The Way of the Empress - Chapter 100

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Dein was arrested on the spot.

As a descendant of the Xue family, Zhuo Yang, after discussing with Tan Yuzhi and Chuxun, decided to scatter Xue Zhanting's ashes on Jiuweixing and reunite with his long-lost wife Feng Chu.

After sixty years, the Xue family's unjust case finally fell, and the entire Osphia was shaken.

Countless people who believed that Xue Zhanting had never rebelled until now have stood up and recalled the life of the late marshal, and volunteered to popularize his character for the younger generations who did not understand the truth. Emperor Winston took all the guilt, publicly apologized and admitted that Xue Zhanting's death was the biggest fault of the entire royal family, and he personally wrote the edict of sin, expressing his willingness to abdicate for this huge fault.

All the people involved in the frame of Xue Zhanting that year were punished if they were still alive. Changdiqing Dein Bricania was sentenced to death and executed immediately.

And because Xue Zhanting was slandered and conspired and regarded as a rebel, Xue Jiajun, who had to be an interstellar pirate, also returned to the imperial army. Chu Yu, the commander of the wild lion legion, also served as the head of the Xue family army, once again possessed As the power of the imperial legion to defend the home and the country.

The monument of Xue Zhanting was once again erected in the stele forest of the hero memorial, and the royal family personally set up a burial mound for him.

On the day when the tomb was completed, the former emperor Winston, who had already abdicated, personally went to worship. Under the witness of all the media, he knocked three times in front of Xue Zhanting’s stele, read his own sins in front of the grave, and personally addressed Xue Zhanting. repent.

There used to be places where Xue Zhanting and other statues were broken in various parts of Osphia, and the statues of the former Marshal of Osphia were once again erected.

His achievements will never be forgotten.

On the day when Xue Zhanting's statue was erected again in Emperor Star Heroes Square, Tan Yuzhi burst into tears, and many of the old Xue Zhanting and Feng Bai in the Xue family's army also had red eyes.

Chu Yu was so young that he had no communication with his biological father, but he was also solemnly accompanied by his relatives, watching his father's statue once again completed.

After Tan Yuzhi recovered the part of his memory that belonged to Xue Hanqin, he resolutely refused to stay in Emperor Star. Instead, he chose to accompany Feng Bai back to the Jiuwei Star and accompany Feng Baiyi to raise his life.

"Xiao Yang, you have grown up and have your own life. Mom saw that you can grow up so well and outstandingly without the care of your mother. Mom is very happy. For my failed marriage, because I have you, so my mother doesn't regret it, but now that you grow up, my mother is going to go and find her own life..." Tan Yuzhi has changed a lot, touching the broken hair on Zhuoyang's head.

Zhuo Yang couldn't bear her heart very much: "Mom..."

To let Tan Yuzhi live a good life, and to live without worrying about food and clothing under his blessing was Zhuo Yang's greatest wish when he was young.

"Mom is going to accompany my mom and dad. My dream since I was a child is to become a people's teacher. If I can, I also want to go to the border star to teach... I never know where this wish comes from. I don't know until now. That is the last thought my mother left me." Tan Yuzhi said softly, "On the day of the accident, your grandma told me that she would take me to see my grandfather in Jiuweixing, saying that Jiuweixing is very beautiful, and I will definitely do it. I like it there...but I haven't been taken by my mother to Jiuweixing to see Grandpa, and something happened. Now, I just want to go to Jiuweixing and stay there..."

Feng Chu left Jiuweixing and died on the way back to Jiuweixing.

After sixty years, her daughter has always wanted to go back there, taking it as her home.

"Your grandma said to me that my grandpa is a great hero..." Tan Yuzhi fell into a memory.

Zhuo Yang really couldn't hold her back, and there was Feng Bai next to the nine-tailed star Tan Yuzhi, so he could only compromise.

For him, it was just a passing nine-tailed star, for Tan Yuzhi, it was the destination...

Zhuo Yang returned to the crown prince's residence, feeling very depressed.

At that time, Moodys was standing at home waiting for him...

"I only have you." As soon as Zhuo Yang saw him, he immediately threw himself into his arms, and hugged Moodys tightly, wishing to bury the whole person in his arms.

Moodys didn't know why, but still hugged him tightly and promised in a low voice as if to comfort a child: "I will stay with you until death separates us."

