The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3518 Chapter 3518, Ten Thousand Feet Tide

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“Our king’s Nest is on the other side of the cliff, occupying half of the cliff. Because in there, besides the king, there are also the king’s concubines and children.”Da Mao’s eyes revealed a hint of envy.

Yun chujiu rolled her eyes. “On the other side of the cliff? is the other side of the cliff the side facing the sea?”

Big hairy nodded and said, “That’s right. It’s more convenient to hunt sea beasts and fish in the sea, so the king has arranged the nest on that side.”

Yun chujiu immediately said with a smile, “Then it’s easy to deal with! Tomorrow, when you are transporting the bastard’s shell, you will deliberately miss and let me fall into the sea, won’t That Do? !”

Big Hairy thought that it was not impossible. Although it would be scolded a little, it would not do anything to it, so he said, “Alright, but you have left. What about the temporary contract?”

Hei Xinjiu said with a smile, “Don’t worry! “As long as I get my freedom, I will immediately cancel the temporary contract. No matter how bad it is, the temporary contract has a distance limit. If I go far away, the temporary contract will naturally be canceled!”

Although big hairy was still a little hesitant, he could not think of any other way. If he really offered this little girl to the king, this little girl would definitely drag him down with her before she died.

So, he could only agree.

The next morning, blue-tail and the other two demonic birds came over. They and big hairy worked together to grab the bastard’s shell and fly out of the nest.

They flew to the other side of the cliff. Before they could enter the bird king’s Nest, big hairy’s claws loosened. The other three could not bear the weight of the bastard’s shell and could only watch as it kept falling.

Just as big hairy was about to heave a sigh of relief, he saw a giant winged bird that was bigger than them grab the bastard’s shell with its claws and fly into the huge nest.

Big Hairy’s head buzzed!

Why did their king suddenly appear? It was over! That little girl had fallen into the hands of the king. She was definitely doomed. Her little life was going to be over!please visit panda(-)

Blue-tailed and the other three demonic birds glared at big hairy and followed him into the nest of the giant-winged bird king.

pAn,Da-n0v e1,c,m Big Hairy could only droop his head and follow him into the nest.

The nest of the bird king was more than ten times bigger than big hairy’s nest. At this moment, the bastard’s shell was placed in the middle of the nest, and the bird king was pecking at it with its sharp beak.

Every time the bird king pecked, Hei Xinjiu felt the little bastard shiver. She could not help but ask with her spiritual sense, “Why? Do you think the bastard’s shell can’t hold on any longer?”

The little bastard pointed at a few places with teary eyes and said, “Master, look, there are already cracks here.”

Yun chujiu looked in the direction where the little bastard’s finger was pointing at. As expected, there were already cracks in a few parts of the turtle shell. If this continued, the turtle shell would break sooner or later.

Just as Hei Xinjiu was frowning, she heard several shrill cries coming from outside. This bastard’s heart skipped a beat. What happened?

As she expected, the bird king stopped pecking at the king’s eight shells and heard the sound of wings flapping. It seemed that it had left the cave.

Soon, Big Hairy’s panicked voice came from Yun Chujiu’s spiritual sense. “Not good! The once-in-a-lifetime tide is coming. The sawtooth sea pigs are attacking. I’m afraid that our nest is going to be lost!”

Yun Chujiu was confused. The Tide? Sawtooth sea pig? The nest was gone?

She couldn’t care less. After coming out of the bastard’s shell, she found that big hairy was the only one in the nest. It was looking outside.

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