The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp! - 3516 Chapter 3516

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The other demonic bird gave big hair another warning before flying away.

Hei Xinjiu saw that the demonic bird had left and then leisurely climbed out of the bastard’s shell. Although this bastard’s shell could not withstand the heavenly lightning, it would still take a lot of effort for an ordinary demonic beast to break it.

However, because this bastard’s shell was left behind by the Little Bastard’s mother, Hei Xinjiu was afraid of accidentally breaking it, so she rarely used it unless it was absolutely necessary.

It had to be said that although Hei Xinjiu had no moral integrity, she still poured her heart and soul into her own people (beasts) .

Big hairy saw that Hei Xinjiu wished he could go up and peck her to death, but now that he had no choice, he could only droop his head and say nothing.

“Big Hairy, when you see your master, shouldn’t you have something to say? Shouldn’t you at least kneel down and Kowtow?”Hei Xinjiu recalled that she was like a ball being tormented by these demonic birds, and she was instantly infuriated.

Big Hairy:”…”

Kowtow? It would be better to let it die!

Hei Xinjiu was just saying it, and naturally, big hairy would not really kneel down and kowtow. She walked around the nest and did not find any demonic bird eggs. She thought to herself that this was most likely a single bird, so it did not have any eggs.

pA n,dan(-)0ve1.c0m She recalled her previous guess and took out the voice transmission talisman. However, she realized that she still could not use it, so she could only ask big hairy, “Let me ask you, are we out of the area that trapped me? Does this place lead to Boulder City?”

Big Hairy reacted for a long time before he understood what Yun Chujiu meant, it said with a drooping head, “I don’t know where Boulder City is. We can only enter the area that you were trapped in from one place. We only go in to hunt occasionally.”

Yun chujiu blinked her eyes. She guessed that the place that the silly bird mentioned should be a loophole in the formation or a life gate. No matter what, they had finally left that area and could just go around in another direction.please visit panda(-)

Therefore, she asked, “Let me ask you, if I go in another direction, where does it lead to?”

Big Hairy looked at Hei Xinjiu as if he was looking at an idiot. “This place is surrounded by the sea on three sides. Other than that area which is land, the other three sides are all sea water.”

Yun chujiu did not pursue big hairy’s contemptuous attitude. Her face was full of shock.

As far as she knew, the nearest sea to the East Phoenix country was millions of miles away, or even tens of millions of miles away. How did she manage to run to the beach after walking on Thunder?

Could it be that Wu Yun was behind this and had gotten her into some teleportation array?

Big hairy saw the shocked expression on Yun Chujiu’s face and his eyes revealed a hint of disdain. One look and he could tell that she was a country bumpkin! She actually didn’t know anything!

However, when it thought about how it was actually temporarily contracted by this country bumpkin, it immediately felt sorrowful. It wished that it could turn back time.

It originally thought that the little girl would be stunned for a period of time, but it didn’t expect that the little girl would quickly calm down and ask, “Big hairy, what kind of bird are you exactly? What is your spiritual power level? And what sea is outside?”

“The sea outside is the vault of heaven, and we are level 55 shadow-skimming giant-winged birds. We are much higher than your level eight spiritual illusion,”big hairy said arrogantly.

In fact, Yun Chujiu had already reached level one of the spirit transformation, which was equivalent to the level 53 of a Demon Beast. However, she hadn’t had time to adjust the hidden spirit ring.

Hearing big hairy’s words, Yun chujiu adjusted her spiritual power level to level one of the spirit transformation, then she sneered and said, “See? My actual spiritual power is much higher than yours. It’s just that I keep a low profile, so I deliberately hide my spiritual power. If I reveal my real spiritual power level, I will scare you to tears!”

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