"Even if we die, we can't be separated." Zhuo Yang was not satisfied with this answer, and corrected.

Moodys held his hand lightly, obediently: "Well, even death can't separate us."

Zhuo Yang was satisfied.

Both parents and children rely on them. They can accompany you through a certain part of life. After all, they have their own places, but the only ones who can always accompany you and support each other are each other...

Zhuo Yang recalled his promise to Feng Bai that day, and immediately took out a large sum of money to set up schools in the name of Feng Chu on various planets in the Border Galaxy, and developed the education of Border Star.

After Zhuo Yang and Winston were kidnapped, Moodys changed the entire security system of Osphia.

When everything is settled, Moodys' enthronement will be put on the agenda. Originally, when the royal family admitted such a big mistake and determined that Xue Zhanting’s death was an unjust case, many Marshal Xue’s supporters in the public had a lot of questions about the royal family, even Moodys as Winston’s The son was not immune from being scolded along with him.

It wasn't until the identity of Tan Yuzhi, Xue Zhanting's daughter and Zhuo Yang Xue Zhanting's grandson, was disclosed that these curses stopped a little bit.

The popularity and popularity of Moodys has not changed much, but Zhuo Yang's identity as Xue Zhanting's grandson has been exposed, because Marshal Xue Zhanting's prestige popular support rate has soared.

Many supporters of Xue Zhanting are opposed to Moodys and the supporters of the royal family, and even because of Xue Zhanting's affairs, they used to be the sunspots of the royal family and Moodys. They have to jump out and show off when Moodys does anything. .

And this time, after Zhuo Yang's life experience was exposed--

They turned into Zhuo Yang’s mother-in-law fans, and kept clamoring on the Internet: “In the future, if Moodys can’t live with the descendants of the Xue family and dare to find a mistress like his father and grandfather, Moody’s He looks good."

In this regard, Moodys: "..."

Moody's enthronement ceremony was held on auspicious days. At the ceremony, Zhuo Yang walked side by side with him, walking along the red carpet on the road that belonged to Empress Osphia.

It was as if they were married again, and in the cheers of countless people, they came to the end of the red carpet——

"Child, I am proud of you. I believe Ophia will develop better in your hands." The former emperor Winston, who had already abdicated, stepped forward tremblingly on crutches to personally crown Moodys.

Moodys replied in a deep voice: "Father, I will not let you down."

In this way, Moodys and Zhuo Yang upgraded from the crown prince and princess to the emperor and queen of Ophia.

The popular support rate of Moodys and Zhuo Yang has always been much higher than that of Winston the Great and Queen Catherine. After their succession, the people are generally very happy, feeling like they have replaced the previous face that was not on the stage. Now the empress makes them feel more respectable, and they seem to be a lot more glorious when they say it.

Winston had long been accustomed to such situations, but he didn't expect that the people would complain so much to him in private. He only felt that the emperor before him was really a failure.

Right now, I bid farewell to Moodys, and took Mrs. Judith, who had just registered to get married, to a livable planet for retirement.

As for the Emperor Star, he gave it all the power to Moodys Leo and they tossed...

On the day Moodys was enthroned, the Ospheia Emperor star was reveling. Under everyone’s gaze, Chu Yu knelt on one knee, accompanied by the fireworks of the entire Emperor Star celebrating the enthronement of the new Emperor, and formally proposed to Allen: "Would you like to marry me and go through the rest of your life with me? ?"

Alan looked at the diamond ring sponsored by Feng Bai in Chu Xun's hand, and his whole body was stunned, and his ears became red all of a sudden.

"Marry him!"

"Marry him..."

"Marry a fart, marry him if you have the ability, and let the generals of Chu be married!"

"Yes, I'm an adult, little duke, we are optimistic about you!"


Before Allen could answer, the cheers of relatives and friends rang around.

Allen was so irritable for them, it took a long time to react, and he bounced and kissed Chu Yu's cheek, just can't wait to answer: "I do... brother, I do."

Provoked everyone to burst into laughter.

"You are too proactive, not reserved at all, my little aunt." Zhuo Yang couldn't help but joked.

Allen ignored the jokes of the people around him, and only looked at Chu Li with scorching eyes.

