The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3525 Chapter 3525 actually had the leisure to watch the show

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Hei Xinjiu was afraid that the little bastard would make a ruckus out of anger, so she quickly put the Little Bastard into the Spirit Beast Bag and continued listening.

Soon, the sound of something tapping on the turtle shell was heard, then, a voice said, “I’ve never seen a sea beast with such a turtle shell before, but it’s quite hard. Forget it, it’s not bad to bring it back to the sect to exchange for contribution points.”

Coincidentally, someone shouted that they had found a sea beast, and then came the sound of hurried footsteps. Apparently, those people had gone to see the sea beast, so no one paid attention to the big eight shell.

Hei Xinjiu heard the sound of fighting in the distance, so no one paid attention to this place. She secretly opened a crack on the Big Eight shell and carefully looked outside.

Although her vision was limited, the scene she saw still made Hei Xinjiu secretly click her tongue.

This ship looked very high-class, at least a hundred times more advanced than the ship in her storage ring.

The person just now had addressed the other person as ‘senior brother’. What sect were they from? Could they be from the Li Hate Palace? Because other than the Li Hate Palace, no other faction would address each other as ‘senior brother’.

Hei Xinjiu pondered for a moment and still felt that it would be better to “Board”this ship. Even if they were really people from the Li Hate Palace, she would still be able to find a way to leave before these people entered the Li Hate Palace.

With this in mind, she had the little bastard turn his turtle shell in a different direction and then watch the show through the cracks. It had to be said that this guy was really bold. At this time, he actually had the mood to watch the show.

Although she couldn’t see it clearly, the dazzling spirit energy attacks from afar were still very eye-catching. The more she looked, the more shocked she was. These people seemed to have even higher spirit energy than the one she had killed, instructor Liu Jiaoxi.

This didn’t make sense! She heard that instructor Liu Jiaoxi was already well-known in the Li Hate Palace. These people didn’t seem to be very old, so how could they have higher spirit energy than instructor Liu?

Could it be that these people were not from the Li Hate Palace?please visit panda(-)

Just as Hei Xinjiu was puzzled, someone turned around and looked over. Hei Xinjiu immediately held her breath. Fortunately, the crack in the turtle shell was small enough, so she was not afraid of being discovered.

“That’s strange. I seemed to have noticed that someone was watching us just now,”that person said strangely.

“Senior brother Wang, are you kidding? Our people are fighting with those sea beasts in the sea. There are only the two of us on this ship, so how could there be anyone else? !”Another person said with a smile.

The person called senior brother Wang shook his head and said with a bitter smile, “Maybe I’m thinking too much. We’ve been drifting in the firmament sea for almost two months this time. It’s inevitable that we’re a little spiritless.”

Another person echoed, “Yeah, I feel like vomiting when I see the sea! After killing those sea beasts in front of us, our mission is almost complete. We can return to the sect.”

Just as the two of them were about to continue talking, people came back one after another. It was bustling with laughter.

Hei Xinjiu was afraid that she would be discovered, so she did not dare to look any further. She only listened attentively, but she did not catch any more useful information.

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m Just as the guy was pondering, he heard the person who was talking to senior brother Wang say, “Senior brother Wang, this bastard shell takes up a lot of space. Put it into your storage ring!”

Yun Chujiu’s head buzzed. There was no way a living thing could be put into the storage ring. It was over. She had been exposed!

Sure enough, senior brother Wang tried a few times but failed to put the SH * t shell into the storage ring.

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