The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3534 Chapter 3533: naming the sect and killing people

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Hei Xinjiu followed elder Zhuge to the place where the guests were gathered. As she walked, she looked around secretly.

As she looked around, she cursed in her heart that although Chaotian sect didn’t have a good name, it was quite imposing.

As soon as Hei Xinjiu entered the meeting hall, many gazes fell on her.

Most of the gazes were inquisitive. After all, the people sitting in the meeting hall were all heads of Chaotian sect, and there were no envious or jealous female disciples.

Hei xinjiu swept her gaze across the room. The main seat was suspended in the air. Tower Master Luochen sat on the upper right, and the Jimo sect master sat on the upper left.

This was understandable. Although Tower Master Luochen had a high status, he was a guest after all, so it was not appropriate for him to occupy the main seat. Therefore, the Jimo sect master used such a flexible seating arrangement.

It had to be said that this jimo sect master was quite tactful.

The Jimo sect master coughed lightly, “Tower master, this Lin Chuchu is a disciple of the Spirit Beast Garden. She has just entered the sect not long ago, and she doesn’t know much about the sect’s affairs. How about I arrange another guide for you?”

Yun chujiu cursed in her heart. It wasn’t that she had just entered the sect not long ago, but she had just arrived today!

Tower Master Luochen’s gaze fell on Hei Xinjiu, and he said indifferently, “Lin Chuchu? It’s the same name as an old friend of mine.”

Hei Xinjiu’s heart thumped. This was bad! This fake name of Lin Chuchu had been used in the Netherworld continent, so Lan Luochen naturally knew it.

However, this also meant that this person was really Lan Luochen.

Although he did not know how Lan Luochen recognized her, since he had already said this sentence, there was a high chance that he had really recognized her.please visit panda(-)

Hei Xinjiu was now in a dilemma. She had to reveal her identity, but she did not want to have too much to do with Lan Luochen! But if she continued to hide it, since he had already recognized her, why was she still pretending? !

This fellow was so regretful that his intestines turned green! She should have made up a different name at that time. Why did she have to say something about Lin Chuchu? ! Naming a person with a useless name could kill people!

At this moment, tower master Luochen said indifferently, “However, it’s impossible for her to come to the towering sky continent. It’s probably just a coincidence.”

Hearing his words, Hei Xinjiu was slightly relieved. Did he not recognize her? It Better Be, or she really doesn’t know what to do.

The Jimo sect leader saw that master Luo Chen did not answer his previous words, she said dryly, “That’s a coincidence, but she just entered the sect and is not familiar with the affairs of the sect. Pavilion Master, do you need me to arrange another disciple to be your guide?”

p-n0ve1、com “Need not, it is her!”Tower Master Luochen’s facial expression is light, the tone is to allow no argument however.

The Jimo sect master naturally didn’t dare to get into trouble, so he could only force a smile and agree.

He thought to himself that he still didn’t know the background of this little girl, and the most important thing was that she knew nothing about Chaotian sect. He had to think of a way to make her stay and give her a good beating.

Therefore, after exchanging some pleasantries, the Jimo sect master asked someone to accompany Tower Master Luochen to the guest house to rest. He found a catalyst to make Hei xinjiu stay, and said that he would accompany Tower Master Luochen to tour Chaotian sect the next day.

The Jimo sect master sat on the main seat and looked at Yun Chujiu with a cold and solemn expression. He also released the pressure on his body. His idea was very simple. He wanted to intimidate Hei Xinjiu and show her his might first.

Unfortunately, Hei Xinjiu didn’t fall for his trick at all. The pressure was nothing to her. Moreover, this guy knew that she was still useful now. Chaotian sect wouldn’t do anything to her.

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