The sweet and elegant fragrance of cherry blossom jelly wafted in the office, the woman in her arms buckled her waist, and the end of her reddish eyes was full of charm: "Don't mark when I'm going to wait, girlfriend?"*When Shu Minglan woke up, she realized that she was actually the heroine of the harem. Everything was arranged step by step, leading to an ending she didn't want to see. She could not bear it, and secretly waited for an attack.The first step in the counterattack is to leave this entertainment company that is about to go bankrupt and walk out of its own new world.On the day of the termination of the contract, she discovered that the CEO of a small company with an unknown name was extremely beautiful, especially the indescribable pheromone on his body, which was fragrant, pleasant and clean.Then her legs softened and she accidentally fell into the woman's arms.CP: The female president of Mei Sa X the black lotus artist, Yujie A, who thinks she is straight, cold on the outside and hot on the inside, super sticky wife, protects the short and crazy devil, and the temptation OReading Instructions1. Double first love, HE, the original male protagonist did not mark Shu Minglan.2. The world view is all privately set without prototypes and no new organs.Content tags: urban love entertainment circle sweet text through booksSearch keywords: protagonists: He Lingxing, Shu MinglanOne sentence introduction: You are my orientation sniperPurpose: Be strict with yourself, be lenient with others - Description from MTLNovel

After I Wear the Book, I Bend the Heroine O