The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3552 Chapter 3552 was indeed hidden in Chaotian sect

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Just as Xing Yu was in a daze, Tower Master Luochen said indifferently, “You’ve been wronged yesterday. She’s still useful, so we can’t touch her for the time being. We’ll take action today.”

Xing Yu’s face blushed when she heard this. The tower master actually knew that she was wronged? And he even comforted her?

Xing Yu suddenly felt that the beating last night was worth it!

As for Lin Chuchu, the pavilion master said that he couldn’t touch her for the time being. Did that mean that he could teach her a lesson in the future?

Xing Yu happily helped tower master Luochen wash up. Hei xinjiu only strolled in after breakfast.

XING yu snorted, “You are so arrogant! I called you to serve the pavilion master this morning. Why didn’t you come?”

pAn,Da n<0,>v,e1 Yun Chujiu looked innocent and confused, “Sister Xing Yu, did you call me this morning? I didn’t hear you! I sleep like a log. If you call me next time, you must call me more often!”

Xing Yu pursed her lips and thought of what Tower Master Luochen had said before. She was too lazy to argue with Yun Chujiu.

They left the guest house. Although Hei Xinjiu was still dutifully introducing the scenery, she was a little worried. She didn’t know what the pretty boy would think of to save her, so she was worried.

A Day passed by slowly. Hei Xinjiu had been absent-minded. Fortunately, Tower Master Luochen didn’t talk much today, so the day’s journey ended smoothly.

Just as Hei Xinjiu was about to find an excuse not to go to the guest house, Tower Master Luochen said, “You’d better go back to your own courtyard today and come over early tomorrow.”

Hei Xinjiu was both surprised and happy. Lan Luochen, this crazy person, had finally become normal?

This fellow hurriedly agreed and then skipped away.please visit panda(-)

Xing Yu looked at Yun Chujiu’s back and sneered in her heart. You Won’t be able to laugh very soon!

Hei Xinjiu skipped back to the dormitory and immediately told di beiming the news, telling him to go according to the original plan.

Di beiming quickly replied with an “En”and did not say anything else.

Hei Xinjiu had a simple dinner and was very happy in her heart. She was finally going to leave this damn place! This was great!

On the other side, after Tower Master Luochen and Xing Yu entered the guest house, Xing Yu followed Tower Master Luochen into the study room. In the study room stood Tower Master Luochen.

Tower Master Luochen, who came in with Xing Yu, took off a mask from his face, changed into a set of Guard’s clothes, and left.

“Did everything go smoothly today?”Tower Master Luochen asked coldly.

“Tower master, everything went smoothly. No one found any flaws. Did you get that thing?”Xing Yu couldn’t hide her excitement.

Tower Master Luochen nodded, and a jet-black bead appeared in his hand. There was a hint of joy in his tone, “This thing is indeed hidden in Chaotian sect. We didn’t come for nothing this time.”

Xing Yu looked at tower master luochen with admiration, “Tower master, you are so wise!”! The people of Chaotian sect all saw Lin Chuchu accompanying you around. Even if they found this thing missing in the future, they wouldn’t suspect you.”

Hearing Xing Yu mention Lin Chuchu, Tower Master Luochen’s eyes darkened, he said lightly, “Not only that, if I’m not wrong, Lin Chuchu will soon be rescued and left Chaotian sect. At that time, even if the incident is exposed, Chaotian sect will only suspect Lin Chuchu and the person who rescued her.”

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