Chu Yu gently picked up his hand and carefully put the ring sponsored by Feng Bai to his grandson-in-law on Alan's ring finger.

Ring finger, named for you.

At this point, the little Duke of Allen was formally promoted to become the queen's little aunt, and no one in Osphia dared to provoke anymore.

After Moodys took the throne, Leo also naturally changed from the third prince to the prince.

Because of the succession of the new emperor, the royal family suffered heavy losses, the population was scarce, and there was no prince. The famous royal family spurred the birth of the guerrilla elders' association began to act again. The married emperor, queen, princes and princesses took turns to squat on the floor at the door to start their large-scale plan.

Moodys and Zhuo Yang, Leo and Gu Xia were all annoyed by such a group of old men. In order to never see these old men again, they agreed to have children.

Men don’t have the function of having children. Guides are only attributes, not gender, even in the interstellar age... However, with advanced technology, now even same-sex marriages can go to the hospital together to extract gene cells from both husband and wife. Leave the crystallization of love.

After being annoyed by the people of the Presbyterian Church, Moodys, Zhuo Yang, Leo and Gu Xia all went to the hospital and left their genes and began to create their own offspring in the artificial womb.

The result of successful sperm union can be seen in one week, and **** can be distinguished in three months.

Lei Ao and Gu Xia succeeded in having a boy, while Zhuo Yang and Moodys had better luck. They had a pair of twins, both men and women.

After learning that the royal family was about to have three new members, the interstellar network was boiling, and even brought about the birth frenzy of the entire empire. Many people wanted to give birth to babies born in the same year as the three new members of the royal family.

There are still many unmarried people who are looking forward to the appearance of the three future babies of the royal family. They are different from those who look like Gu Xia and Leo's children. They must be a cute baby.

Zhuo Yang and Moodys’s fetuses have received more attention, but the greater attention is not because these two children are the children of the emperor and the queen, but because the children’s appearance, netizens, are all worried about the appearance of the children. Prayer: "God bless, the little princess must look like a queen, sure, sure!"

"No, no, no, upstairs was wrong. The little princess and the little prince must be like queens. Don't be like your majesty the emperor! Definitely, must..."

"+1 upstairs, the two babies must be like queens, and one must not look like your majesty at all, oh oh!"


In this regard, Moodys: "..."

At first, Moodys didn't take it seriously. Like Zhuo Yang, he ignored the ridicule of netizens and just took it as a joke. But after seeing a netizen put his face on a girl, saying that the little princess should never look like this in the future, Moodys was shocked at once.

I started praying like netizens every day that the little princess should never look like him. Even every day when I went to the artificial womb with Zhuo Yang to see the baby, I had to chant with the two children, begging the little princess to look like Zhuo Yang. Don't be like him.

It's a pity that the good is not the bad spirit.

After more than six months passed quickly, Zhuo Yang and Moodys's twins were born soon after Leo's baby son was born.

Then... the little princess looks like Moodys.

"The little princess looks like your majesty, and the little prince is more like a queen." When the doctor took the two children out to show them, and introduced Zhuo Yang and Moodys.

Moodyston felt that his whole person was not good, and felt that he seemed to have foreseen her daughter's hatred of her future, and felt very guilty for her daughter.

He asked Zhuo Yang: "You said, the daughter grand meeting won't hate me?"

Moodys held his daughter very sad.

"It's okay, it's good, let's look good." Compared with Moodys's sorrow, Zhuo Yang seemed very big-hearted. The little prince in his arms was teasing the little princess in Moodys' arms.

Moodys looked at his daughter who looked very much like his own, and secretly vowed in his heart that he would save a large amount of dowry for her daughter.

But the little princess in his arms was so ignorant and ignorant that she didn't know how powerful her appearance was to her father, so she vomited a bubble innocently and giggled.

After the photos of the little princess were published on the whole network, netizens went to the Moodys Star Expo to leave a message: “It’s okay, your majesty, don’t worry. Marry out."

"Moreover, our princess doesn't look ugly. It's just a little bit average... big deal, if it doesn't help, we can have plastic surgery, plastic surgery..."

"Yes, our princess is not ugly."

"You can't go wrong, your's your Majesty's own at first glance."

But after seeing their comfort, Moodys became more and more worried. How could a good daughter look like him?

This is the mystery of the royal family.

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