The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3540 Chapter 3540 was really not a joyous pulse

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Xing Yu glared at Yun Chujiu’s back fiercely, wishing that she could go up and kill her right now!

Everyone in the nine pavilions knew that the pavilion master’s personality was cold and distant towards everyone, not to mention any physical contact.

He had actually grabbed Lin Chuchu’s wrist just now. This Lin Chuchu must not be spared!

Seeing the viciousness on Xing Yu’s face, the other serving girls were afraid of being blamed, so they all carefully left the canteen.

Xing Yu gritted her teeth and also raised her leg to chase after him.

The afternoon went smoothly. Hei Xinjiu’s mouth was dry from talking, but not long after, her stomach was hungry again! No matter how slow this fellow was, he still felt that something was wrong.

Why did his appetite suddenly become bigger? If it wasn’t for the fact that she and the gigolo hadn’t had sex yet, he might have thought that she was pregnant!

p-A- n-d-A-n-0-v-e-1、(c)om Thinking of this, he recalled the time when Lan Luochen grabbed his wrist. His heart skipped a beat. Could it be that LAN Luochen was checking her pulse? Did he think that she was pregnant?

Thinking of this, Hei Xinjiu’s thick skin couldn’t help but turn red. She felt that she was thinking too much. Whether she was pregnant or not, it had nothing to do with Lan Luochen!

Xing Yu, who was at the side, saw Yun Chujiu’s face suddenly turn red. She felt even more resentful. This B * Tch must be coveting the Tower Master in her heart. She really deserved to die!

Tower Master Luochen saw the redness on Yun chujiu’s face, and his eyes flashed with passion. He couldn’t wait to bring her back to the nine-storied pavilion immediately.

However, when he thought of something, his eyes turned malicious. He said coldly to Yun chujiu, “Let’s call it a day. You can go back! You can go to the guest house tomorrow morning.”

Hei Xinjiu couldn’t wait to leave and have a big meal. She nodded immediately, bowed to him perfunctorily, and then ran towards the canteen.please visit panda(-)

Xing Yu was stunned. She thought that Lin Chuchu would cling on to the tower master, but she didn’t expect her to leave so easily? Humph, maybe she was playing hard to get, this B * Tch!

Tower Master Luochen saw Xing Yu’s fierce expression and said lightly, “We are here for an important matter. If anyone tries to cause trouble, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Xing Yu and the other handmaidens were shocked and quickly said, “Yes!”

Xing Yu was delighted. Yes, they came here to do something. Could it be that the tower master deliberately treated Lin Chuchu differently in order to attract others’attention? It must be so!

Could it be that the pavilion master had explained his words to her? Was he afraid that she would misunderstand?

When Xing Yu thought of this, the resentment and resentment in her heart disappeared, and there was even a hint of sweetness.

When Tower Master Luochen saw her expression, a hint of disgust and impatience flashed in his eyes. However, in order to prevent her from finding trouble with Yun Chujiu, he could only do this.

On the other side, Hei Xinjiu ate her fill in the canteen and then left the canteen under everyone’s astonished gazes.

After this fellow returned to his temporary courtyard, he rubbed his stomach and pondered. Why did his appetite suddenly increase? Could it be that it was guai Cao’s doing?

Guai Cao was aggrieved and hurriedly shook its leaves. What It ate were all spiritual medicines or poisons. It wasn’t a good-for-nothing, so how could it eat so many useless things? !

Yun chujiu saw the Guai Cao denying it and thought to herself, when did i sleep with the gigolo? Or was it because the gigolo took advantage of me while I was asleep?

This guy quickly checked his pulse several times and finally came to a conclusion that it was really not a happy pulse! ! ! !

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